Educator Newsletter * Summer 2020
The 5th Annual JA JobSpark will be a VIRTUAL event on September 22-23, 2020
We know there is no substitute for hands-on activities and in-person conversations with our industry experts. However, we are excited to redefine and enhance JA JobSpark as an online experience that will be educational, engaging and fun for our students.
JA JobSpark Virtual Platform: Ignition
We are very excited to be working with Ignition as our partner for our new virtual platform for JA JobSpark 2020. Ignition is a creative & strategic agency specializing in design, management & delivery of exhibitions, events & experiences around the world. They have done an excellent job shifting their model to this new virtual world, and have helped us design a really neat & engaging 3D Experience of JA JobSpark. After learning about our event & receiving materials from past years at the Fairgrounds, the below sketches & models below give an idea of what the platform will look like. We can't wait for your students to see it!
Virtual Experiences
What does a virtual, redefined JA JobSpark look like? 

JA JobSpark will be redefined through the use of pre-recorded videos & demonstrations, LIVE videos & demonstrations, keynote panels, fun activities, and LIVE Q&A sessions with Industry Professionals. We are looking for a variety of options so students are able to have the opportunity to learn about in-demand careers and engage in meaningful conversations through this virtual platform. Teachers will be able to present in a class setting, or students can access through their own device. 

Although this event will be a one-way interaction as far as seeing students, live videos (and pre-recorded if moderated) can be very interactive with students answering polls and typing in the chat. Students will collect icons/badges as they complete viewing your videos that will display on the bottom of their screen to show their progress. We will be able to gather and analyze event data by school regarding what students watched, how long they were on, how they traveled through the clusters, etc., and will share a report of the data after the event.  

Here are a few examples of exciting experiences your students can expect:

  • Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Logistics
  • Video of the workings of a car dealership. Interviews and demonstration of employees that are Service Consultants, Automotive Technicians, Auto Body and Collision technicians, Estimators, and Parts technicians.Q&A to follow 
  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • American Dairy Association hosting a LIVE Virtual Farm Tour
  • Pre-recorded video and presentation on Historic Preservation of Cemetaries, and a video of a Mine Tour
  • There's A Pig In My Classroom STEM Research Experience 
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Live Panel with Women In Safety Excellence about the importance of safety on the job
  • Live Tour/Demo highlighting Interior Design
  • Business & Finance
  • Build Your Brand: Activity to help students understand the importance of company branding and logos, as well as the careers needed to support it (Graphic Design, Marketing, etc.)
  • Video about the Supply Chain Management program and potential careers at local Indianapolis companies
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Pre-recorded 3D video tour of State Flight medical helicopter with live Q&A afterwards
  • At-home or in class experiments worksheet: DNA extraction of a strawberry, making "snow," etc.
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Pre-recorded video highlighting the benefits of Music Therapy
  • Behind the scenes of jobs in the hotel industry
Meet our Summer Intern, Sam!
We so appreciate the work of our Summer Intern, Sam. He jumped right in and has been a tremendous help at Junior Achievement, specifically on the JA JobSpark team as we transition to a virtual event. He has helped us collect logos and career lists for the program, created post-event surveys, created newsletters, & so much more. We had a wonderful time celebrating Intern Day (Thursday July 30) with a staff zoom celebration! We can't thank him enough and are already sad to see him leave us in a couple short weeks to head back to IU Bloomington. Get to know Sam below!
•What I enjoy most about my internship with JA is the large variety of work I get to do and learn about. I also really enjoy knowing I am working for a good cause.

•Some connections I can make between this internship and what I’ve done in school are collaborating on projects, communicating effectively and adapting to new challenges.

•I am still exploring my future career plans and I am currently thinking about a potential career in marketing.

•Interning at JA has been really rewarding not just for all that I have been able to learn, but also for getting to help others and for all the great relationships I have forged.

Thank you, Sam!!
Virtual JA JobSpark School Kick-Off!
We are looking forward to our upcoming School Kick-Off date(s) to share our new curriculum with our educators & provide more information about this year's JA JobSpark! Please speak with your Building Coordinator or Principal for more information.
Revamped Curriculum
With the help of our amazing colleagues at Junior Achievement, we have revamped our In-School Curriculum Prior to and Post JA JobSpark to now be entirely online! We know the future of school looks different for many students & teachers, so we wanted to create an opportunity for students to access curriculum on our website. For those who have taught this curriculum in the past, it remains similar with a few exciting updates, as well as updated school standards. This curriculum will be available soon on the Curriculum page of our website. Stay tuned!!
JA Program Spotlight: My Career Journey
In JA My Career Journey, a virtual volunteer shares a video testimonial about his or her career journey highlighting their education background, interests, career, and work experiences. These videos cover career readiness concepts and are targeted for students in middle and high school. Please click on the link HERE if you are interested in getting the webpage link to these exciting career videos and curriculum or if you have questions and would like more information. A JA staff person would be happy to connect with you!  
Why JA? Because helping kids make the connection between what they learn in the classroom and future success is what we do.
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