Your Healing Journey - 9 Best Personal Practices
For me It took years of inner work, yoga, meditation, body work, myofascial release, energy healing, quality time spent alone and journaling to get deeper and deeper into my own self. Dealing with chronic pain demands care, self-love and compassion, and a commitment to the hard work of changing what you can and cultivating mindful self-acceptance of what you can’t. The clients I help the most are committed to truly being present in the moment and kindly embrace life.
I am a very fortunate person, now able to fully live my truth, to speak my mind from my heart, to express my feelings, my desires, and my dreams. At first it seems counterintuitive, like putting your oxygen mask on before helping others, but choosing self-love, self-care, and self-nurturing has enabled me to offer my best professional help in supporting my client's healing journeys.
My many years of experience in holistic healing and listening to clients while helping them with their unique healing journeys have taught me these 9 best personal practices:
  1. Saying no. If it feels like no, it’s no. Build trust in yourself.
  2. Setting up clear boundaries with myself and with others. Respecting personal boundaries can elevate the meaning of love and enhance true connection with others.
  3. Expressing myself clearly, including my desires and feelings. 
  4. Connecting mind-body, teaching the mind-breath connection with the body, respecting its wisdom and treating it well. Our relationship with our body uniquely lasts a lifetime. 
  5. Staying inwardly connected every day for a minimum 10-15 minutes. 
  6. Finally realizing self-love, self-nurturing and following the desires from my soul are not selfish, rather, it’s the only way to truly live this life, and be loving, caring and strong.
  7. Knowing awareness and kindness are the keys to everything. Be a human being, not just a human doing.
  8. Recognizing we always have a choice of what feelings or thoughts to believe - that is true internal power and freedom. Thoughts are fleeing and not necessarily true.
  9. Understanding it is best to not fight your primary pain, but to surround it with conscious awareness, kindness and open curiosity, thereby diminishing secondary pain and suffering.
Why are these 9 things important?

Because our emotional and psychological states of being are intertwined with our biology. Saying YES when you mean NO tenses the body and releases stress hormones. Staying in such emotional and psychological states for a prolonged period of time, being unhappy with one's self and life maintains the body in a state of tension with cortisone and adrenaline floating in the body, which prevents healing from taking place.

If you have been unhappy, tense and dissatisfied with your life and health, it will take some time to create a new state of being. The key to healing is to live from the space of our heart and soul. It’s the source of how things flow to us . . . fulfillment, joy, bigger and deeper love, abundance, fulfillment in relationships and friendships, total health and prosperity.  When we are internally relaxed and happy and we make better choices for ourselves, the body is more relaxed and can heal itself. The brain releases happy hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, enhancing internal well being. 
Authentic life, from the INSIDE – OUT, is the life that’s worth living and is the first building block of your healing journey. I appreciate and am grateful for  the thoughts of those clients I have helped along their way .
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