What is Myofascial Release? 


Myofascial Release (MFR) is a whole body approach that addresses the root-cause of your symptoms, tightness of soft tissue and fascia, and releases them, thus allowing your body to return to its natural grace, and fluidity of movement. MFR is a gentle and very effective hands-on tissue technique that releases the entire myofascial complex, that web of dense elastic fibers that holds all of us together, reducing pressure in pain sensitive structures.

Treatment starts with a comprehensive initial evaluation, addressing your posture, structural alignment, range of motion, myofascial flexibility and mobility. It is important to first identify the areas and parts of your body that need to be released and opened before proceeding with treatment. Then a MFR trained therapist can apply gentle, sustained pressure into your body tissue and release fascial holding patterns layer by layer, creating lasting results. 

The benefits of MFR include: i mproved structural/postural alignment, i ncreased flexibility and strength, d ecreased pain, r eturn of function, i ncreased body awareness, i ncreased energy level, f eeling more balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, and experiencing an e nhanced quality of life.

So what would you expect to happen during a MFR session? Well, come prepared - it is a hands-on session, so do not put any lotion/oils on your skin as that can interfere with the friction interface needed for myofascial release. Also, come in comfortable accessible clothing, like shorts and a sports top.
MFR treatment sessions are often very relaxing. Silence during treatment is encouraged as patients are guided to keep their presence/awareness in their body. There is also some dialogue. Feedback from the patient regarding their body's feeling and sensations may be needed to be more effective with the treatment.

Sometimes there may be temporary increase in pain or symptoms after treatment. Please do not be alarmed, but communicate this with the therapist. This may be the "healing crisis" period that is often followed by a significant improvement. Very often remarkable improvement is noted during or after treatment. You may also experience pains in new areas, nausea, or emotional changes. All those symptoms are normal but temporary reactions to deep and positive changes that take place with fascial releases and your healing process. Remember that healing does not happen in a straight line.

When tight and restricted tissue is elongated the metabolic waste products are released into the inter-cellular space that may cause some soreness. We recommend drinking a lot of healthy fluids to flush your system from toxins and minimize the unpleasant symptoms.

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