JA Inspire Virtual Career Speaker Series -Session #1

Welcome to the first session of our four part JA Inspire Career Speakers Series, presented by GM Lockport Operations. Each month throughout the spring, we will be sharing this newsletter with our middle school and high school level teachers so that you may incorporate these resources into your work and career readiness curriculum as you see fit. Perhaps this is something you share with students for those asynchronous learning days or something you use as a supplement to your existing curriculum and/or JA program. However you may choose to use it, the JA Inspire Career Speakers Series is designed to be flexible and convenient for you and your students.

Please take advantage of the videos put together by so many of our wonderful volunteers and community partners. In addition to these videos, we have also assembled our many different work and career readiness program options and supplements for your convenience.

If you have any questions or would like to explore our Work and Career Readiness Pathway options further for your students, please feel free to contact me anytime.

~Alycia Ivancie
Senior Education Manager
What IS JA Inspire Career Speakers Series?

Join us for a new kind of JA Inspire this year with the JA Inspire (Virtual) Career Speaker Series. Four sessions throughout the year focus on the 16 career clusters. Students can choose to participate in any or all of the sessions. Work and Career Readiness experience designed for students in grades middle and high school students.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to: 
• Recognize career clusters and potential job positions. 
• Understand the importance of researching the requirements needed to earn a position. 
• Implement job-hunting tools, such as networking, resumes, and interviewing skills. 
• Identify the next steps needed for success in their academic and career preparation and acknowledge the importance of decisions made in high school to be better prepared for a successful career path. 
• Communicate and interact with industry professionals. 
• Have a better understanding of their career interests, skills, and work priorities 
This Month's Career Clusters
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math 
Career Speaker Videos
Please see the links below to learn more about careers and industries from our local volunteers.
Architecture & Construction
Construction Exchange Buffalo Niagara
Hear from panelists representing different member companies of the Construction Exchange of Buffalo Niagara.

STEM & Manufacturing
General Motors
What is the latest innovations at GM and how do they plan to attract top tier talent? Watch the videos below to learn more!

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Buffalo Niagara International Trade Gateway Organization:
How do we get the things we need and want? Learn about all the jobs that happen "behind the scenes" as part of the supply chain.

STEM & Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
ACV Auctions
The 43North winner in 2015, ACV Auctions continues to grow in today's climate. Hear from one of their Founders, Joe Neiman in this Q&A.

Curriculum & Resources
JA Inspire Curriculum - JA Inspire helps launch students into their futures. The new self-guided curriculum provides students an independent learning experience. Students will engage in a series of interactive screencasts and fillable PDF activities. Educators introduce the curriculum assignments to students and provide opportunities for student reflection and discussion. The frequency of student-teacher engagement is flexible. Implementation can be accomplished whether students are in a remote, face-to-face, or hybrid learning environment
              Session One: Find Your Path
              Session Two: Explore Your Options
              Session Three: Present Yourself
              Session Four: JA Inspire
              Session Five: Build Your Network

Contact JA Staff to enroll your class in this curriculum.

JA Digital Career Book provides middle and high school students with an opportunity to engage in detailed career exploration.

Key Features of JA Digital Career Book Include:
  • This is a self-guided resource that can be used inside outside the classroom.
  • Comprehensive assessment of student interests, talents and potential
  • Define possible pathways in a career cluster that inform student career selection
  • Tips for resume building, post-secondary education and training requirements, guidance on paying for education and training & up to date career information
  • Students and Teachers can access JA Digital Career Book here: https://career.ja.org/

JA Connect Learning Pathways- as part of our Work and Career Readiness Pathway, is a flexible, modular repository of activities for students to access both in and out of their classroom.

Key Features of JA Connect Learning Pathways Include:
  • Self-guided activities aligned to reinforce and extend WCR content
  • Bite-sized learning activities averaging 5-10 minutes each
  • Highly interactive, easily accessible, and with varying levels of complexity
  • Content includes: Job Search, Interviewing, Choosing a Career, Searching for a Job, Teamwork and Collaboration, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Growth Mindset, Gig Economy and more!
  • Students and Teachers can access JA Connect Learning Pathways here: https://connect.ja.org

Teachers and students can self-register on either site or use the JA credentials already created (if applicable). Any questions, please contact Alycia Ivancie.
Coming Soon
*Career Clusters are subject to change*
Wednesday, February 24th
Business Management and Admin
Hospitality & Tourism
Wednesday, March 24th
Arts, AV, Technology & Communication
Information Technology
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Health Sciences
Wednesday, May 19th
Government & Public Administration
Law & Public Safety
Human Services
Education & Training
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