Even youths will faint and be weary, and the young will fall exhausted; but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.
-Isaiah 40:30-31

As I begin my seventh year with you, (yes – seven!) I want to thank you for your kindness and support, and for all that you’ve done to make Christ Lutheran a thriving missional community. I know that some of you have memories of a different time here. But, that’s a different time with different challenges and concerns. This is now and the work that God began here fifty-four years ago is far, far from over. 

I’m aware that for those who’ve been active here the longest, weariness comes. I feel it as well. You should know that your presence and your willingness to serve throughout your years is a gift, as well as an example for those who are now ‘coming of age’ in their roles as leaders at Christ Lutheran. We need you now more than ever, because we need them to learn from you and to catch the love you have for our life together at Christ Lutheran, through your love for and faith in Jesus Christ. 

There is still much to do and who knows what 2019 will bring. So, for those who are new to CLC – Welcome. We’re excited to have you here and you’re needed. For those who haven’t been here for a while.. What are you waiting for? Come Home! For those who’ve been here a while, well, you’re work is not finished yet, Thanks be to God! 
Blessings and Happy New Year,
Pastor Mark

  • Minutes from January 28, 2018 congregation meeting were approved by voice vote.
  • New Council members added in 2018: Derrell Krebs (as replacement for Stephanie Fairman) and Vicki Morgan (as new member on expanded Council to ensure quorum at meetings) were approved by acclamation.
  • Nominations of Kyle Branham and Kim Applewhite were approved and they were elected as incoming CLC Council members by acclamation.
  • Nominations of Lisa Wellman and Philip Zander were approved and they were elected to CLC Foundation Board by acclamation.
  • New Day School Board members added in 2018: Eddy Jezisek and Mark Boeker were approved by acclamation (2 additional Board positions were added to allow one year term overlap and experience).
  • Nominations of Connie Cadenhead and Debbie Groves were approved and they were elected as incoming CLDS Board members by acclamation.
  • Discussed possibility of having outgoing Council, Day School Board, and Foundation Board members serve as the congregation nominating committee for the following year. Motion passed to defer membership of congregation nominating committee until constitutional update is approved by congregation.
  • Synod Assembly will be May 16-18, 2019, in Houston; this meeting will include Bishop election. Stephen and Misty Johnson volunteered to attend; They were approved by acclamation.
  • 2019 Proposed Budget of $391,672 was presented. This represents a 1.5% increase over 2018. Motion to approve budget passed.
  • Budget points of interest discussed were: Worship media will be more clearly defined so that some funds can be placed toward Marketing; added funding to Stewardship; increased focus on Youth Ministry to ensure all youth who desire to attend events will be able to attend by addressing financial barriers; all staff received cost of living raise; Pastor Walt is retiring as Visitation Pastor at the end of the year; New Tech Assistant position is being created to assist Pastor Mark with technical duties as he assumes visitation pastor role; a portion of Building & Grounds Repairs-Miscellaneous funds will be split into line items for roofing, A/C, and building safety.

