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Do not be deceived! Following the lead or behavior of others may be extremely hazardous for your health.

The Real Estate market is in a normal, seasonal slowing now. Many folks, buyers and sellers, have checked out for the summer.

BUYERS: stay focused by continuing to actively pursue your new home. Even though the prices have increased, the lowering of competing buyers may create a lower accepted home price (think 3 or 4 offers vs. 8 or 12). Also, current trends indicate that prices will likely trend higher and not retreat. Do not forget the Federal Reserve is threatening to raise rates. This equals the buyer's double whammy of higher prices and higher rates = less purchasing power.

even though there are slightly more homes for sale, the reduced number of competing homes still favors good activity. Even with fewer buyers, excellent price and terms are achievable.

One strategy which is very dangerous is overpricing your home. No sales in a reasonable time frame can be very costly to your final sale price. Careful selection of your listing price and acceptable terms are critically important to seller success of top price and terms.

Whether buying or selling, contact me for more information or a personal strategy.

"Negotiating for your success!"


 - Jerry 


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- Jerry Hill

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