Peru 2019
I have wanted to go to Peru for the last 20 years. So glad I did. Peru is a very friendly płace and has so much to offer.

We saw Lima, Cusko (ancient and beautiful capital), the Rainforests of the Amazon, Machu Picchu and the Andean territory. It was a special week to see part of the Solar Eclipse, the Southern Cross against a night sky, and witnessed Peru getting into the finals of Copa Soccer 2019 when the streets got really loud with celebration and joy.

The food was outstanding with tons of exotic fruits, vegetables and different types of meats. I Learned a lot about Inca history, colonial times, diverse and colorful fauna and flora of diversified geographic regions. It was nice to spend this special time with great friends, and also met some new ones!

Exploring novel areas and having fresh new experiences are beautiful ways to keep us engaged with life so we can stay vibrant, open and curious. So good for the heart and soul  ❤️ !

Click here or on photo to view all photos I took while visiting Peru.
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