"We can evolve and be more mindful, teaching our brains new neural responses and realizing the potential of our higher being"


Unlike most species in the Animal Kingdom, human beings have the potential for self-awareness. This is so easily forgotten about in the heat of the moment, when anger, for instance, might emotionally override the fact that we as humans have self-awareness as a choice.

Most of us operate on what can be referred to as autopilot, just letting the mind wander into thoughts that require little in the way of conscious guidance. These thoughts are taken from the past or consist of future expectations, but, in an all-consuming way, tend to occupy our current moment. Because of this, often it is not easy to choose mindfulness as we are so accustomed to reacting to the world, to the environment and people or certain situations as an email autoresponder would send the same message to each similar inquiry.
Our behaviors, thoughts, thinking, impulses and feelings are simply downloaded to us through our early conditioning by our caregivers, society, school and various institutions. Many of us, react to everyday situations and triggers in the same conditioned way, as our neurological system is hard wired after years and years of repetitions.

Another aspect that differentiates us from others in the Animal Kingdom is that we store pain, trauma and negative emotions in our body like an emotional memory library. Often, that old pain or trauma, triggered many times, has not much to do with the present situation, and it is hard for us to differentiate what is happening now and what is really being activated in our body from the past. If we repeatedly react in the same way, the brain forms synaptic connections and chemicals in the body. After a while the body and brain acts on your behalf unless YOU choose to stop that same old behavior and chose a better one.
As humans, we have our highly developed frontal lobe of our brain, which is responsible for logic, reasoning, and the ability to choose thoughts, actions, and behaviors, which, in turn, can produce better and healthier outcomes and results. Next time, when the same situation presents itself (and trust me it will, until we learn), and the same old trigger is activated in our body, step back, take a big breath, and ask yourself; What is a better way to respond to this situation? What would be more healthy or mature way of handing this? What would be a response that would be a win-win for everyone involved?

Becoming mindful of every moment, connecting with the breath, slowing down the train of old, conditioned thoughts and beliefs, gives us the power and space to really be in the present moment, to respond in any given situation from the empowered choice. Mindful living needs daily practice and it really takes a commitment to live from a more aware, grounded and empowered state of mind. When we do it consistently, we can hugely enhance the quality, peacefulness and joy in our lives.
We can evolve and be more mindful, teaching our brains new neural responses and realizing the potential of our higher being. We can change our behavior through thoughtful reflection and learn to live better through the power of moment-to-moment awareness.
We all create our own lives as we go along ...and we always have a choice. Astoundingly, recent science proves that there exists a high level of neuroplasticity in the brain, which means we can change the ways in which our brains respond by practicing mindfulness. Not only do we interrupt old ways, but we create new neurological connections through mindful awareness. 
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