Izabela Adamus
My Personal Myofascial Release Journey
Many times, people ask me how I started practicing Myofascial Release. As I was recently reminiscing on the 11th anniversary of Wholistic Therapeutics, I was overtaken by appreciation of my own personal and professional journey with Myofascial Release.
At the end of my 20ties, I was working as a Physical Therapist at a local hospital, struggling with a chronic right hip pain that would radiate all the way down to my leg with occasional numbness and tingling. Through my adult life, I was always very active, living a full, athletic and travelling lifestyle, which I greatly enjoyed.
So, when I started experiencing daily pain which limited my activities, I realized that it made me feel old, annoyed, sad and irritated. I felt like I was 90 years old person inside my own body. I did not like it! I was afraid of my own future. I was so young and was so unsure about how my future would look. I believe that whoever lives with chronic pain, can understand that.
At the time, working in a traditional medical setting and consulting with good, orthopedic doctors, I was convinced that surgery was my only option. Even though the severity of my pain was quite diminished, still a year after surgery I was still experiencing a significant amount of regular pain, which I was not willing to accept.
Maybe it was a synchronicity, but at the same time, I started noticing that I was led to start taking John Barnes Myofascial Release seminars for healthcare professionals. I was intrigued, curious, open and willing to try anything to change my regular pain pattern,
From the very start those seminars were different, they encouraged us to look at every human and not to view them only as a physical body, we learn a lot about the mind-body connection and how it plays a significant role in healing chronic pain. 

Over time, I was receiving a significant amount of Myofascial Release treatment myself, and I was taking John Barnes classes regularly, as I wanted to learn as much as I could.
Over the period of about 2 years, I was significantly shifting my body, my mind, and my chronic pain was practically gone. I noticed great impact on both my personal and professional life.
In 2004, I made a very clear decision that I wanted to open my own private PT/MFR practice as I  wanted to be able to spend quality time with my clients. I saw evidence of how the mind- body connection affects our chronic pain, and life in general, and I wanted to share it with others, so they can heal, not only their body, but their life.
Living with chronic pain is not easy or fun. Healing is a process. Those who are fully committed to take full responsibility for their own body, health and life know that it takes time.
It took me close to two years, between receiving treatment and my own self- treatment program.

But it was totally worth it!!
I am almost 50 years old and I look forward to my future with anticipation and not a fear.
I now enjoy biking, yoga, ski and traveling. I compete in Swing and Hustle dancing and can plan my life ahead without fear of how I am going to feel as I have Myofascial Release to help me along the way.
I am not saying that I do not have any pain at all. As we get older things are not the same, but Myofascial Release has many elements to use to help us along the way.
Learning and understanding the principals of Myofascial Release and the mind- body connection totally changed my personal and professional life. I am forever grateful for it and maybe even for my original pain which took me to places I never knew existed.
It is not a magic pill as we know those things do not exist. We all need to set goals . . . 
If you are ready to challenge your chronic pain, work hard enough to avoid surgery (I wish I knew about this work before my surgery), and want to learn more about your own mind-body connection, please do not hesitate to give  Myofascial Release a try and take that first step toward your own healing.

It will be totally worth it to you as well.
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