J.T.'s Wisdom from the Other Side of Life
Be You and Only You
We have made changes in your life over the past year. These changes are designed to help you understand what is in your core. When we say "core", we mean that part of you that is still connected to us - your soul. It is important that you look at your core, and keep your life in alignment with it.

When you chose to incarnate, you agreed to have the veil between the worlds thick. But the time is now to reach beyond that, and know that this was just the illusion. There is no veil. You are Spirit, just like us! This means you are the essence of life. You have opportunities right here and now! In order to take these opportunities and fulfill what is in your core, you must dump what you have been told about yourself - what society has told you, what your parents told you, what your teachers told you. You are the only authority that matters! We know sometimes it is hard to clear out the old. We are here to help! Ask us for our help and we will be happy to work with you to get this done.

Now is the time! Don't let yourself go back to "the way it was." So many gifts have been brought to you over this last year. Seize this time to shift into the core of who you are!

I have created a special meditation for you to help you get this done. Let's work together on bringing forward the true YOU!

And remember always, YOU ARE LOVED.
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April was a difficult month for us. On March 31st, our kitten, Jack, started behaving strangely. We knew something was wrong. He was only a little over a year old, which was quite puzzling. As I usually do when something is going on with one of our animals, I check my sources. I was startled by the answers. Jack was going to leave us.

Praying I was wrong, we took Jack to the vet. They ran every test they could. We eventually took him to our emergency vet to see an internal medicine vet, who also ran every test. It was a process of elimination. In the end, Jack was diagnosed with FIP.

As time went on through this process, I kept checking in with Jack's soul. "What do you want me to do here? What measures should I take? Do you want to stay?"

Very clearly, his soul said, "No, I am not staying. And I don't want any interventions."

Regardless of how many times I asked, what time of day, or any other variable, the answer was the same.

We held on for as long as we could. On April 18th, we said goodbye to Jack.

One of the things I asked him before he left was why. Why did he have to leave us so soon? His reply was that he never intended to stay long in this incarnation. He chose us as his family because he knew when the time came, we would abide by his wishes.

No pressure.

Being an animal communicator can be challenging, especially when it is your own pet with whom you are communicating.

My daughter was anxious to get another kitty (Jack was her kitten, and it was so lonely without him). We, however, had a trip to Florida planned for the beginning of May. There was no way we could get a kitty, and then leave for a week. Throughout this time, my daughter continued looking. Each time, though, the answer was the same when I asked J.T. "No, keep looking."

The funny thing was, both my daughter and I had the same vision for the cat. She came to us in dreams, so at least we knew what she looked like. One morning I was drinking my coffee and got the hit to look at the humane society pages. There she was! I knew it was her, but of course, since this was my daughter's kitty, she had to feel connected with her also. I sent her the picture on a Friday, Sunday we were at the humane society visiting with her, and of course, now she is our Cleopatra pictured below. She is so sweet and just a perfect match for our family.

I know our furbabies are more than just pets. They are family. I feel so grateful to be able to communicate with them on the spiritual level so I can understand what they need. You know, animals have plans just like humans do. They come into their incarnations with things they want to get done, lessons they want to learn, and lessons they teach us.

In honor of Jack and Cleopatra, I am declaring June "Pet" Month. I have three different sessions I offer for pet communication. The first is the Rainbow Bridge Connection session, where we talk with your pet on the Rainbow Bridge, those beautiful souls who have passed. The second is a Pet Psychic session, where we speak to your pet in what they call Universal Language to understand what your pet wants to tell you. And the third session is the Akashic Records session. During this session, we ask for access to the pet’s records so we can answer questions about their life here and get information about who they are here and what they want from their experience in this lifetime.

We sure do miss Jack, but knowing we honored his wishes, and that he trusted us with the process, helps us with our grief. He also promised to return to us again as another animal. We are looking forward to that day!

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When: Saturday, June 19th 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern

Cost: $30 per person

Where: Via Zoom – Video is required. Be sure to test your system in advance to make sure your video is working properly.

Registration closes 1 hour prior to event.
Join internationally renowned psychic medium Sarina Baptista for an evening of Crossing the Bridge – Connecting to the Other Side Gallery Readings. As heard on Big 97.9 as iHeartMedia’s resident psychic medium, and as seen in BellaSpark magazine, Sarina Baptista is the “real deal” bringing humor and messages of love and forgiveness from your loved ones who have passed.

Please note: This is a gallery style reading, which means your loved ones decide who receives readings. Not everyone in attendance will receive a reading.
Receiving a Holy Fire Reiki Placement will:
  • Open you to the Universal Life Force healing energy
  • Allow you to use Holy Fire Reiki to help heal yourself
  • Allow you to use Holy Fire Reiki to help heal others, including animals
  • Raise your vibration
Class Fee: $410 $333

Levels 1 and 2 are taught together to give students the tools they need to use Reiki right away, and open a Reiki practice immediately if they choose to help heal others.

Class 1: You receive one healing symbol to use on yourself and others and open your healing channels. You will be able to start your own Reiki healing practice after the first class!

Class 2: You receive two more healing symbols to help heal emotional/mental issues and to be able to do long distance healings. Your connection to Source increases exponentially with each symbol.

