I feel excited and happy that our office is finally moved to a bigger and fully remodeled location on the main floor of the building.
It is a more spacious area that feels safe, cozy and quiet.
I want to take time and say thank you for your support and understanding in the whole moving process in these especially difficult times.  
Additional good news is that the management of the building added extra effort and all external doors to the offices and the walls on the hallways and painted as we speak.  
I want to take extra time to review and assure everyone about our ongoing safety policies that we are strictly following in regards to Covid 19.  
We are operating following CDC requirements. These are our measures to try to help ensure everyones's safety.  
1. All clients will be asked to wash their hands before entering the clinic. There is also a hand sanitizer on the coffee table.  
2. All clients and myself will be required to wear a mask while they are in  the clinic. If someone does not have a mask, one will be provided by our clinic. Wearing a mask can feel restricting, but even a simple comfortable cloth mask is reported to reduce the dose and therefore the severity of the coronavirus. We are all in this together, so think of others.
3. At this time, we can only have one person at a time in the clinic. Please wait outside the door and knock before your appointment. We will open the door for you when we are ready. We may need an extra few minutes to finish the cleaning process of the treatment area.   
4. I am going to wash my hands before entering the room with you. 
5. Our office has a new Air purifying machine which filters the air at the industry-recommended rate of 5x an hour (or about every 12 minutes) in a 540 ft² room to effectively lower particle levels and maintain a comfortable environment. 
1. I do appreciate everyone’s complete honesty and trust and for being responsible in these difficult times. I appreciate and thank you all for following the safety guidelines. 
2. Please call or e-mail us immediately if you feel ill, or you have been in contact with someone who is ill, or find out someone you have been in contact with is
diagnosed with COVID-19. 
3.There is an alternative to the office visit which could be Self-scheduling a Digital Clinic appointment
4. Call or e-mail me with any questions.  
Please contact us at any time with questions. We have many different options to help you. 
Through at least the end of 2020, all of the insurance companies cover Telehealth PT / Remote Delivery - What we call our Digital Clinic. Please try our remote services and self-help approach to serving you. And stay safe and centered. Using Zoom or Facetime, along with creating a Personal Web Page for viewing custom videos (individually created for each session), has made our Digital Clinic a very powerful and safe alternative. Our other remote support option, Video Therapy can also be considered, although its primary focus is on self-therapy.

As an ongoing offering of Wholistic Therapeutics, Digital Clinic Practice Services are being offered on a cash only basis, but in our current situation, insurance coverage will be reviewed for use individually. Please click on the hyperlinks below and read these 3 TESTIMONIALS describing our client's success using our Digital Clinic:

For more information or to schedule the appointment, contact me at 708-525-4640 .

You can also Schedule an appointment online - Local Clinic or Digital Clinic.
With the holiday season ahead of us, I am getting quite busy, so please book your appointments early to assure your preferable time and day.

In Love and Health!

Izabela Adamus
The primary means by which we are fortunate enough to get additional business is by adding value to people's lives and earning Referrals, both Client Referrals, and Medical Professional Referrals. Thank you for your consideration!