Izabela Adamus
What is Your Heaven?

Doesn't the word heaven just bring a smile to your face?  It does to mine.  There is a sense of peace, bliss, ease, comfort, total love, gentleness joy, and lack of any effort. G rowing up in a Catholic religion, I heard the word Heaven many times. I was always drawn to that word.

Based on that teaching, Heaven was always associated with a place out there and not now, like a far far-away land t o go to when you die, and have done things in a right way. This sounds a bit judgmental and conditional to me.  But what if heaven is here and now?

What if heaven is not a place where we go, but the state we are in? What if heaven is the way we think and feel in relation to ourselves? A slight change in perception may change our experience in life. We can all define our purpose of living by answering the question Who am I? But, I believe, and many will agree, that our purpose is to be happy and healthy in life, right? Is not the essence of life the journey itself, not the destination?
For me to work with people, serve and heal, first of all, I need to take care of myself. Otherwise, I am not helping anyone.  Isn't it true about all of us? Who is responsible for your happiness? Nobody, but you!
I created, and turned into habits, chunks of time that are devoted to cultivating that sense of feeling peaceful, loving, blissful, warm, and at ease with total comfort. Those moments when I find my piece of heaven simply by cultivated quality time with my physical myself, my higher self, God or Higher Intelligence (whatever word resonates with you).

I love my daily routines which I call morning infusions of joy. I set aside 30 min of my time. I prepare my warm water with lemon, nice cup of French press coffee with a favorite Hazelnut creamer. I sit comfortably, being fully present with myself, breathing into the body, keeping it more and more relaxed and soft.
I may take this time to pray, meditate, journal or simply being with myself.  Sometimes I put on some music that makes me feel good,or diffuse an essential oil that stimulates my sense of smell in a pleasant way. Or I cover my body in a cozy and warm blanket to give me that sense of love and nurturing.

When I am consistent with my routines, I feel grounded, balanced, centered, and happier, and so I bring that part of me to the world. So, what is your Heaven? What brings you joy and peace? What is your passion? Make it unconditional about you, not people in your life. Perhaps unbelievably, it is not dependent on anyone else.

It is good to be learning baby steps toward unconditional happiness. Although, when it comes down to it, do you want to be happy and live a life of heaven on earth or not? It is a choice of saying to yourself that NOTHING is important enough to diminish your sense of well-being. Stuff happens all the time, some trivial and others, serious, mind challenging events. But is ANY of it worth your personal joy of life? Practice acceptance, which is the art of letting events pass through you, bad ones without resistance, and good ones without clinging.

When you learn to feel happy inside yourself, there is a  sense if relaxation and ease in the body. This allows the body to start healing and return to equilibrium. Your body has tremendous wisdom inside, and all you need to do it to align with that by being easy and gentle with yourself. The more you cultivate the feelings of peace, compassion, and joy within yourself, the more your body will respond to those el evated feelings.

What is your heaven? It is not outside of you. It is alwa ys inside of you. Only you can find  it, or even better, only you can create it, cultivate  it and anchor it inside as yours.

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