Understand Your Pain By Visualizing Fascia
I was always excited about finding a visual tool, like the video below, that would help explain what is fascia, and how it works and effects our body and its function.

Here are two key points about why we do not better understand more about fascia:

  • The first ever congress on fascia was held in 2005 and is why many of your doctors may not know about fascia. However, it is growing in recognition.
  • Fascia is not going to show up on standardized medical diagnostics like X-ray, MRI, C-Scan etc. That is why you may experience a lot of pain, but your tests may be negative.

Click here or on photo to view video.
There is also a wonderful TED Talk explaining and visualizing how fascia can restrict movement in different parts of our body.

You can see in the video how shoulder motion can be restricted but the problem originates in the rib cage.
You can also observe how hip restriction can limit walking and makes it painful. Click here or on photo to view video.
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