Happy Winter!

If you are in one of the colder parts of the country, the Winter is a great time to organize your traffic counter inventory, consider what you might need for the busy Spring season and to brush up on the happenings in our industry.
Philadelphia Eagles: America's Team?
Some of you may have heard there is a pretty big football game happening this weekend. JAMAR's home team has a chance to win it all! If anyone has any thoughts, comments or predictions, send them to: brendan@jamartech.com.
*But let's keep it clean people!
Stocked and Loaded
The JAMAR warehouse is stocked up and ready to go. Beat the rush...call today to order your accessories!
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Technical Papers
JAMAR has put together some information based on common questions we receive. These three were written by Brendan Thompson.

Speaking of...Brendan...
He is our first employee to take part in our new "Speaking of..." series, where we will spotlight members of our team. Many of you already know Brendan, as he has represented JAMAR at various meetings, conferences and training sessions. Brendan is always happy to help JAMAR customers however he can. Read his bio to learn more.
The FHWA has a really cool, and free, online tool to help agencies set appropriate speed limits. It just asks the user a few simple questions, many of which can be answered with data collected with a JAMAR traffic counter, and it then provides very useful speed limit information.

´╗┐Distance Measuring Instruments
JAMAR is the industry standard in DMI equipment . Road Inventories, Surveying, Mapping/Staking, Planning, Fault Locations, Maintenance, And More.
TRB 2018
Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at the TRB 2018 Conference in Washington DC! It is always a fun time to meet and catch up with our customers from around the world! We had our full line of products on display. If you missed us, you can see everything on jamartech.com.
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