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Members, please remember to enter your hours after each volunteer activity/event on Mobile Serve; for hours to be valid, you must get the hours signed off by a JAB leader or by [email protected].

Also, please make sure all your hours from August 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022, are in mobile serve by September 1, 2022, to be eligible to receive the Presidential Service Award. Click here to see how many hours you need for each award tier.
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How JAB Members spent their 2022 summer
Valentina Carvallo
Over the summer, Valentina attended a National dance competition called “National Dance Honors” in Austin, Texas. She took classes with highly recognized choreographers, participated in countless auditions, and participated in the national solo competition. She competed against dancers from around the country and won first place and a scholarship. At the end of the week, she was also chosen to tour with this dance competition assisting the choreographers all over the states. Congratulations Valentina!
Amogh Baranwal
Youth Advisor to the Foundation and the Chair
Amogh has been attending Brown University's prestigious Leadership Institute for the last few weeks. He had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who are just as passionate about issues, such as racial justice, educational access, gender equity, and malnutrition, as he is. He spent his days delving into compelling discussions about intercultural communication, grappling with his peers and instructors to help solve complex problems, and brainstorming possible solutions for those issues. Amogh practiced a collaborative leadership model, honing in and advancing his active listening, public speaking, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills. Using the knowledge gained, with the help of his peers and instructors, he was able to develop an action plan regarding cultural incompetence present in healthcare, which he is actively working on implementing in the community. Outside the classroom, Amogh experienced what life might be like at an Ivy League campus, from eating in the dining halls and having a roommate while living in the dorms to hanging out with friends till late hours. Amogh was surprised with his experience, as he said it was not only exciting but also enriching, and he cherishes his lifelong memories. 
Sydney Bianco
JAB Member
This summer, Sydney interned at the Community Foundation of Broward for five weeks. Similar to the work we do at Joshua’s Heart, the foundation is committed to helping those with food insecurity in the South Florida area. During her internship, she spearheaded a school supplies fundraiser for United Way. With this internship experience, she gained many valuable skills and insights that will help her in her future professional career.
Aaskah Suresh
This summer at Florida International University, Aakash was offered the opportunity to participate in an internship in the Machine Learning and Data Analytics Department. During the internship, he was tasked with executing a research paper that classified breast cancer subtypes that would be published. Aakash and his partner made significant progress toward creating an artificial intelligence that could classify breast cancer subtypes for patients diagnosed with this condition. This will help to speed up a process that usually takes weeks to catch and will take data from given hospitals and classify the subtypes for the patients. Aakash was so grateful for this eye-opening experience through constant work and research of breast cancer patients. It challenged him and opened his eyes to the difficulty patients live under. This internship was indeed a highlight of Aakash’s summer.
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