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"Well, Mother Nature had her way a few times during the festival, but we still managed to have some incredible music and a great time to meet friends and spend time with those who appreciate jazz as much as JAMM members do!"

Still lots of live jazz left this summer, like Music in the Garden (see gig list below). Stay tuned here to keep yourselves updated!
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Music in the Garden: Spartan Jazz
June 26

Lansing Concert Band Big Band
June 28

Paul Keller Orchestra
July 2

Jazz Tuesdays at Moriarty's with Jeff Shoup*

Wednesday Jazz night at Tavern and Tap
John Patrick Peters Band*

Jazz Thursdays at UrbanBeat
Owner, Terry Terry*

Lily Pearl's Lounge at Lula's Louisiana Cookhouse

Jim Stone's Big Band Swing: Radio and Internet
Saturday, Sunday and repeated online

Randissimo’s Sunday Jazz Jam with Randy Scott Marsh

Mike Stratton's* Vinyl Side of Midnight Radio Show
Sundays and syndicated online on other days


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Today's Jazz Birthday
Milton John "Milt" Hinton (June 23, 1910 – December 19, 2000), regarded as the Dean of jazz bass players, was an American double bassist and photographer.
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