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(1) Edgar Alan Poe and "Ouida". Izbrannye razskazy. Two stories by Poe, "William Wilson" (1839) and "The Oval Portrait" (1842) along with "A Rainy June" (1885) by Ouida, pseudonym for the English novelist Maria Louise Ram´┐Ż. 


Probuzhdenie. [no place]. 1912. 63 pages. 4-1/2" x 7. $200.

(2) Serge de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe. Promotional program for "A Tour of America" October, 1916 to February, 1917". Presents dramatic full-page photos of the principal dancers... Bolm, Lopkova, Nijinsky and Revalles, a two page spread in color of Bakst's set design for "Afternoon of a Faun" and a full page drawing of Nijinsky by Bakst, in color, reproduced on the inside back cover. 22 pages. 6" x 9". $450.

This program was printed for the Valencia Theater, Oakland CA performances in January 1917 and also comes with the printed ticket order form and performance details.


(3) N. Evreinov. Teatr kak takovoi. Theater As Such. Cover graphic and internal drawings by A. Arnshtam. Academia. Berlin. 1923. 

116 pages. 7" x 9-1/2". $350.


(4) M. Rogov. Lenin. Memorial booklet. Cover design and internal illustrations by N. Dutov. Biography with photos and illustrations of Lenin's life including his funeral. Molodogo Lenintsa. Moscow. 1924.

70 pages. 6" x 8-3/4". $150.


(5) L. Zavadovsky. Koren'Rasskaz. Root. A Story. Nedra. Moscow. 1925.

31 pages. 5" x 7". $40.

(6) A. Shlikhter. Il'ich. Kakim ia ego znal. [Lenin]. As I Knew Him. From Meetings and Memory. Cover drawing by Adolphe Strakhov (Ukrainian born sculptor and graphic artist). Gosizdat Ukrainy. Kharkov. 1925. 

95 pages, 6" x 9". $180.


(7) Boris Sokolov. Skaziteli. Storytellers. Gosizdat. Moscow. Circa 1925. Full page woodcut reproductions of Pavlinov's 1916 portraits of Maria Dimitrievna Krivopol'nova and Trofim Grigor'evich Riabinin, two peasants famous for their folklore, songs and fairy tales.

128 pages. 4-1/2" x 6". $200.


(8) [G. Grosz and V. Herzfelde]. Iskusstvo v opasnosti. Art is in Danger. 3 articles. Gosizdat. Moscow-Leningrad. 1926. Paper chip in upper left corner of cover. 48 pages. 5-1/2" x 7-3/4". Russian language version. $150.

This manifesto written by Wieland Herzfelde and George Grosz exposes their rebellion against art institutions and institutional art, declaring it irrelevant. Grosz declares his new direction in art, stating his new audience is the common man.



(9) Khudozhestvennaia literatura. Katalog knig. Gosizdat. Moscow-Leningrad. 1927. Useful catalog of all artistic literary books published (or reprinted from earlier editions) by Gosizdat in the early to mid-1920s 

124 pages. 5" x 7-3/4". $125.

(10) Three small literary booklets published in 1928 by the All-Union Textile Workers. Each booklet measures 4-1/4" x 6". $240 for the three.

(11) Mezhduharodnyi zhilishchnyi kongress v Parizhe. 1928. International Housing Congress in Paris. K. Popov-Sibiriak. Mossoveta. Moscow. Book design, layout and front cover by V. Elkin. Photos of the exhibition.

48 pages. 6" x 9". 1928. $350.



(12) Khudozhestvennaia literatura. Katalog knig. Catalog of belle-letters published in 1929 by Vremia. Frontispiece designed by S. Chekhonin. Leningrad. 1929. 

60 pages. 5-1/4" x 7-1/2". $60.

(13) M.V. Baranovskaia. Sovremennye Sotsial demokraty. Contemporary Social Democrats. Gosizdat. Moscow-Leningrad. 1929.

88 pages. 4-1/2" x 6-3/4". $50.

(14) Doktor A.G. Kapralov. Religioznye predrassudki i edorov'e. Religious Prejudices and Health. Priboi. Leningrad. 1929.

52 pages. 4-1/2" x 6-1/2". $200.


(15) A. Lezhnev. Razgovor v serdtsakh. Frank Conversation. Literary questions and critiques. Cover graphic by Boris Titov. Federatsiia. Moscow. 1930.   
256 pages. 6" x 8-1/4". $200.


(16) Ukazatel' literatury po Russkoi. Zhivopisi, skul'pture i grafike. 18-20 veka. Index of literature in Russian on Paintings, Sculptures and Graphics in the State Tret'iakov Gallery. Moscow. 1931. $150.
Useful reference with 115 listings. 46 pages. 5 x 6-1/2".

