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There cannot be a healing in our bodies unless we have healing in our minds and hearts” –  Dr. Joe Dispenza  
In September, I participated in a week long Meditation Retreat by Dr. Joe Dispenza,  which was held in a beautiful area around Niagara Falls. There were 1600 participants, with this particular event sold out within an hour of opening its registration process.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, author, researcher, and scientist whose mission is to help people reach their full potential and help them to heal their body, mind and heart.
As a researcher, he has explored the science behind spontaneous remissions and how people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases. He himself healed his broken spine back in 1986 using the power of his own intention and inner energy without any medical surgeries.  
Dr. Joe’s mission, his dedication, and care, are aligned with mine which was the reason I started studying with him over 2 years ago and attended 4 of his advanced seminars.

The HeartMath Institute has been studying the heart mind connection for over 28 years, has worked closely with Dr Joe, and has presented substantial evidence that links our hearts to health.
The new, expanded and validated-by-science information is now widely distributed in regard to how our mind/heart and body are one unit, and how you cannot change one without effecting the other. 
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For many years, when it comes to treating any chronic pain or medical condition, be it physical dysfunction or medical illness, I have known that not addressing or understanding how thoughts and emotions effect our physical body is simply an incomplete approach.  

What recent brain science is proving to us is that we are powerful and have a huge potential to change our body, wellness and even destiny if we understand how.  
From a scientific standpoint, we understand that our physical body is very intimately connected and RESPONDS to our THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.  
Every time when we have a thought, there is a chemical that is released in the brain that produces an emotion.  
When we perceive any sort of threat in the environment (be it real or conditioned), which we oftentimes call STRESS, the cascade of physiological reactions start in our body:

  •  Sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate and respiration rate 
  • Immune system dials down with cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) which flood the muscles   
  • Blood moves more to the emotional part of the brain and we react instead of think creatively  
  • The body goes into fight or flight or freeze response
  • Our body needs enormous amount of energy to survive the STRESS  

Our body reacts the same way biologically when our thoughts are negative, which will only produce more undesirable feelings of anxiety, quilt, worry, betrayal, powerlessness, and being overwhelmed.
The more we stay in those limited states of mind and body for months or years, the body will start developing various physical symptoms.  
I am not saying that your physical symptoms or pain is the result of your thoughts and feelings.  
It may have started from trauma, surgery, a car accident, falls, emotional challenges, all difficult to diagnose, when dealing with overwhelming life circumstances. We are all entitled to feel negative feelings associated with difficult situations. The more you initially feel and release them, the faster the healing commences. Most of the time, we are not allowed or encouraged to feel our feelings when things happen, and, in that case, they are not fully processed and released. 
We do not want to STAY in those states of mind and heart for months or years.  
So, let’s look at a scenario which may help – say you had a traumatic accident years ago. Your body healed and you are alive but now you live with chronic pain and you maybe even be told to learn to live with that or just take your pain medications. Or, you are told that you have a lot of scar tissue, and all people who have that type of surgery have to live with that type of pain or discomfort.  
If we believe that, that is how it is going to be. I am sure your energy level, mood and emotions would be down, Right? How can you be happy, if your future is filled with chronic pain or disability?
But there is another option. By simply changing your MIND, you can change your physiology.
When we focus on positive, optimistic thoughts, they will start creating better CHEMISTRY inside our body.  
When we CHOOSE heart felt emotions like kindness, love, GRATITUDE, compassion, trust, awe - a whole new chemistry is released into the blood stream.  
Oxytocin is released (which is a neuropeptide) which turns off your anxiety and fear.  
As we feel less fear and anxiety, we create a new CIRCUTRY in the brain with trust, forgiveness and love.  
You remember how you felt when you first fell in LOVE? The body feels amazing that way, right?  
Well, we do not need an external situation and expectation from another person to generate those feelings.  
You can create your own sort of magic with the right state of mind. GRATITUDE is one of the easiest ways to ELEVATE your emotions. There is always so much to be grateful for. You may start inside of yourself, with all of those feelings that you desire to experience.  
When we are in those positive states of mind and heart, WE have more energy available for HEALING our body as we are not expending it on survival.  
Imagine you want your computer to work, but you never TURN THE POWER ON? That would be crazy, right?  
Many times, we do the same thing by not living up to what we can truly do.  
It is time to step out of the dark ages when it comes to our own abilities to influence our healing capacities.  
500 years ago, we still believed that the earth was flat and it took 200 years to change that misconception.  
We are entering another paradigm shift when it comes to our consciousness, awareness, mind-body connection, and healing ourselves.  
Love yourself enough to learn more about it. We are ALL powerful. We are just conditioned to not know - work to gain and acquire knowledge to help heal yourself. 
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