Self Care as a Necessity
Hi George - 

In today's changing, confusing, and chaotic times, observing the world as we knew it before, shifting into a new reality, self care is a crucial act of respect for our own body, mind and soul.
Many of us live the life of service, care and help towards others. We all would like to serve and help others from a place of joy and love, and not out of obligation, duty or as a result of other's expectations of us. As a golden rule of our practice, giving, service and care for others from the place of overflow of our own cup is what brings the best fulfillment to ourselves and others.
In my own personal and professional life making that shift to wholistic self care FIRST made the biggest difference in my own physical pain, emotional well- being and the success in my work and life.

It is all about awareness - you can't change anything without awareness.
Since Mind-Body-Spirit are intimately connected, if you address one aspect of the trio, the others are affected. The mind is embedded in the body, so always remember to watch your MOTIVATION and JUDGEMENT of yourself and others.

We operate from a higher vibration if our motivation for actions and behavior are coming from self care, self respect, love and joy versus acting from the lower vibrations of fear, obligation, duty, or needing validation from others.


-          Regular physical activities; properly designed exercises for balancing your system
-          Regular walks in nature, cultivating connection with natural world, walking on the beach or grass with bare feet to help ground your body with the energy of the earth
-          Preparing healthy, nutritious and preferably organic food on a regular basis
-          Getting an adequate good night sleep and giving yourself plenty of time doing NOTHING without feeling guilty
-          Performing conscious breathing, even if it is just a few, clearing, calming and grounding breaths
-          Hydrating your body with healthy water - very important for a healthy fascia and connective tissue
-          Practicing regular body work like myofascial release which helps open up your system and allows the energy to flow better.

Many times we give our energy away (which is giving away our life force), we put up internal resistance, or cave in by allowing others to overpower us. In those cases we stress our own neurological system and are out of balance with ourselves, thus creating more stress internally. We can do better by:
-          Learning to say NO
-          Setting up an appropriate boundary for yourself
-          Standing up for yourself and speaking up your truth
-          Being aligned with yourself by deciding on activities, commitments and behavior that are uplifting and bring you joy versus draining your energy
-          Realizing that when you are doing things out of obligation, duty or because it is expected, you will feel it internally and it will NOT feel good - it is your signal to pay attention
-          Decide to spend more time doing activities that bring you joy from the inside, which light up your spirit and bring a smile to your heart - attend to your inner child
-          Inner child healing
-          Asking clearly for what you need and want from others
-          Allowing things and people to be as they are instead of forcing - everyone has their own unique journey in life. Forcing, insisting on our will, puts more resistance in own mindbody
-          Allowing yourself to feel all your emotions fully - anger, sadness, crying, grief- those are healthy ways to clear your energy and let go of accumulated emotions

If you want to be guided through the processSchedule an appointment and we will walk you through an inner awareness, physical therapy or myofascial release session.