Most of us probably heard it before that everything we truly want and look for is already inside of us. That includes your health and well-being. Yes . . . your health and your well-being. 
Nice and sweet concept but what does it really mean and how do I connect or attune with it? We often hear that we are giving our energy and power away.  As interesting as it sounds to many of us, it may appear as an enigmatic statement and what does it all really mean?
Everything in our Universe is composed of matter and energy. Matter is everything that we can perceive with our 5 senses (what we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch).  So, people, bodies, building, trees, objects, our body, animals, stars, moon, really everything that is visible to our senses.
Energy cannot be perceived, and it exists beyond our 5 senses, but energy can be sensed and felt with our awareness and consciousness. I am sure that most of us can walk into a room of people, and sense if the energy in the air is happy, light, or tense and uncomfortable, right?
So, you cannot touch or smell or see your thoughts, feelings or emotions, but you can become fully conscious of them and know that they exist when you pay more attention to them. 
So, the key is the ability to Pay Attention! Paying kind attention, on purpose, and in the moment, is a skill . . . like learning how to tie your shoes, or learning how to walk. Initially it is hard and clumsy, but eventually you can learn it, become better at it and master it.
The ability to pay attention is a very important skill because where you put your attention is where your energy goes. This is very important so I repeat it again.
Most of humanity lives entrenched with everything that is external to them. So, the moment we wake up our attention, it is mostly focused towards the outside . . . to people, situations, Facebook, problems, children, friends, work, spouses, partners, in-laws, money, news, , government, the world, even enemies. . . don't forget your enemies :) . . .  and our energy goes to the past, regretting, thinking about the past, and fear and anxiety of the future . . . I am sure you get the idea.
All that precious, mental energy that goes away from YOU, every day, day after day . . .  it all becomes a program that runs you. That program can largely consist of simple survival, where the hormones of stress like cortisol and adrenaline are released into the body and we seemingly have no choice but go into the familiar reaction of hide, fight or flight, and simply be victims of our chemistry. 
So, if we live like this, day by day, we simply give our energy, which is our power away. When we give our energy and power away, we have no energy for us to heal our body or to create our life the way we want. The body, in a natural way, starts to degenerate and becomes ill, as we are lowering our energy within. We are doing it to ourselves.
Pay attention to where your attention goes, bring it back into you and into the present moment. Meditation is an outstanding tool to learn and teach all of us how to stay present and how to keep your energy inside YOU. Then you can have a chance to heal your body and feel better.
It is so worth it. 
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