Week of: January 27, 2020
JARI's Workforce Development Director Presents Leadership Class

On Friday, January 24th, JARI's Workforce Development Director, Debi Balog, presented on the topics of Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict Management as part of the Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce's John B. Gunter Community Leadership Initiative.

The program is designed to develop leadership for the Greater Johnstown/Cambria County area by honing leadership skills and promoting community volunteerism. The program explores leadership roles in both the area’s community organizations and corporations. The Leadership Initiative accomplishes this by building executive level skills to support the goals of the sponsoring organization and providing a basis for leadership and proactive community involvement. To read more about the initiative, click here .
Reminder: Industry Partnership Meeting - February 7th
Debi Balog
Director, Workforce Development

The first Industry Partnership Meeting of the year will be held on Friday, February 7th at 8:30 A.M. at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (Richland Campus) . Click here to view the agenda.

For more information about the partnership or attending the February meeting, please contact Debi Balog at  dbalog@jari.com  or by phone at (814) 262-8366.
Michele Adams, co-owner of Classic Elements
Amanda Artim, owner of Balance Restaurant
JARI Clients Featured on Kaleidoscope the Series

On Sunday, January 26th, two JARI clients, Classic Elements and Balance Restaurant, were featured on WATM ABC23's show, Kaleidoscope the Series . Classic Elements owners, Jen Galiote and Michele Adams, and Balance Restaurant owner, Amanda Artim, were interviewed for the segment. You can see it by clicking here .
Photo courtesy of students of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.
J ohnstown Featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine
Ryan Kieta
Vision2025 Consultant

Recently, Johnstown was nationally featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine . In October 2019, a group of students from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (Columbia GSAPP) visited Johnstown to study resiliency and river infrastructure. The article highlights the findings from this visit.

Click here to read the full article from Landscape Architecture Magazine .
NAFTA & Changes Under the USMCA Webinar 
Tina Taylor

The US is experiencing trade growth and regulatory changes with regards to NAFTA being replaced with the USMCA. Without a thorough knowledge of the current regulations and of the coming changes a company can encounter delays, lost opportunities, and additional expenses due to compliance issues.

The Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission (SAP&DC) and the DCED Pennsylvania Office of International Business is sponsoring a webinar on this topic presented by Bob Imbriani of Team Worldwide on February 19th at 9:30 A.M. Click here to register.
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