January 10, 2019
JAG Nevada
4 Things to Know
1. Meet Haunani: An Inspiring Young Woman's Story of Strength and Hope!
My name is Haunani which means Beautiful Snow in Hawaiian. My twin sister, Kaunani, was born one minute before me. The fact that two beautiful baby girls were born healthy was a miracle. You see, we were free of the disease that our Mother carried--HIV.

HIV/AIDS consumed our birth mother who was not the best role model. I spent the first three years with her before she passed away. My mom’s family didn’t want me or my sister. This has been very painful, and the omnipresent feeling of abandonment followed me throughout my childhood.

Then one day, I evaluated my situation in life. I figured that I went through all those trials and challenges for a reason. And even though I can’t change the past situation, I knew that I could change someone else’s situation in life. This is where my journey began. I had chosen success as my goal.

As I worked to achieve this goal, I chose to participate in the JAG program at my high school because I had heard many success stories. I really like how JAG helps and encourages students to graduate and succeed in their goals. I know for a fact that the fundamentals that JAG teaches will improve my performance in the future.

I have chosen to go to college in New Zealand because it is less expensive than in the United States, and because a Bachelor’s Degree can be completed in 3 years. The faster I can acquire a degree, the faster I can join the Peace Corps and make a difference in other people’s lives. Whether it’s building houses in Ethiopia, or teaching children to read English in Sudan, I know that I will make a difference.
2. JAG's Career Clothing Drive A Great Opportunity to Give Back to Youth!
3. Meet JAG Nevada's Newest Team Members: Eric and Mike in Reno

Eric Ruud, Director of Business Development, Reno Office
Mike Smith, Education to Employment (E2E) Facilitator, Reno Office

Meet Eric Ruud and Mike Smith. They are the two newest staff members of the JAG Management Team who have joined us in the Reno Office.

Eric is JAG's new Director of Business Development whose charge is to build partnerships with businesses, schools and elected officials in the Western Nevada Region. To say Eric's background is eclectic and interesting is to understate his background. Eric is a geologist by training who has done everything from working at mining companies to helping set up Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. If you want to know how to move a Boeing 747 into the middle of the desert, Eric is the man you should talk to!

Mike Smith has had extensive experience in business and education. He is also a talented musician who plays jazz on the weekends around Reno. He is JAG's E2E Facilitator in Reno. His office is embedded in the CTE/Signature Academies Office with Dr. Dana Ryan, and Mike is helping provide more CTE opportunities to JAG students and ensuring that CTE students with challenges can receive JAG service. His main charge is to help seniors and students in follow up to find their highest outcome after graduation. Mike is working with employers, colleges and directly with students to help JAG graduates enter high demand jobs in key industries, and we are excited and fortunate to have him join the JAG team!

4. Pioneer JAG Students Make Holiday Cards for Senior Citizens

Pioneer High School Specialist Chyanne Corley with her students posing for a holiday pic during a brak from making holiday cards.
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Please consider JAG Nevada as you make investments in your favorite charities. When you invest in JAG, you are investing in students who have overcome barriers and are changing their lives for the better. Empowered by their Specialists and the JAG team, students develop their talent to become college and career ready.
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Mission : Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates Inc. strives to graduate every student entrusted in our care from high school and set them on a path to higher education, a career or both.

Vision : Graduate every student, career and job ready.

With a 94% graduation rate and 35 years of proven success in schools nationwide, the JAG model is highly effective in preparing Nevada’s future workforce with the workplace skills students need and employers seek. The JAG model combines elective credit, employment readiness, student-led career associations, supportive services and, most importantly, a caring adult who spends over 120 hours with each and every JAG student. JAG students attend JAG classes every day like they do their other classes, and build close relationships with each other and with their JAG Specialist. These relationships cannot be built after school or on weekends; these relationships are built one-on-one, day in and day out, as students come to trust their Specialist as a caring adult and mentor who is present in their life. JAG begins in the sophomore year and follows until one year after graduation from high school, ensuring that students not only graduate, but also have found a career pathway into a better future.

JAG Nevada partners with public education and private businesses to develop high school students via education and skills training into the talent employers want to hire, thus ensuring better lives for students and their families, and creating a brighter future for Nevada. JAG Nevada was launched by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in bipartisan partnership with the Nevada State Legislature to help increase Nevada’s high school graduation rates and youth employment. 

The JAG Multi-Year Program is a highly effective, data-driven model that raises graduation rates and prepares participants by honing their work-readiness skills. JAG students graduate at higher rates than their peers and are exceptionally prepared with a toolbox of workplace skills that lead to success at work, in post-secondary education and/or the military.  www.jagnv.org
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