This class now includes the International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Touch Kit! This kit includes a DVD detailing how to do a full Reiki session, self Reiki session, and how to do Byosen scanning. Also included is a Reiki Meditation CD, Reiki Cards and a full Reiki workbook!

When: Tuesday, June 8th and Monday, June 14th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

Where: Via Zoom
Learn how you receive information from Spirit - guides, those who have passed, pets - Hone your innate gifts!
What you will learn:

  • The essential tools to connect to the other side
  • Understanding the clairs - how you receive information
  • Identification of Spirit - who are you talking to
  • Participation in experiential exercises to enhance and hone your receivers
  • The steps for giving extraordinary readings
Regular Class Fee: $175

We are all mediums and receive information from the Divine and higher frequencies all the time. How we interpret this information is very important and very unique. Even if you didn’t want to be a medium, connecting to your loved ones on the other side is a cherished gift!

This class is for beginners. No previous experience necessary!

When: Wednesdays, July 7th and 21st 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern

Where: Via Zoom
Where: Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, 623 Denver Ave., Loveland, CO

When: Friday, August 13th 6pm - 7:30pm

Cost: $25 per person - includes 1 free beverage!

Advanced registration is required to guarantee a seat!
Join us for some summer fun!
Special Guest, Grimm’s resident psychic medium and award-winning author, Sarina Baptista, is returning to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse for a very special “Ask The Psychic” night!
This is an audience participation event where you can ask Sarina those deep, burning questions like:

  • What do those numbers I see all of the time mean?
  • What does it mean to be psychic?
  • Is everyone psychic?
  • Do animals go to “heaven”?
  • Have I been here before?
  • What signs do our loved ones who have passed bring us?
  • Was that my loved one in my dream?

These are just a few of the questions we will answer. Come with your own questions, too!
Here's what J.T. says about this card:
Something is being presented to you that requires discernment. Things are not as they appear, and further intuiting is required. This means you cannot rely on what you see with your eyes. Go within and ask for the truth of what is happening to be revealed. This does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong. It means the information you are being given is not complete. Trust your intuition and ask us for clarity. You have the ability to discern what is for your highest good and what is not.

Do the following exercise to help with discernment: Meditate and clear your energy. Take a few deep breaths and ground yourself. Ask us to come to you and give you a sense of what needs discerning. Just allow us to bring this into your awareness. It might come as a thought, or you might see a picture or movie in your mind. Just allow it to unfold, and there, you will find your answer.
J.T.’s Dragonfly Club is a membership community of like-minded souls, learning and expanding their spiritual selves. Under the guidance of Master Souls on the other side, we have the unique opportunity to be more than just mere travelers walking through these incarnations. We get to explore who we truly are, and learn how to hone our unique, beautiful gifts.

Having community, especially at this very pivotal time on our planet, is essential to our spiritual growth and expansion.

J.T.’s Dragonfly Club provides connection and engagement with other beautiful souls walking the walk, as well as instruction and training from Master Souls who know our highest selves.

Member benefits include:

Monthly Group Q&A
Each month you will be able to participate in a group Zoom Q&A session with J.T. and other Master Souls to answer questions you have about your life, the planet, life's purpose, how to maneuver through situtations, and other questions you need answered! Please note: we will not be communicating with loved ones who have passed during this Q&A.

Monthly Meditation
You will also have access to a new meditation each month covering a different topic. These meditations will be downloadable so you can use them throughout the month to enhance your connection with J.T. and the other Master Souls.

Monthly Training
This is a group training via Zoom. We will cover a different training aspect each month to help you connect and hone your abilities. We all have the ability to connect with the other side. Sometimes all we need is a little help figuring out what works and what doesn't work.

Facebook Group
You will be invited to join the exclusive J.T.'s Dragonfly Club Facebook group to discuss all of life's questions with the other members. This is a supportive, nurturing group of like-minded souls.

25% Off Sessions
You will receive exclusive member savings on all regular (30 minutes or more) sessions with Sarina and J.T. This includes private training, psychic medium sessions, Akashic readings and Channeling J.T. sessions. The Psychic Medium Certification training is excluded.

Guest Interviews
You will be invited to be our guest on the Channeling J.T. Podcast. You can use this interview to promote your business, or to ask Sarina and J.T. questions. You are

Exclusive Email List Savings!
$33 per month instead of $44! $10 setup fee applies

Use THIS LINK to take advantage of the exclusive email list savings!

For more information about the club, go to this link.

Please note: this is a monthly membership, so you will be charged $33 each month. You can cancel at anytime!
Tuesday, June 8th and Monday 14th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Holy Fire Reiki Levels 1&2 Practitioner Class
via Zoom

Saturday, June 19th 5pm Pacific, 6p Mountain, 7p Central, 8p Eastern
Crossing the Bridge Summer Gallery Readings
via Zoom

Wednesday, June 23rd 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Free Full Moon Meditation
via Zoom

Wednesdays, July 7th & 21st 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Beginners Mediumship
via Zoom

Monday, July 12th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner Class (Level 3)
via Zoom

Friday, August 13th 6pm
“Ask the Psychic” Night at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Loveland, CO