  • Minutes and Financial Report: Received and approved. Income is below budget; envelope giving is 5% below budget.
  • Youth and Family Ministry: No Christmas        program this year-instead there will be an Epiphany program Jan.6; Night In Bethlehem had 75 families in attendance. Thank you to all who participated in the Silent Auction benefiting youth activities.
  • Christ Lutheran Day School: Continuing to investigate storage area at the south end of the Day School.
  • Christ Lutheran Troop and Pack 277: Re-charter was completed in December with 25 boy scouts and 28 cub scouts. Pastor Groves serves as Executive of the Charter Don Langley is the Charter Organization Representative. Council voted to affirm the signing of the charter for a female troop if needed.
  • Building and Grounds: Old paint and spackling of the damaged areas in the narthex classroom and in the narthex have been completed; several repair items at the Day School have also been completed.
  • Hospitality Team: The team is looking at hosting an appreciation luncheon for Pastor Walt and the Companions in Christ volunteers in early Spring.
  • Mission Board: Congregation has funded 15 wells, but an anonymous doner has donated an additional 3 wells for a total of 18 wells. 6 wells were donated during 2018. Sunday, January 13 a representative from Water to Thrive will be at worship to receive a ceremonial check.
  • Pastor’s Report: Pastor will attend the Tri-Theological Conference in Galveston Jan.28-30.
  • Old Business: Approved the change to the Constitution C10.04 to read, “a quorum will consist of 50 voting members or 15% of total voting members, whichever is less.” Council will set date for special called meeting for the congregation to approve the constitution change at another meeting.
  • Copier contract: CLC will retain current contract thru October 2019. 
  • Dietrich CD will be merged into Mission Endowment Fund; Received gift from Neumann Estate.
  • Currently looking for off-site data storage for office files.
You Dig Wells...and in 2018 this congregation dug six wells with our partner, Water To Thrive. Together we raised more than $15,000 . A generous anonymous gift by a member of $15,000 to the Water Well project means we will fund SIX Water Wells in 2018.                                              
On Sunday, January 13th, a member of the Water To Thrive team will be at Christ Lutheran to receive the ceremonial Giant Check and offer a brief overview of the Water To Thrive story directly after worship. Please join us and celebrate the gift of safe, clean water for thousands of people who have been without that basic need for so long.
WOMENS BIBLE STUDY                                             
Tues., January 8 @ noon.
We continue our study of women of the Bible. This month we will study Ruth and Naomi. Come join us! 
Celebrating Arnold Knuppel’s 90th Birthday
January 12 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Fellowship Hall @ Christ Lutheran Church
Come & Go (No gifts please)
Grounds Committee #2 (James Morgan, Ronnie Lueckemeyer, Eric Winkler, Todd Hertel) will be maintaining the routine tasks of the church during January.
Please visit the Heartline desk and sign-up to help with recycling this year. This is a wonderful opportunity to help out the Church and Day School with recycling. Need a volunteer for January. Thank you Johnnie Jankowiak for volunteering in Decembe r. 
Reminder - Please pick-up your 2019 Offering Envelopes
from the table in the Narthex.
The 2019 Flower Chart will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway. You are welcome to sign up for flowers in 2019.
Bread Partners of Washington County
Pack and Troop 577 will be collecting food for the annual 'Scouting for Food' campaign from Saturday, January 26 through Sat., February 2. Nonperishable food donations brought to the church during this time will be counted into our collection total. We will also celebrate Scout Sunday on February 3. Thank you CLC for your continued support!
Christ Lutheran Day School
The Three Camels
Sunday January 6 during worship
Presented by CLC Youth and Family Ministry
Rehearsal: Saturday, January 5 10:00 am 

Children’s Ministry
Wednesday - 4-5:30 pm (6th gr. January 9)
NO Confirmation January 2

Epiphany Program - The Three Camels :
Sunday, January 6, 9:15 am (during worship)
Rehearsals - Wednesday, January 2, 6:30 pm (Wiggle & Worship)
Saturday, January 5, 10:00 am

Youth Connect : (6-12 Grade)
January 6 - 5-7 pm
January 13- 5-7 pm
January 20 - 5-7pm
Our Christ Family: Janie Branham, Jeri Bentke , Patt Crabtree, Sterling Crabtree, Verna Mae Druckhammer, Shannon Heller, Laverna Jacob, Parker Kenjura, Nathalie Luedke, Laura Metheny, Kay Roberts, Allen & Jeanie Stepan, Dorothy Ziese 

Personal Concerns : Roy Acebo, Rafe Alba, Steven Arndt, Ms. Amanda, Dr. Frank Baker, Marilyn Barrera, Betty Bryant, Dane Bybee, Bill Clanahan, Lyrik Campbell, Nichole Carr, John Cozad, LeAnna Cook, Betty Crain, A‘vahlynn Cuellar, Ms. Curry, Gary Devlin, Andrew Dietz, John Dietz, Scooter Dillard, Allen Gene Eckermann, Isabella Edmondson, John Exter, Jr., Angela Gentry, Robert Grunder, Teresa Gutierrez, Carol and John Haarmeyer, Beatrice Helwig, Michael Hendricks, Cris Hernandez, Jamie Hobson, JoAnn Hundemer, Bubba Jurries, Lori Johnson, Donna and Jeff Kaltwasser, Mark Kettler, Amber Kirschke, Harry Kluttz, Trey Kohn, J. Frank Lamp III, Tom Lanningham‘s wife, McKenzie LaSagna, David Lawrence, Larry Lischka, Dennie Marek, Tim Massa, Allene Machet, Frances Merkel, Lee Metheny, Terry Mitchell, Kenneth Morgan, Eric Morris, Shirley Mueller ( Renee‘s mother), Traellan Nickerson, David Nagy, Naomi Naper, Megan Neiseg, Roy Norsworthy, Michael Parker, Ralph Parker, Lynnet and Barry Pettepher, James Peterson, Courtney Petty, Charlie Pyle, Lucas Paul, Rita Perkins, Donna & Marshall Paulk, Gloria Rippenhagen, Romeo and Janet Robles, Jennifer Rossi, Matthew Rotter, Hunter Schaper, Elmer Schultz, Amanda Sebastian, Theresa Smith, Erin Stavros, Noelle Stokes, Wade Thoron, Renee Turner, Ginger Vaudrey, James Vaughn, Brian White, Joy Wright, Dave Zaharis, Ileene Zander, Ed Zelenka, Kassey, Emma and Madi 

Military Service: Kyle Babbitt, David Crabtree, Spenser Ganske, Danny Hart, Johnathon LeBoeuf
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