Choosing Joy and Abundance in 2015

I am not one for traditional New Year's Resolutions. So many times they come from a place of depletion, fear, shame or lack....for instance "I need to  lose 10 pounds, I look terrible".....or "I need to find a man, I am so lonely"....or, the common, "I am lazy,  and I need to get my act together and make more money." It may be subtle, but these statements, albeit focused on a positive outcome, are coming from a very negative place. That dark place within us where we actually believe we are not enough.

But that is just a narrative. Maybe it is one that is familiar, but we can choose another. We are all enough. So, this year, I am choosing to manifest joy and abundance in my life, not from lack, but rather, from love. 

For example, "I love my life, I would like to bring in more of this good thing into it."

"I am happy when I am traveling and meeting new people, so I would like to take a special trip this year."

"I feel really good after a yoga and meditation class, so I would like to make more time for weekly classes in my schedule."

It may seem nuanced, but like all in yoga, it is about the intention...the intention behind the pose, the intention behind the practice, the intention behind the statement.  Where does my thought originate? From fear? From shame? Or from self-love?

This is not something that can be easily seen. It takes clearing, observing and witnessing, without judgement or criticism. I have noticed that when my intention is to bring more joy and love into my life, the universe usually lines up to support that choice. Sometimes, it almost seems like magic! But really, it's just living honestly and truthfully, from a place filled with love and joy, cultivated through reflection, work and practice. 

When the numbers are added in "2015", they equal 8 - The sign of infinity and infinite possibilities. Wishing you love, joy and infinite abundance in the new get out there and find your own magic!!

With gratitude and love,

Natalie & The Firefly Team

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Please take note...

January Schedule Updates
  • Wednesday Night Classes...start 15 min earlier! -- Please note that the Wednesday evening classes now start at 5:45 PM and 7:15 PM, getting you home just a little bit earlier :)
  • Prenatal Yoga - Christa Eastgate is the new instructor on Saturdays at 11am! Same time and day. Download the flyer here.
  • Yoga Fusion - Please note that we no longer include fitness/resistance bands with this class on Tuesday nights at 6pm.  It still is "fitness focused", with great music and many laughs...thanks to the lovely Nicole.
  • Get to know our teachers! At Firefly, we believe it is our teaching community that makes us unique.  Made up of many advanced, and expert level instructors, the team at Firefly brings to you a variety of yoga and meditation styles and traditions. Click here to read more about our team.

WINTER SPECIAL: Save 20% on 2-Month Class Pass! 


magical hand conceptual image with sparkles on colour background 

Beginning 1/1 through 2/15, you can purchase a 2-Month Unlimited Class pass for just $160! That's just $80/month, and a savings of over 20%.  We hope that you will find more time during the winter months for your practice, creating your own sunshine, while the studio is warm and cozy.  We hope that you will also try some new classes and expand your practice with us.

 Thank you for your continued support, and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


*Offer expires on 2/15/15. Good for 60 days of unlimited classes. 


January Specials Classes & Events

Our website is now up to date with all of the upcoming workshops and events! 

Visit the links below to download more details or to add an event to your calendar.


Slow Chakra Flow & Meditation 


Date:   Wednesday Evenings (Continues January 7, at 7:15 PM)

Time:  7:30 - 8:45 PM 
Instructor:   Natalie DiMambro, ERYT
This week, the 4th Chakra!

What is it that makes yoga so much more than a stretching or aerobics class? Why is it that some poses give me an emotional release? Why do I prefer some styles of yoga versus others? 

If you are seeking the answers to these questions and more, this may be the class for you. Please join Natalie for this exploration of the Chakras (the body's energy system) through yoga poses, breath work and meditation. We will explore one Chakra each class, with classes building on the previous.  Even if you miss one, not to worry, Natalie will bring in previous week's lesson so that all students can find the tools and information they've been seeking. **ALL LEVELS WELCOME** We will modify poses, so that each student can benefit from the practice.  Pay as you go, or use your class pass.

Crystal Bowl Sound & Light Healing Meditation

Instructor: Faye Nulman, RYT200

Date/Time:   Saturday, January 10, 2014 (4:00-5:30 PM)   

Description:  Crystal bowl sound is a form of vibrational medicine that validates everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. When we include forms of visual light to the mix, the body, mind and spirit begin to naturally realign.  

12-Step Community Yoga 


Date:   Every Saturday!!   Time:  8:00 - 9:00 AM 

Join Gwen R. every Saturday for this unique community class, open to anyone working, or interested in working, the 12-steps. By combining Hatha Yoga, meditation and the 12-steps, students can cultivate a powerful practice.
To download and share a PDF of class flyer, please click here.
Suggested Donation: $5
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