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Winter Awareness
With winter being here in Chicago, cold temperatures, snow  and icy conditions, it may be a worthy idea to practice winter awareness for maximum enjoyment along with fall and injury prevention.

Winter, cold and snow are neither good nor bad. It is part of our four seasons and the rest depends on our perspective, interpretation, awareness and attitude.  We don't need to dread winter. We can adjust ourselves to it and find value and enjoyment in cold conditions.

I personally love winter with its short days, long nights, cold and snow. Reading, writing, healthy cooking, staying in, watching movies and sleeping in more, are just few of the things that can add joy in my winter months.

Just last weekend, I traveled with a few friends to Starved Rock and we had a blast hiking trails and watching frozen waterfalls. We even spotted a few bald eagles. With the right outdoor conditions, proper and warm clothes, I also enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing, or skating in an outdoor ice rink with music; followed up with hot chocolate, of course!! There is so much beauty and enjoyment in winter . . .
Did you notice that?

Fall prevention and awareness in the winter months is a crucial key in keeping you safe from injury.  Many people end up in therapy and rehabilitation after winter injuries, so shinning some light o f awareness, and not fearing may help us to shift our awareness about winter safety.
Always evaluate the situation in front of you before you proceed. 
Ask yourself, is it the right thing for me to do now? Let's say is it walking, shoveling snow, or driving; we don't want to live in fear, but rather have a healthy discernment about the situation. We need to practice wisdom. 

Be fully present and aware with your activities. It is the greatest tip for life as well, but let's just focus on winter safety for now. Many times, being absent minded, preoccupied mentally or emotionally with other things (which are not a present moments), keeps us disconnected from our bodies. We become more prone to injuries that way. On a personal level, I have had a few injuries with falls and ended up with right hip surgery in my twenties because I was not fully present in the moment. Being distracted can lead to injuries.  Below are 8 tips for a more empowered way to take full responsibility for our bodies in winter.  
  1. Dress warm with layers. When we are warm, our muscles are relaxed and less prone to injuries. When our body is cold, or we are mentally or emotionally stressed, our body is tense with less circulation, muscular rigidity and we are more prone to injuries or falls.
  2. Stay well hydrated and eat well for your body to have a good energy level.
  3. Pay attention where you are stepping. Pay attention when you are getting in and out of the car. My Mom broke her ankle like that last year. She is fine now.
  4. Stay present with your body.
  5. Use support when needed, ask for help, use assisted devices for safety
  6. Walk like a penguin if icy outside. Did you notice that they waddle from side to side versus taking longer steps? This gives us a little better balance.
  7. Breathe. Take extra time. Slow down. Stay relaxed both emotionally and physically. When we rush or are in a hurry, our mind and body are usually disconnected and again we are more prone to injuries and falls.
  8. Overall, stay warm. Stay safe.
 Appreciate and enjoy the winter wonderland!
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