Volunteer Newsletter * April 2019
The 4th Annual JA JobSpark will take place on
September 24-25, 2019 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds
Thank you for volunteering at JA JobSpark 2018!
An event of this magnitude is possible because of volunteer support from
business and community partners. You made a difference by being
part of this experience and we look forward to seeing you at JA JobSpark 2019!
JA EduSpark Video
We are very excited to share our JA EduSpark Video! Thank you so much to our partners at Trendy Minds for helping us capture the new JA EduSpark Initiative!
JA EduSpark Industry Tour at Roche Indianapolis
We were so excited to offer our first JA EduSpark Industry Tour at  Roche Diagnostics USA on March 29. We enjoyed spending the day with Educators and Workforce Development Professionals from Indianapolis and surrounding counties while touring Roche’s facilities, and talking with Roche professionals about critical workforce needs and how to connect curriculum being delivered in the classroom to the real world of work.

JA EduSpark Industry Tours provide educators with experiential learning opportunities provided by employers to give short practical experiences in a specific industry. Educators will have the opportunity to connect the classroom to the workplace, through conversations with industry leaders and via direct experience at a job site. The educator will learn about trends, skills needed and future career opportunities in industries to enrich and strengthen instruction that will bring relevance to student learning.  #jaeduspark
"I went on JA's first EduSpark Tour . . . it was FANTASTIC! I mean, really amazing. We had several engaging opportunities, but I have to tell you the time I spent on the operations side learning about and watching the process of making AcuCheck Test strips for blood testing was incredible. We also learned about packaging, shipping, the impact on Indianapolis due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico since that is their other large factory, the design of the machines/robots/computer systems . . . so much education. Honestly, we have to find a way to get our Nanoline kids there. All of their machines/computers are encased in a way that you can see how most areas work. Absolutely incredible." -Pam Griffin, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning, Secondary, MSD Warren Township
Q&A with JA JobSpark Volunteers
Volunteer : Larry Sernyk
Company : Celebrate Science Indiana
Q: How long have you been volunteering for JA JobSpark?
A: I started as an Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Cluster member/exhibitor in 2016 and have been an AFN Cluster Co-chair in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019. I also continue to be part of my organization’s experience during the JA JobSpark event.

Q: What Cluster/Committees do you serve on for JA JobSpark?
A: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Cluster

Q: What is your favorite part about JA JobSpark?
A: Interacting with the students when they come to our cluster and participate in our experience. Also, sharing my career experiences with the students.

Q: Why do you volunteer with the JA JobSpark Initiative?
A: My career path was all but straight forward. I would have appreciated some exposure to options/guidance while I was in middle school. After I finally got to my final career as a plant scientist, I enjoyed every day of my working life as I was doing something that I really enjoyed doing. JA JobSpark offers grade 8 students an opportunity to be exposed to a range of career opportunities when they are deciding courses to take in High School to get them on a potential career path. I do STEM education outreach at many different events throughout the year and JA JobSpark offers a great opportunity to do this with a STEM career orientation.

Q: Why is your company involved in JA JobSpark?
A: The “organization” that I represent is Celebrate Science Indiana. It is an annual Science Festival held the first Saturday of October at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It is one of the two major events of the Science Education Foundation of Indiana. It is more of a family event. JA JobSpark allows my organization to get to a much broader range of students at a critical stage in their education (grade 8) than we would ever get to at Celebrate Science Indiana and help them understand that science can be fun and offer a broad range of exciting careers. We also invite the students at JA JobSpark to come with their families to Celebrate Science Indiana.
2019 Sponsors
Thank you so much to those who have already committed to a sponsorship for JA JobSpark 2019! Click here for more information on sponsorship opportunities.

Allied Automation- Bronze
Allison Transmission- Silver
Celebrate Science- Bronze
Community Health Network- Gold
Cook Regentec- Silver
Ed Martin- Gold
Eli Lilly and Company- Presenting
Franciscan Health- Silver
Gadellnet- Bronze
Gaylor Electric- Bronze
Health & Hospital Corporation- Bronze
Indiana Corn Marketing Council- Bronze
Indiana Soybean Alliance- Bronze
IKORCC- VIP Experience & Tour
IU Health- Diamond
Kronos- Bronze
Rehabilitation Hospital of IN- Bronze
Roche Indianapolis- JA EduSpark
Safety Management Group- Silver
St. Vincent- Bronze
Strada Education Network- Platinum
What would you like to see at JA JobSpark?
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Send their contact information to cindyk@jaindy.org and we'll get in touch!
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For more information on JA JobSpark, please visit www.jajobspark.org
or contact Molly Grooms at molly@jaindy.org
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