Educator Newsletter * February 2022
The 7th Annual JA JobSpark will be held in person at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on September 20 & September 21, 2022.

JA JobSpark 2021
More than 10,500 students virtually experienced over 400 activities, including pre-recorded videos, live sessions and resources for download. Industry Professionals form over 100 local businesses provided content for your students, encouraging them to consider all of the career pathways and jobs that are out there, the skills needed to have one of those jobs and perhaps helping to spark a new interest. We had nearly 300,000 views (clicks on activities) across all 8 clusters over the 2 days. Wow!

JA JobSpark 2021 Highlights
Click HERE or on the video above to watch our JA JobSpark 2021 Highlights video!
JA JobSpark 2021 Survey Summary Report
JA JobSpark Celebration & 2022 Kick Off
Thank you to all of those who joined us for our JA JobSpark Celebration and 2022 Kickoff in January! We had over 200 attendees present on Zoom for our incredible Moderator & Panel, as well as an exciting performance from The Belzer Sound show choir. We ended the presentation with cluster breakout sessions to begin the planning for JA JobSpark 2022. We had 29 new members/companies join us and we can't wait for your students to see all we have in store this fall!

New/Potential New Companies:

Office of CTE Gov Workforce Cabinet
Textron Aviation
Selective Service
Carmel Center for Performing Arts
Capital Construction
Cyberian Technologies
Vincennes University
American Senior Communities
Purdue University
American Structure Point
Cluster Meetings
Our Cluster Co-Chairs and Cluster Members are hard at work preparing for our in-person JA JobSpark event this September! Here are a few photos from the cluster meetings:
Thank you for helping your students ignite the spark!
Why JA? Because helping kids make the connection between what they learn in the classroom and future success is what we do.
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