Self-Care and Prevention as the best Medical Insurance Policy 

"Wellness is not a 'medical fix' but a way of living - a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever." - Greg Anderson
If I can remember, I was fascinated with living healthy life-style, cultivating overall balance and thought that preventing any sort of medical problem is way smarter than fixing the existing one.  Health and Wellness seem way better to pay attention to vs treating already existing illness or the disease. 
However, we are simple not conditioned or trained to think in that way in our western civilization. We are all conditioned that in case any sort of symptoms show up, we just go to the doctor and they will cure or heal us with medications or other medical procedures.
Few of us, would ask why do we have those problems in the first place? We are so conditioned to think that illness and disease is a natural part of life and that is why we have doctors for it. As of course, we need doctors and certain medical procedure and treatment are very necessary, most them could be simple prevented with self- body-awareness, balanced life- style, high quality self- care and simple listening to your own body. 
As I observe life, it seems that many of us pay way too much attention to everything outside of ourselves, but our own, precious body and the messages that it sends us. More we stay connected and feel our own breath, instead of listening to a constant mind chatter, more we stay self- discipline, proactive, passionate about life. The more we show up for ourselves, the more we become confident and can trust ourselves.
Investing time in ourselves to observe and witness our mental, emotional and physical messages from our body is the thing that only we can do. Nobody can do it for us. The more we fill ourselves from the inside to what we really want and need, the less we need to fill ourselves from the outside. How often we neglect to give our-self the same love and attention that we give our children, family, loved ones or clients. When you say yes to others, make sure you don't say no to yourself. Many times, setting up some healthy boundaries is crucial and important. 
Being empowered meaning pulling the sense of power from the inside. 99% messages that we receive from the media is to look for the validation and acceptance from the outside. More we anchor ourselves on the inside on how we feel and what we need, more we create self- value, more content and powerful we become. The better we feel- mentally and emotionally- the healthier our body is.
One of the easiest way to sway of from our own center is to constantly say yes to everything and everyone in our life. Consider which activities, foods, habits, situations, relationships enhance and nurture us and which ones are depleting and debilitating. Making choices wisely is a sign of how worthy we feel. Let's be grateful for the choices that uplift, inspire and support the greatest vision that we have for our-selves and our health and well - being.
The more we can tune into sensations, the more we can feel intuitively if the choice is enhancing or depleting to us. Confidently, following your own intuition is empowerment and following the voice of truth. Nobody knows your body more than you know it yourself. More we appreciate our body for what it does and what a miracle it is, instead of how it looks, more it starts working with us instead of against us.
Taking 100% responsibilities for all our actions, habits, thoughts and feelings is the first step into empowerment. From here, we can consciously create the body, health, and well - being that we want. The responsibility is ours. Put yourself back on the priority list. Be grateful for all the people who support and challenge you to become the greatest version of yourself.
Tell yourself daily, I love myself so I take a loving care of my body.
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