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Welcome to a New School Year
Serving 3,200 students through 56 programs in 43 high schools statewide
JAG Nevada is excited to kick off their 6 th school year after having achieved the best outcomes yet with the JAG Nevada Class of 2018 (the most recent class to complete the 12 month follow up period). We are in the process of sharing outcomes with principals and superintendents across the state and will unveil our outcomes to the community later this month. A sneak peek? We achieved a 97% graduation rate – and that is just the beginning!

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Thank You Cox Charities
Helping us move the future of Nevada forward
We are excited to announce that Cox Charities has awarded JAG Nevada with funding to provide tutoring support as students work towards graduation.  

The JAG Nevada program is presented as an elective credit course so students attend the class as part of their school day. Tutoring is provided during the class as many of those we serve cannot arrive early to school or stay late. This is just one feature that sets JAG Nevada apart from other graduation support programs.

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JAG Graduates Featured
Providing valuable insight
Check out JAG Nevada graduates that were the featured speakers at the August TESTBED.VEGAS meeting: JAG Nevada Graduate Panel.  Luis, Maritza and Rene shared their thoughts about travel and hospitality innovation with an engaged group of industry professionals. 

This is the type of opportunity that we strive to provide to the youth we serve - please contact us at info@jagnv.org if your group would like to hear the perspective of Nevada youth!
Adopt a Leader
You can shape the future of our state
The National Student Leadership Academy is an annual conference in Washington DC that provides the opportunity for JAG students to compete, learn and network with mentors and peers from across the country. For many, this is the first time on an airplane or traveling outside of the state.

Will you please consider ‘adopting a future leader’ and impact their success? Your donation in any amount helps cover the $1,500 cost to send a student to NSLA and all donors will have the option to participate in the selection of students that attend.