March 25. 2020 | 29 Adar 5780
Your J is Currently Virtual... Come and See...
Dear Springfield JCC Families,

We hope you've had an opportunity to enjoy some of the activities and programs our staff have offered to keep you active and engaged. Below is a list of social media platforms. We're interested in learning how we can best serve you during these days of shelter in place. Be sure to share with us how you are doing, either on a platform of your choice, or via email

Our staff and lay leaders are reaching out to members to just check in. If you can't wait and want to hear a friendly voice, please call the center and we'll be in touch ASAP. I know that we anticipated and hoped that the J would open on March 30. With the governor's declaration that will not come to pass. We will re-open just as soon as it is deemed safe to do so by the state's health care professionals.

In the meantime, see below for this week's highlights and more interactive programs happening at the J . If you have not yet had a chance to view it, the J's Seth Stutman made a virtual appearance on MassAppeal this week to feature Obybay , the J's online auction, which begins this Sunday.


Michael Paysnick
Executive Director
J Social Media Platforms
If you want a general connection to the J, please like us at 
Additional social media J.Connections are listed below…
Kehillah (for individuals with special needs)
Your Virtual J...
The J is offering online content through Live Facebook feeds and Zoom gatherings. Keep in touch...
Stay in your home, support local businesses and YOUR J all at the same time. Oybay, our online auction will go on as originally scheduled Sunday, March 29 (8:00 am EST) through Sunday April 5 (10:00 pm EST). Visit biddingforgood/SpringfieldJCC for details.
Let us know how you are spending your days by posting a photo and caption on Instagram/SpringfieldJCC .
J Member Profile...

Learn about Janice Greenberg's social distancing adventures...
Life Lessons, Arts & Culture...
Looking for something to read? Why don't you try out one of our most popular Literatour authors, Ronald Balson? Balson, a historical fiction novelist, has appeared at the J not once, but three times to discuss the titles The Girl from Berlin , Saving Sophie , and Once We Were Brothers . His most recent book, The Girl from Berlin , features the characters Catherine Lockhart and Liam Taggart as they help an elderly woman who's facing eviction from her Tuscan villa. As they dig through layers of lies and corruption, they uncover an unfinished story of heart, redemption, and hope - the ending of which is unwritten. Order e-book online through Amazon.
The Life Lessons Department at the J would like to share some favorite recipes with you.
Health & Wellness Connection...
Thanks to your fitness club, this temporary site allows free access to 100+ workouts during the COVID-19 disruptions. Talk to your club if you'd like a special offer to subscribe to 800+ streaming workouts available wherever and whenever you want to work out.
Fun Games with Coach Kim
J Trainer Tip with Sean
30-Minute Dance Sculpt Video
Enjoy this 30-Minute Dance Sculpt Fitness video brought to you by 4 of your favorite J instructors: Liz, Sarah, Jessica, and Sara!
Family Connection...
By Springfield JCC ELC Teacher, Loren Piotrowski:

There are many ways in which this generation’s childhood is different from that of the last generation, but one of the most abrupt contrasts is the degree to which it is being spent indoors. There are lots of reasons, including the marked increase in time spent interacting with electronic devices, the emphasis on scheduled activities and achievements, concerns about sun exposure — and, for many families, the lack of safe outdoor places to play. It’s not just children; adults are spending less time outdoors as well.

Here are six crucial ways playing outside helps children:

1. Sunshine. Yes, sun exposure — especially sunburns — can increase the risk of skin cancer. But it turns out that our bodies need sun. We need sun exposure to make vitamin D, a vitamin that plays a crucial role in many body processes, from bone development to our immune system. Sun exposure also plays a role our immune system in other ways, as well as in healthy sleep — and in our mood. Our bodies work best when they get some sunshine every day.

2. Exercise. Children should be active for an hour every day, and getting outside to play is one way to be sure that happens. They can certainly exercise indoors, but sending them outdoors — especially with something like a ball or a bike — encourages active play, which is really the best exercise for children.

3. Executive function. These are the skills that help us plan, prioritize, troubleshoot, negotiate, and multitask; they are crucial for our success. Creativity falls in here, too, and using our imagination to problem-solve and entertain ourselves. These are skills that must be learned and practiced — and to do this, children need unstructured time. They need time alone and with other children, and to be allowed (perhaps forced) to make up their own games, figure things out, and amuse themselves. Being outside gives them opportunities to practice these important life skills.

4. Taking risks. Children need to take some risks. As parents, this makes us anxious; we want our children to be safe. But if we keep them in bubbles and never let them take any risks, they won’t know what they can do — and they may not have the confidence and bravery to face life’s inevitable risks. Yes, you can break an arm from climbing a tree — and yes, you can be humiliated when you try to make a friend and get rejected. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try; the lessons we learn from failure are just as important as those we learn from success.

5. Socialization. Children need to learn how to work together. They need to learn to make friends, how to share and cooperate, how to treat other people. If they only interact in very structured settings, such as school or sports teams, they won’t — they can’t — learn everything they need to know.

6. Appreciation of nature. So much of our world is changing, and not for the better. If a child grows up never walking in the woods, digging in soil, seeing animals in their habitat, climbing a mountain, playing in a stream, or staring at the endless horizon of an ocean, they may never really understand what there is to be lost. The future of our planet depends on our children; they need to learn to appreciate it.
Slimy Fun in the Kitchen
Kids Space and CAP Director Maureen Marchacos teaches us to make SLIME in our own kitchen, with the help of her son.
Theater Thursday - LEGALLY BLOND
Join us each Thursday evening for a virtual night on the town! We will be watching a recording of one of your favorite musical productions.

There is a historic tradition of dressing in ‘formal attire’ when going to a Broadway show. Even though you will be watching from the comfort of your living room, we invite you to still get dressed up with us!

Kehillah friends bake with Kim:

Tina was LIVE on facebook making a pizza. If you missed it, you can view it here .
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