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Our Quarterly Update

Fall 2015

In John Wrigley's own words:

This year's harvest is one that the final chapter has not been written.  Our winter was much warmer than usual and budbreak occurred at least two weeks earlier than normal.  This was followed by a spring and summer that was the hottest on record, with extreme heat during the month of June.  We also had a lack of rainfall in our area from March to early September.  This led to the one of the earliest, if not the earliest harvest, in Oregon.  Hard to argue against the global warming theory when this type of weather is going on. 
In order to slow down the pace the fruit was ripening, we chose to not thin any of the fruit.  Normally, we will deleaf the basal leaves and drop clusters in order to help the fruit ripen and develop flavor.  But this year we chose to leave all the fruit on the vine to slow the ripening process.  And we chose to not deleaf the basal leaves, which turned out to be a wise choice as we avoided a lot of the sunburn issues that happened this summer due to the intense heat and sunshine.  Our higher elevation and location on the rim of the Van Duzer corridor also helped us with cooler afternoons and nights that allowed our fruit to develop at a slower pace.  We did thin some fruit about 3 weeks before harvest, but that was to drop the few clusters we had with shriveled berries from sunburn.  Harvest was about 5 days earlier than we had in 2014, but the fruit had the correct ratios of acid, Ph and Brix.  So, we were happy to end the year with a bountiful harvest.  The wine has excellent color and flavor. 
The wine is all now in barrels and tanks.  We will know soon what the wines of 2015 will be compared to.  But after such a challenging summer we are sure glad to see some October rains.  Lets hope the El Nino forecasted is not going to leave us high and dry for the winter!!

The Return of "Soup Friday" 

Can it really be? Is it that time  already ? Yes, hard to believe the return of Soup Friday is right around the corner. Now in our third season of this J Wrigley tradition, Soup Friday is an event we all look forward to. If you haven't participated in this Friday afternoon treat, we encourage you to come check it out! Starting in November (through February!), every Friday from 2:00 p.m until 7:00 p.m. we serve up some amazing home made soups and breads! Everyone around here gets in the action from staff to wine club members. For only $15 ($10 for club members) you get your soup, bread and a glass of wine to enjoy! Always, additional wine glass and bottle purchases available. Also, new this year, we will occasionally have live acoustic music during Soup Fridays! A fun time had by all, bring your friends and start your weekends off right!

Our Tasting Room isn't JUST a Tasting Room!

Many of you have experienced the great views and warm hospitality when you've come to taste our award winning wines at our tasting room on top of Cherry Hill Road. And many of you have attended a magical wedding here during our popular summer months when the weather is at its best! Many of you have attended a special event here, be it a concert or wine dinner. This place is really so special and offers an inviting space for almost any event! But what many of you haven't experienced, is the cozy, intimate space the tasting room provides on those stormy and gloomy winter days. The tasting room in the winter is the perfect backdrop for a small wedding, anniversary party or work retreat. We offer per person pricing for these events and have staff on hand to help coordinate your event to fit your specific needs. Please contact us if you have interest in learning more! 503-857-8287

Also, many of you have experienced being an overnight guest with us! Yes, it's true! We now offer our tasting room suite on vrbo.com  It's a true retreat. Check out our listing #695246.  It's a unique and relaxing place to get away from it all!! 


We are highlighting award winning jewelry artist Glena Greiner, owner of Angelic Beads, as our guest designer. Glena, AKA - Winemaker John Wrigley's mom - creates hand beaded jewelry to suit all styles.  From delicate pieces to bold statement pieces.  You can meet her at Soup Friday's and also on the Thanksgiving weekend.  Perfect time for holiday shopping.


'14 Rosé of Pinot Noir ~ $20/ $204

349 Cases Produced

Made with 100% hand picked Pinot Noir, this Rosé has beautiful floral notes, berry flavor and a distinctive minerality.  The balance of sweetness to brightness is perfect and will appeal to all Rosé fans.  A fabulous wine for BBQ, a warm Summer picnic and sipping with friends.


'14 Pinot Gris ~ $18/$185                            

400 Cases Produced

Dry, crisp and still full of fruit flavor!   This is a perfect wine for seafood or rich butter sauces.  If you like fresh fruit flavors in your Gris, you will LOVE this one.


'13 MAC Cuvee Pinot Noir~ $28/ $285     

250 Cases Produced

A big, young, mouth-filling red wine!  2013 was a year that you wanted (and needed) to pick at the right time.  We were blessed with ripe fruit pre-monsoon and are reaping the rewards of a fantastic vintage.  Enjoy, there is not much of this juicy wine.


'13 ESTATE Pinot Noir~ $45/ $459       

250 Cases Produced

A very special vintage of Proposal Block Pinot Noir. You will be struck by the raspberry nose and full berry flavor. A real show-stopper and one to be savored for years to come.

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