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Please review this email for some important reminders and updates.

New updates included in this email:
  • Battle of the Ads Commercial Contest
  • Showcase Reminder
  • Company Programs Awards Update
  • CP Calendar Reminder

Deadline Reminders:
  • JA Canada National Scholarships - Due March 19
  • Upcoming Deadlines in April

Previous Updates:
  • Student Engagement Ideas
  • External Student Opportunities

Battle of the Ads Commercial Contest

Thanks everyone who attended the Battle of the Ads Commercial Workshop yesterday! If you missed the event, you can review the recording here.

The recording will also be saved on the resource portal.

It is now your turn to create your commercial!

For full contest details and how to submit, please visit:

Please make sure you review all requirements before you start your commercial.

*UPDATED DEADLINE TO SUBMIT* We have now pushed back the deadline to: Friday, April 23rd.
Showcase Reminders

Thursday, March 18th from 4 to 6 p.m.

YOU ARE INVITED: Please note that ALL ADVISORS AND STUDENTS are invited and welcome to attend. You are also welcome to INVITE other guests including friends, family, colleagues.

Register for the Hopin Event here (each attendee must register individually): https://hopin.com/events/ja-company-program-youth-entrepreneurs-showcase

THURSDAY PROGRAMS: If your team meets on a Thursday evening, we will have to kindly ask you to push back the start time of your meeting and/or meet for a shorter period of time.
Company Program Awards Update

Here is the full list of the awards and their eligibility and application requirements for this year.

Individual Awards
  • President of the Year
  • Leadership in Finance
  • Leadership in Marketing
  • Leadership in Sales
  • Leadership in Production & Technology
  • Leadership in Human Resources
  • The Extra Mile Award *NEW FOR 2021*
  • JA Journey Award (video application from student required only)
  • Changemaker Award (does not require application from student; advisors will be sent a separate nomination form for this award)
  • Jane Eisbrenner Scholarship *NEW FOR 2021* (monetary scholarship for grade 12 students; does not require advisor nomination)
*All individual awards must be nominated by the Advising Team. One nomination per category per team is allowed. For the departmental awards, it does not have to be the VP who is nominated - nominee can be executive or non-executive.

Group Awards
• Company of the Year (3 categories: Retail, Technology, Social Enterprise)
• Gary and Joanne Reamey Family Award (CSR Award)
• Best Brand Award
• Team Challenge Award
*Teams can nominate themselves (with Advisor reference) to any or all of the awards.


Step 1: Advisor will nominate the students (for individual awards). Students will complete the application forms and submit by April 9. Advisors (with the exception of the Changemaker Award) are not required to fill out any nomination forms - you will be asked to endorse the submission the students send us online)
Step 2: Applications are reviewed by preliminary judges. Finalists are selected.
Step 3: Finalists will attend Virtual Student Interview Night (May 5)
Step 4. Winners will be announced at ventureON (May 26)


Review the full eligibility requirements here: https://bit.ly/3eEhQqt

*UPDATE* APPLICATION FORMS: We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. We are transitioning to an online submission form and are working with our provider to have the set up completed ASAP. This will make it easier for students to submit their applications. We anticipate this will be ready next week.

LEAD ADVISORS: Please review the full award eligibility requirements for individual awards at the link above with your advising team and discuss who you would like to nominate - you can notify your selected students anytime. You are not required to submit a nomination list to JA but you will be asked to endorse the individual students' application once they have submitted online (they will be required to include an advisor email in their application). I will set up an advisor call as soon as the application link is live to go over the details.

ALL STUDENTS: Please review the full award eligibility requirements for group awards at the link above with your team and discuss which group awards you would like to apply for and start planning ahead.
Calendar Updates

In light of the news that March Break has now been postponed to April, we have made some adjustments to the CP Calendar.

Please note the following changes:
  • March 15-19 will now be Week 15 instead of March Break
  • April 5-9 will now be Week 18 (last scheduled week)
  • April 12-16 will now be the scheduled "March Break" (you can opt to meet this week too but it is not mandatory)
  • April 19-23 will be an optional week for teams to finish up if they need the time

LEAD ADVISORS: If your team meets on Mondays or Fridays, please note that April 2-5 is the Easter Holiday Weekend so you may need to cancel your meetings and use the optional week instead.

You can view the CP calendar here: https://www.jacocompanyprogram.ca/calendar

JA Canada National Scholarships
DUE: Friday, March 19

ACHIEVERS: As JA Central Ontario Company Program students, you may be eligible to apply for the following national scholarships offered by JA Canada:

You can learn more about the application requirements here.

Deadline to Apply: Friday, March 19, 2021

Note: Where it says letter from JA Charter, you can request a letter directly from your JA Advisors since they have worked with you directly and can speak to your skills and talents.
Upcoming Deadlines for April

  • Friday, April 9 – CP Awards Due
  • Friday, April 16 – Final Attendance Due
  • Friday, April 23Commercial Contest, Final Shareholders’ Report and 2nd Fixed Cost Payment Due
  • Friday, April 30 – Advisor Recognition and Yearbook Form Due 

Student Engagement Ideas

We know that many of you are concerned with engagement in the program. We hear you! It's been a challenging year and we know that being virtual has added to the challenges. You're not alone!

Keep Going: Remember that you are part of a TEAM. Whether you are the president, an executive or hold another important role on the team, you have to work together and support each other. Don't let the responsibilities fall on one or a few members. The most successful teams are the teams that utilize the talents and skills of EVERY member on the team.

  • Speak up and ask for help from your teammates or offering your help to teammates
  • Check in on your teammates to see how they are doing and how you can support them
  • Ask each other how you want to contribute and what you want out of this experience
  • Give everyone the opportunity to take leadership over their role, tasks, responsibilities and keep each other accountable
  • Lead by example and encourage/motivate each other!

We've gathered a few tips (from YOU!) on how you're keeping the team focused and engaged:
  • Hosting game nights and other socials outside of weekly meetings (sometimes you just need a chance to hang out with your teammates to re-energize (helpful sites to try out: backyard.co or gather.town)
  • Setting a clear agenda before each meeting and letting everyone know what to expect; delegating sections to members on the team
  • Scheduling short icebreakers in the middle of the meeting to re-energize the team and get everyone back on track
  • Challenge and encourage your teammates to utilize the communication tools you have chosen (Slack, Discord, Instagram, etc.) - perhaps there is something to incentivize everyone (a weekly prize or challenge or a way of recognizing team members who are engaged)
  • Use breakouts whenever possible - members are more engaged in smaller groups
External Student Opportunities

We've added a section to the JA Central Ontario resource page where you will be able to find some external student opportunities offered by our partners and sponsors.

Head on over to learn more about some current opportunities offered by CPA Ontario!
Upcoming Dates

To view the full CP Calendar including upcoming deadlines, click here.

March 18 (4 to 6 p.m.)
Youth Entrepreneurs Showcase

March 18-25
People's Choice Award Voting Period

Friday, April 9
CP Awards Due

Friday, April 16
Final Attendance Due

Friday, April 23
Commercial Contest, Final Shareholders’ Report and 2nd Fixed Cost Payment Due

Friday, April 30
Advisor Recognition and Yearbook Form Due
Should you have questions or concerns regarding any of the above information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at companyprogram@jacentralontario.org

Thank you!

Lucia & Lesley
The Company Program Team
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