Hello Achievers and Advisors,

The JA Central Ontario Company Program Awards application link is now live!

Please ensure that you have reviewed and understand all the application requirements before starting your application online.

You can review the application requirements here:
Once you are ready to start your application, you can click here:

Do you have to be nominated for individual awards?
  • Yes, you must be nominated by your advisor for individual awards.
  • Exception: You do not need to be nominated for the Jane Eisbrenner Award as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Can you be nominated for more than one individual award?
  • Yes, you can be nominated for more than one individual award.
  • Exception: If you are nominated for the Extra Mile Award, you cannot be nominated for another leadership/department award (i.e. President of the Year, Leadership in Marketing, Sales, Production/Tech, HR, Finance). If you're nominated for the Extra Mile Award, you would be eligible to be nominated for the following additional awards: Changemaker and JA Journey.
  • We would not recommend nominating students for more than two awards.

Do you have to be nominated for the group awards?
  • You do not have to be nominated for group awards. However, you will need to include the name of an advisor to endorse your application online.

Can you apply to multiple group awards?
  • You can apply to any or all of the group awards - there are no limits provided you meet the minimum requirements to apply.

Are advisors required to write a reference for individual and/or group awards?
  • Advisors are not required to write a reference for individual and/or group awards with the exception of the Changemaker Award which is the only award where we will ask Advisors to write a short paragraph on the student they are nominating.
  • Advisors are required to endorse individual and group awards online once the students have submitted their applications. Students must include the name and email of the advisor and the advisor will automatically be sent a copy of the application to review and endorse. Endorsement requires the advisor to read the application online and check off that the information provided is accurate.

Who is responsible for submitting the application? Students or advisors?
  • Students are responsible for completing and submitting the applications online by the deadline.
  • Advisors will be asked to submit the nomination for the Changemaker Award only. (Short paragraph submission required - link will be shared with advisors directly)

Who reviews the awards applications once submitted?
  • JA Central Ontario engages external preliminary judges to review and score the applications.
  • Preliminary judges will provide JA with their scores and ranking which determine the short-listed finalists who will move onto the interview night stage.
  • JA will contact the finalists and schedule them for Student Interview Night where they will be required to present in front of a panel of judges (made up of JA partners and stakeholders).
  • The award winners will be selected on the basis of their combined written responses and interview scores.
  • Exception for Changemaker Award - The Changemaker Award nominees are not required to present at Interview Night. Each nominee from each team will automatically be recognized in this category.
  • Exception for Other Awards - - The following awards are not required to present at interview night: Changemaker Award, JA Journey Award, Jane Eisbrenner Award, Team Challenge Award.

In addition to a certificate of excellence and letter from our President/CEO:
  • Individual Award Winners (President, Departmental, Extra Mile) will receive a $100 Virtual Gift Card
  • Changemaker Award (1 student will be drawn from the list of nominees to receive a $100 Virtual Gift Card)
  • JA Journey Award will receive a $1,000 Scholarship (generously sponsored by CNA)
  • Jane Eisbrenner Award Winner will receive $4,000 Scholarship
*Scholarship winners will be required to provide proof of post-secondary enrolment in order to receive the scholarship funds (i.e. invoice for tuition). If the student defers enrolment, JA Central Ontario will hold the funds in trust until the student is able to provide proof of enrolment. 


  • Virtual Student Interview Night - Wednesday, May 5th (for award finalists only)
  • Virtual ventureON Celebration - Wednesday, May 26th
  • Once you have decided which individuals you will be nominating for the individual awards, you can let the students know they have been nominated and direct them to the application page above.
  • You are not required to submit a nomination list to JA but will be asked to endorse the student applications once they have been submitted online. You can assign and/or divide this up amongst your advising team if you have multiple nominees - please let your students know which email to include as the endorser.
  • I will be sending out a calendar invite to Lead Advisors to review this process - please feel free to forward the invite to anyone else on your Advising team if you are not available to attend.
  • Please review the full award eligibility requirements for individual awards (if you have been nominated or if you are interested in the Jane Eisbrenner Award) and group awards at the link above and start planning ahead!
Should you have questions or concerns regarding any of the above information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at companyprogram@jacentralontario.org

Thank you!

Lucia & Lesley
The Company Program Team
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