Educator Newsletter * October 2021
Thank you so much for participating in JA JobSpark 2021. We hope you and your students enjoyed the day and that each of you found it to be engaging, exciting and valuable. Your commitment to the curriculum and experience was incredible. Thank you for helping make another year of virtual a smooth experience for your students! Stay tuned for more details to come for JA JobSpark 2022.
JA JobSpark 2021:
More than 10,500 students virtually experienced over 400 activities, including pre-recorded videos, live sessions and resources for download. Industry Professionals form over 100 local businesses provided content for your students, encouraging them to consider all of the career pathways and jobs that are out there, the skills needed to have one of those jobs and perhaps helping to spark a new interest. We are still working on gathering data analytics from the event, but we know that we had nearly 300,000 views (clicks on activities) across all 8 clusters over the 2 days. Wow!

Stay tuned as we gather more data & analytics in the coming weeks. We can't wait to share more with you!
JA JobSpark Wrap-Up Video
Click HERE or on the video above to watch a JA JobSpark 2021 Wrap-Up video from our partners at Hirons.
Don't Forget: Session 4 & Survey
All of our classroom teachers should now be implementing the 4th and final session of the curriculum in the classroom (can be found online in the educator section of 

During this session, students will be reflecting on the JA JobSpark experience and creating a personal career goal. Your students are also asked to take the post-survey. This can be done by clicking directly on this link

We hope teachers continue to refer to the career assessments completed by the students in the first session as they consider the industries they enjoyed learning about through JA JobSpark. These assessments and their personal reflection from JA JobSpark will be helpful as they determine their courses for next year and the many pathways in which they may go in the future. Please continue to use the curriculum (Supplemental Resources can be also be found at provided throughout the year as it has additional activities and enhanced learning opportunities that you might not have had a chance to get to prior to attending JA JobSpark. 
Revisiting JA JobSpark 2021:
Students were able to navigate to each of the 8 clusters through the cards found on the "Home" page.
Within each cluster, students are able to click on three main areas of content: Career Paths, Live Sessions and Resources.
After clicking on Career Paths, students have the opportunity to visit whatever career path interests them the most. Within each career path are pre-recorded, on-demand videos highlighting that career.
All live sessions were held through Zoom (over 75 total!) These were incredibly popular again this year and students asked really thoughtful questions to our volunteers through the Q&A.
The Best Part? JA JobSpark Virtual Platform will remain online!
Students have the opportunity to log back in to the JA JobSpark Virtual Platform and view materials they may have missed during their session. We will also be adding the recordings of all live sessions during the 2-day event, and will put them in the appropriate clusters. Additionally, be sure to check out the "Resources" area within each cluster for even more exciting content!
Student Feedback
Before exiting the virtual JA JobSpark platform, your students were encouraged to complete the Win A Prize Survey so we could get a quick snapshot of their experience. We are excited to share the positive data from their responses, and great to see the equal amount of interest across all 8 industry clusters. We can't wait to share more information with you as we receive it!
Virtual JA JobSpark: Snapshot of Live Experiences
Health & Life Sciences Cluster: Respiratory Therapy: Breathing Life Into Healthcare
Government, Law & Public Services Cluster: Making a Living AND an Impact!
Technology Cluster: We're All Data Scientists
Finance Park Virtual - Spring Opportunity

  • Opportunity for your school to participate in February 2022
  • Builds upon what your students experienced at JA JobSpark and prepares them for life after high school!
  • Students will learn about budgeting and finance
  • 100% digital content
  • Self-guided lessons include videos, interactive presentations and fillable pdfs
  • A well-established program, aligned with state standards
  • Great resource for students and teachers
  • Stay tuned: more information available in January!
Thank you for helping your students ignite the spark!
Why JA? Because helping kids make the connection between what they learn in the classroom and future success is what we do.
For more information on JA JobSpark, please visit
or contact Molly (Grooms) Baines at