Volunteer Newsletter * March 2019
The 4th Annual JA JobSpark will take place on
September 24-25, 2019 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds
Thank you for volunteering at JA JobSpark 2018!
An event of this magnitude is possible because of volunteer support from
business and community partners. You made a difference by being
part of this experience and we look forward to seeing you at JA JobSpark 2019!
Survey Says...
What is the coolest thing you learned from going to JA JobSpark?
" The coolest thing I learned was how to invest my money, like investing in multiple things because if the thing you invested in, lets say Nike, the manufacturing building for the Nike products catches on fire. All of your investments go down. So its good to invest in multiple products. "
" I learned about the tools surgeons use when operating on the stomach, they have to use instruments that are minimally invasive so its easier to heal."

"I would have to say the coolest thing I did was extract strawberry DNA."
JA JobSpark Video
We are very excited to share our 2018 JA JobSpark Highlights Video! Thank you so much to our partners at Trendy Minds for helping us capture the impact JA JobSpark had on 9,600+ eighth graders this past September.
Cluster Planning Sessions
All 8 clusters are hard at work planning to make 2019 JA JobSpark bigger and better! The Technology cluster (below) had a great meeting in February in preparation for year four of #jajobsparkindy! We are excited to welcome new participating companies: Kronos Incorporated, App Press, Purdue Extension and GadellNet. The members are brainstorming new ideas for hands-on experiences to bring to the Fairgrounds in September. Thank you to Salesforce for hosting February's meeting!
Q&A with JA JobSpark Volunteers
Volunteer : Stephen Hopkins
Title : Sr. Associate- Base Support/Audit and Controls
Company : Eli Lilly and Company

Volunteer: Amber Dixon
Title: Talent Acquisition Partner
Company : OneAmerica
Q: How long have you been volunteering for JA JobSpark?
S: Since the first event!
A: Beginning of year one.

Q: What Cluster/Committees do you serve on for JA JobSpark?
S: Business & Finance Cluster Co-Chair and Venue, Volunteer, and Logistics.
A: Business & Finance Cluster Co-Chair.

Q: What is your favorite part about JA JobSpark?
S: Seeing the kids truly connect with a designed activity.
A: Watching the students faces when they understand a concept and how it relates back to their education.

Q: Why do you volunteer with the JA JobSpark Initiative?
S: Seeing 8th graders truly being able to connect cognitively and physically with what happens in a career path is the most rewarding feeling ever.
A: JA JobSpark allows students to engage with adults and local businesses to show the different career paths that they have and choose to have a better life for themselves.

Q: Why is your company involved in JA JobSpark?
S: My company makes efforts in the community a priority. They saw the value in JA JobSpark from day one, and Lilly has now expanded its involvement beyond volunteering to providing a matching grant for the program as well.
A: OneAmerica is involved to help shape the leaders of our future through JA's different K-12 programming.
What would you like to see at JA JobSpark?
Do you know of a new business that would be a great addition to JA JobSpark?
Send their contact information to cindyk@jaindy.org and we'll get in touch!
For more information on JA JobSpark, please visit www.jajobspark.org
or contact Molly Grooms at molly@jaindy.org
If you enjoyed volunteering for JA JobSpark, check out our other Junior Achievement volunteer opportunities! Email Sally@jaindy.org or Lacia@jaindy.org for more information.