4 Stages of Care at Wholistic Therapeutics
This BLOG covers our 4 stages of care provided at Wholistic Therapeutics and Online Learning Introduction for 2021
My goal and passion is to continue educate, motivate and inspire you about your own body, its healing and optimal potential so you can take care of yourself and step up to the next level and achieve your goals and desires.

Are you ready to BREAK FREE FROM PAIN and regain the function, mobility, strength and a joy of living in your own body?

Are you ready to regain your mobility and strength to do the things that you would love to do?

Would you like to know what your body is able to do or how good can you really feel inside your body?

Most people who come to our clinic have some sort of the pain that has already lasted for a very long time.

As you probably know, pain is usually the last resort that your body can use to inform you that something is going on in your system, that we have not being paying attention to, ignoring, numbing or medicating.

In our clinic we are proud of evaluating, recognizing and communicating to you where you are on your healing journey and guiding you towards your next step.

In the upcoming year, I will be producing and sharing online learning materials so your healing process can be customized to your comfort level and your learning style.

I will be your guide to determine where you start and how you progress through your healing process. Your willingness to regain your body's mobility and flexibility, improve your motor patterning and reprogram it to a higher level of resilience will be up to you.

I will encourage you and nudge you on your path so you can enjoy your life in a well-functioning body.

Below are the 4 Phases of Care. Those phases at some point start to intertwine and flow and do not have a rigid boundary, but for the purpose of learning, they are defined as 4 separate ones. I will be guiding you how long to stay at each stage and when is the time to move on and progress to a new phase or to the next step in the same phase.


This stage of care will focus on relieving pain and discomfort. This is the most hands-on approach to treatment where we will identify and help you to release restrictions and long-term tension in your body that led to chronic muscular stress, inflammation and pain. This is usually the phase where we may work with old trauma, injury, surgery, scar tissue, that old car accident, or physical or emotional challenges.

In Phase 1 What you will learn: MIND- BODY CONNECTION

  • How breathing connects our brain and the body
  • The role of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and its effect on our physical body
  • How to downregulate the sympathetic nervous system to promote healing
  • Self Myofascial Release with tools
  • Activate, practice and build your awareness
  • Thoughts, emotions and epigenetics – MINDSET TOOLS AND JOURNALING
  • Abdominal self-treatment for back and neck pain
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Myofascial Stretches 
  • Physical, Fascial and energetic interconnectedness of the body and mind
  • Verbal and written cuing guiding you alone your journey (including audio and video)

Many people when they start feeling better and have much improved pain levels, they stop even self-therapy. That only predisposes us to future injuries as the system did not learn to maintain, in a motor way, how to function in a more optimized and balanced way. Learning, understanding, and supporting the Mind-Body connection is equally important.

This is an important part as we are learning how to have mobile healthy joints while improving flexibility of the surrounding areas with muscles, fascia and nervous system.

How effective breathing relaxes the body, improves tissue mobility, creates fascial elasticity and overall fluidity.

Mobility and flexibility are a sign of the body's resilience. A must for prevention of future injuries. It improves longevity of joints function, energy flow, vascular flow. Flexibility is a sign of vitality and youthfulness of own body.


In this stage of your care you will learn how to properly activate your stabilization muscles of your core, trunk and extremities.

The goal is to teach the body the fundamentals of proper core activation and coordination with breath to avoid compensation pattern and teach it correct motor programing.

Building a proper foundation is a key for optimizing body’s function and movement.
I will guide you how to modify your position and how to progress you alone the way with verbal and written cues. Motor re-programing, training core endurance and coordination will be a part of this phase.

This is the place where good muscular control and mobility and flexibility level CAN give you that great and youthful looking posture.


In this stage of your care, we would design strength and conditioning program to help your body heal on a higher level and improve blood supply for long-term healing.

It will help to create healthier, more resilient and happier body. This will enable you to perform your life and recreational activities on a higher level, slow down the aging process and help protect you from injuries and falls.