The Relationship with Our-Self
Ever since I remember I was conditioned to put my attention on others. As children we are all drawn to our caregivers, teachers, and people around us.

In growing up, and extending into our adult lives, we are dependent on others for our needs and survival. We are strongly conditioned to keep our attention outside of ourselves.

Seldom does anyone teach us how to have a relationship with ourselves, which, is the authentic way to truly heal our bodies, and create lives that we want and desire.

Because our true self, our authentic self, is energy based.

Everything in the visible world is made of vibration and frequency, which is energy.

Including YOU!
Our life and our body reflect how connected we are with our energy.

Injury, trauma, disease, chronic emotional or physical pain are each a manifestation of energy flow in our system that is impaired.

Our goal is to have a relationship with ourselves that ignites and awakens the essence that is flowing throughtout our system.

TWO KEYS that are necessary to reconnect and allow the flow of energy are:

1.    Mental attention on our body, bringing the attention back to self.
2.   Breathing, which ignites the flow of energy, taking us into the present moment where our body always resides. Click below for Breathing audios on WHY +Example.
If most of our lives we spend being others-oriented, and have attention outside
of ourselves, looking for approval, acceptance, love, or an external way to heal our pain,

Our energy is dispersed . . .
And you are giving your vital energy, your power away – you are depleting yourself.

Having a strong sense of Self is a key for a healthy body and life. I am not referring to a mental or ego driven sense of self, rather it is our deeply connected sense of our true nature and authentic self.

Many of our problems, pain, trauma and lack of healing come from this major misconception that we have been conditioned to believe for most of our lives.

Which is that we think we are our body and mind.

THE TRUTH IS: We are Bio Energetic beings that have a body and a mind.

Application of this truth is what will start making significant changes in your body and life.

So the next BEST simple steps you can take to start enhancing your life experience and healing your body are:

1.    Put your attention on your belly, bring all your mental focus to FEEL and SENSE Your PRESENCE THERE.

2.    Start breathing into your belly, expand your belly on the inhale for the count of 4 and slowly exhale for the count of 5-6.

Just 5 minutes a day of conscious and slow breath done consistently will start shifting your experience to a new and healthier reality.
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In Love and Health!

Izabela Adamus