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JCAP Global Outreach, Merck Manual Validation, & Brown Review

Dear Family and Friends of PANDAS Network,


With the help of the papers written by the PANDAS/PANS Medical Consortium, children who were falling through the cracks, have been able to receive diagnoses and treatment. As we begin a distribution of numerous copies of the JCAP, we hope this positive impact grows. 


The JCAP alone cannot resolve the issues we face. As the NIMH Outreach Partner our goal is to support both medical and parental advocacy efforts. We are all working hard to keep this momentum moving. Conferences, such as the one that took place at Brown, sponsored in large part by PANDAS Network, will open lines of communication by providing insights and observations. New Legislative efforts to establish PANDAS/PANS Advisory Councils are being pursued in states such as AZ and IL.    


As our collective efforts grow, PANDAS Network remains consistent with our founding values (click here for more info) and vision to be a liaison to the NIMH, medical community, and reputable research projects. We remain a voice and resource for families seeking healing for their children. We are proud that we have been able to stay true to our core principles while gaining the respect and partnership of top physicians, researchers and the NIMH.  


Thank you for for being our partner in this journey. 


With Sincere Appreciation,

The PANDAS Network Team

JCAP is Being Distributed Across the Globe!
Medical Professionals & Parents Convene at Brown University

JCAPYour support and donation dollars are allowing PANDAS Network to initiate a global outreach effort to promote the understanding and acceptance of PANDAS and PANS!


BROWNParents and medical professionals from a variety of specialties convened at Brown Medical School last month to learn, share, and provide guidance to help heal our children.

Merck Manual Recommends Plasma Exchange for PANDAS
A Mother & JCAP Save 4 Year Old from Incorrect Diagnosis

MERCKAccording to the Merck Manual and the American Society for Apheresis,
Plasma Exchange is now accepted as a first line therapy, either alone or with other treatment, for PANDAS!


ADVOCATINGA family knew something was wrong when their 4 year old was admitted to a psychiatric facility after a sudden onset of symptoms. They were determined to find answers and fought for the diagnosis their child deserved.