Educator Newsletter * October 2019
The 5th Annual JA JobSpark will take place on September 22-23, 2020 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds
Thank you for participating in JA JobSpark 2019!
An event of this magnitude is possible because of educator support with student preparation and on-site participation . You made a difference by being
part of this experience and we look forward to seeing you at JA JobSpark 2020!
2019 Highlights
  • 1,400 Volunteers
  • 150 Businesses
  • 10,700 Students
  • 8,000 Planning Hours
  • 69 Schools
  • 700 Educators
  • 8 Career Clusters
  • 200 Hands-On Experiences

Never underestimate the power unleashed by a single spark!
Survey Says...
At JA JobSpark, students are encouraged to visit 5 out of the 8 career clusters. Students are able to keep track of this on the passports worn during the event. Industry professionals initial each cluster after the students have completed a hands-on experience. The student survey on the back helps us gain some immediate feedback from the students following JA JobSpark. The data is in! Out of 1,968 completed surveys...

96% of students are more aware of career opportunities in their field of interest.

95% of students think it is important to start thinking about their career interests and goals in middle school.

98% of students enjoyed attending JA JobSpark.

96% of students learned something new at JA JobSpark.

*please stay tuned for official post-survey data- coming soon!*
JA JobSpark Curriculum: Lesson 4
Now that the JA JobSpark event is over, students should be completing Lesson 4 in their JA JobSpark Student Workbook. In Lesson 4, students will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience at JA JobSpark, and begin to create a post-secondary plan. Don't forget to go back and enjoy the Enhanced Learning Opportunities!

You can find the curriculum and additional materials available for download here. We hope that you utilize this curriculum and your JA JobSpark program books all year long as they are excellent resources for your students!

JA JobSpark 2019
Teacher Testimonials
"I think of the 4 years I have gone, this was by far the most engaging. I felt like the people there were actually student trained on how to engage them. It was great!"

"The most valuable part of the event was the opportunity students had to see all of the career clusters. Personally, I have an 8th grader who attended. JA JobSpark really got him excited about a couple of the career clusters. We have had great conversations about it as a result."

"The most valuable part of JA JobSpark was allowing the students to communicate with people in fields that they are interested in or maybe never even heard of. There’s nothing more exciting as an educator than to watch your students excitedly ask questions to complete strangers to learn more about their jobs because they’re fascinated by them."

"The most valuable part of JA JobSpark is just the sheer number of options that were available to explore- I think it is awesome for students to have their eyes opened to some of the many possibilities that are available to them."
When our young people know where they’re going, we all advance.
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