meet our new salzberg residents
Our selection committee was torn between two finalists, and when juror Jeanne Jaffe asked, "Can't we just award the residency to both of them?" it got me thinking: we skipped the residency in 2020 due to the pandemic; maybe we could. Turns out we could. And so we did. I'm pleased to announce JCBA's Helen M. Salzberg Artists in Residence for 2021/2022: Jaz Graf and Douglas Pierre Baulos.
Jaz Graf (Jersey City, New Jersey) plans to create an edition of books based on East Asian palm leaf tablets, connecting to her Thai matrilineal ancestry, which had largely been coded and hidden from view in her family. Many traditional palm leaf manuscripts were forbidden to be touched by women; the authors and makers were male monks, guarding the knowledge, and just as the monks could not be touched by women, so too were their books off-limits. Jaz will link these palm leaf tablets to her family history, using her own printed papers that feature the pattern of her grandmother's pa-nung, her silk wrap skirt.
Doug Baulos (Birmingham, Alabama) plans a unique boxed collection of folio pages navigating the artist's interest in book structures, biodiversity, extinction, and vulnerability risks among the LGBTQI community. Doug's manuscript project intends to focus on how they and many other queer and non-binary artists use the natural world to navigate difficult feelings and often are still much more prone to mental illness issues. Doug will primarily be working with paper formation and folding, print, photo and transfer images, natural dyes, and thread.
Doug and Jaz each will teach a workshop and complete a creative project by August 2022. Their projects will become part of the Jaffe Collection. Their workshops will possibly be in person at JCBA, but most likely they will be taught virtually. An endowment established by Palm Beach poet and Helen M. Salzberg provides them both with a generous stipend in support of their work. Click here to learn more about Doug and Jaz and their projects, and to revisit the work of our past Salzberg Residents.
learn from home
virtual workshops offer live instruction plus video, too
MOVING CIRCLES: VOLVELLES with instructor Stephanie Wolff. Volvelles, sometimes known as wheel charts, have a centuries-long history. They have been used in historic books, in promotional materials, and in devices to aid computation. Two or more circles turn to show information through cut out windows. Tuition: self-determined (suggested $75).
SEWN BOARDS BINDING with ONE PIECE COVERING with instructor Karen Hanmer. This sewn boards binding variation is covered in one piece of material, rather than the more standard quarter binding. Tuition: $100.
SEWN BOARDS BINDING with SEWN-IN WRAPPER with instructor Karen Hanmer. Before sewing, a long strip of card is hinged around one of the card folios that start and end this sewn boards binding variation. The structure provides quick, low-adhesive protection for a text that cannot wait for a more formal binding. The wrapper can unfold as a wide panorama, presenting many book arts possibilities. Tuition: $75.
NEW SESSION! OPTICAL TOYS that MESMERIZE: SPOOKY EDITION with instructor KERI MIKI-LANI SCHROEDER. Create a collection of paper optical toys developed in the early 19th century, like the zoetrope and phenakistoscope. These devices spin around a set sequence of images to create the illusion of movement. And since we'll be in the midst of Hallowe'en season, the optical toys we'll make in this edition of the workshop will all have a certain spooky spin. Tuition: $135.
SEWN BOARDS BINDING: The 1987 PROTOTYPE with instructor KAREN HANMER. This sewn boards binding variation is based on Gary Frost’s first prototype, held in the University of Iowa Library Historical Bookbinding Model Collection. A quick and utilitarian notebook, the outer card folios are glued shut, the spine lined, and a breakaway spine wrapper is added while covering the book in sturdy bookcloth. Tuition: $75.
each friday, a virtual social
REAL MAIL FRIDAYS. If you have something to say, say it. You are welcome to join us each Friday from 2 to 5 PM Eastern for this online social, for as much or as little of it as you desire, and you may make our time together what you wish it to be. It is, by name, a virtual letter writing social, but you can do whatever it is you need to do. Our distinctively Jaffe soundtrack accompanies your work, and once or twice an hour, we break for a little chat. Real Mail Fridays: our weekly virtual social that helps industrious people do what needs doing. Click here to join in; it's the same link each and every Friday. Supremely heartwarming.
catch that 'goose
2021 WAYZGOOSE. If you've not yet caught our 2021 Bartlemas Wayzgoose, now's the time to treat your bookish self. Watch our Wayzgoose anytime, anywhere, at your leisure. At 90-minutes, it's an event, so be sure to gather up some suitable treats and libations before settling in. Featured printer is Ben Blount, with a special Wayzgoose concert by Jay Ungar & Molly Mason. Your host: me, JCBA Director John Cutrone. My most important job of the Wayzgoose, perhaps, is explaining why the traditional date for this old celebration is Bartlemas, the 24th of August. You'll find our 2021 Bartlemas Wayzgoose now and always by clicking here.

Last week's BOOK ARTS 101 was a live broadcast called "Post Goose." In it, we take a critical look at the 2021 Bartlemas Wayzgoose. We invite you to join the conversation: click here to watch and make further comments!

Stay safe out there!

John Cutrone
Florida Atlantic University Libraries
Boca Raton, Florida