Useful Tools for Self-Treatement
So many of us experience our symptoms and go for the quick fix, the magic pill or other symptom relief that masks the underlying cause. In the past decade, the average age for first heart attacks has dropped from age 64 to age 60, at least partially due to our reliance on drugs instead of the hard work of exercise and the discipline of diet. Unfortunately, this approach can sometimes extend itself to the expectations of curative results from my practice, without my clients additional commitment to work on their issues on their own time.

At Wholistic Therapeutics, we take a whole mind/body approach, treating physical symptoms, pain and decreased function. You may be searching for different answers to your questions regarding your pain, headaches, lack of motion, decreased function and stiffness. I am dedicated to helping others, educating my clients and offering advice that complements our treatment sessions together.

We recognize that our body is our most important asset and we want to help you to eliminate your pain, restore your function so you can step into a vision of a fully independent and pain-free lifestyle of your choice. Our goal is also to empower you with proper tools and education for self-treatment, body mechanics and prevention of re-injury. Taking advantage of the many more hours available to you outside of our time together is so very important to help healing.

Here are 3 devices * I have incorporated into my practice that may also be given consideration by you for personal use at home:

Shiatsu Massager:  

We all need to look beyond our diagnostic labels and discomforting symptoms and embrace wellness. Is your glass half empty or half full? Even in our worst moments, under the most challenging circumstances, as long as we are breathing, there are more things right with us than wrong!

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* Wholistic Therapeutics provides Myofascial Release Physical Therapy and does not endorse or provide products. "Google" these and related devices for best price, performance and delivery.