(17) K.A. Zelenina. Massimo Kampil'i. Massimo Campigli. Italian painter and journalist. Woodcut cover illustration by N. Sheverdiaeva. Ogiz-izogiz. Moscow-Leningrad. 1931. 48 pages. 5" x 7". $175.

21 black and white illustrations of Campigli's paintings. Text in Russian with French summary.

(18) V. Mayakovsky. Gotov'sia tsel'sia! Get Ready! Aim! Book of Mayakovsky's poetry. Cover design by Mayakovsky. Forward by F. Kon. Massovaia biblioteka GIKhL. Moscow-Leningrad. 1931. 

60 pages. 4-3/8" x 6-1/2". $200. 

(19) N. Miasnikov. Sotsialisticheskie sovmestiteli. Socialist Pluralists. Essay. OGIZ-Priboi. 1931.

16 pages. 4-1/2" x 6-1/2". $40.

(20) Ch. Resh and A. Uislou. Chto kak sdelano. What's Being Made. "Modern Aladdine and Their Magic". 3 photos from "USSR in Construction", Posrednik. Moscow. 1931.

180 pages. 6" x 8-1/4". $60. 


(21) Ia. Leshchinsky. Izo i foto v zavodskoi gazete. Printing press illustrations and photos. Numerous cartoons and some photos. Ogiz-Izogiz. Moscow-Leningrad 1932. 

142 pages. 5" x 6-3/4". $200.

(22) A.D. Chegodaev. Knizhnaia i stankovaia grafika za 15 let. Fifteen Years of Drawings and Book Art.

Biblioteka zhurnala iskusstvo. Ogiz-Izogiz. 1933. Thirty-one black and white illustrations by "name" artists: Konashevich, Kravchenko, Tyrsa, Lebedev, Favorsky, Shterenberg, Pimenov, Deineka, among others. 

127 pages. 4" x 5". $140.

(23) Mastera sovremennoi zhivopisi. Masters of Contemporary Painting [series]. Pablo Pikasso. Covers by S. Bershadsky. Text by N. Iavorskaia.

Thirty black and white reproductions of his paintings from 1895 to 1932. Two page bibliography. Has rare printed tissue protector of printed paper wraps.

42 pages of text, 5-1/8" x 7-1/8". Ogiz-Izogiz. Moscow. 1933. $275.

(24) Teatr detskoi knigi. "The States Theater of the Child's Book". Imeni A.B. Khaltov. Moscow, 1934. Many black and white photos of puppets, staging, theater posters and costumes including a tipped-in portrait of Khaltov. Three color plates tipped-in. Informative text.

143 pages. 7" x 8". $450.


(25) N. Mikhel'son and P. Gul'kovsky.
Udarnaia massovka. Book with photos about shockworkers and their groups.

Leningradskoe oblastnoe izdatel'stvo. 1932.

64 pages. 5" x 7". $150.

(26) F. Glinke. Proletarii vinostrannom legione. Proletariats in the Foreign Legion. Molodaia gvardiia. Moscow. 1932. Constructivist design paper covers. 

144 pages. 5" x 7-1/2". $140.

(27) 15 let Leningskogo raiona g. Moskvy. 15 Years of the Lenin District in Moscow. Collection of essays with photos of factory work in Moscow. 

136 pages. 6" x 9". 1932. $75.


(28) Ilya Ehrenburg. Khleb nash nasushchnyi. Our Daily Bread. Sovetskaia literature. Moscow. 1933. 
Rare Ehrenburg title. 78 pages. 5" x 7". $125.

(29) Das Moskauer Theater fur Kinder. Verlagsgenossenschaft Ausl´┐Żndischer Arbeiter in der UdSSR.
Moscow-Leningrad. Circa 1934. German text, illustrated with many photos (on every page... some by Friedland and Shaikhet) of play productions, rehearsals, theatre exercises, audience reactions and the theatre's principals. 95 pages. 10" x 6"-3/4". $250.

(30) O zhivopisi, plakate i skul'ture za XV let. Sbornik statei.
About Painting, Posters and Sculpture for 15 Years. Articles by Arkad'ev, Bubnov, Bukharin, Dinamov, Malkin, Matsa and Efros. 2 plates: Andreev's sculpture of Lenin and Gerasimov's painting of Stalin. 

Vsekokhudozhnik. Moscow. 1934. 80 pages. 5" x 7". $80.

(31) Zh. Berr and L. Verneil'. Dobrodetel' torzhestvuet (moe prestuplenie). Virtue Triumphs. My Crime. Comedy in 3 acts and 7 scenes. Tsedram. Moscow. 1935. 94 pages. 5" x 7". $75.

This play was translated from the French by V.I. Blium and M. Levin. It was performed in Paris in 1934.

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