JCC online registrations for Tuesday swimming lanes for general members are now open. You will see tennis and facility reservations - click on facility.
You must have an online account to register for a time slot. You can get this set up thru the website, or you may call the JCC main line (210-302-6825) and they can direct you to online help. You can also set up the JCC-SA phone app and make reservations on your phone.
I do not know when Wednesday time slot registration will open, so check throughout the day.

Swimmers are allowed to make reservations in general lap lanes,
even if you already have two slots reserved in the Masters swim lanes.

We ask that if you wish to take advantage of this first phase offering to be respectful of each other and treasure this time so that everyone may continue swimming. If you should be experiencing any symptoms of illness, please remain at home to keep everyone safe.

Masters swimmers may request an assigned lane twice a week for 50 minutes online at: Sign-up Genius during our reserved block of time. Lanes 1-4: Monday-Friday 5:35 am-9:10 am. Only one swimmer per lane, so a natural social distancing will occur by way of the lane lines. The exception to this policy will be family members from the same household sharing a lane.

Spouses/same household members should agree to swim at the same time in the same lane in order to maximize space.  Children (16 & up) are allowed to swim in the same lane, but are not allowed on deck alone, in the family pool section, hot tub, nor the Splash Pad area. Guests are not be allowed at this time.
Swimmers shall enter thru main level doors, with your membership card available. Please wear a mask, or face covering, and use the hand sanitizer provided near the door as you enter the building. Your forehead temperature will be taken. Come with your suit on. No deck changing. Locker rooms will not be available. The outside shower may be used to rinse off.  

You may sit in one of the chairs positioned on the pool deck. Please do not move the chairs, as they are spaced apart for your safety. Please bring your own bag that will remain on deck so that personal items will be stored properly. Lockers will not be available for use.

Swimmers will enter the pool at the green belt (far) side of the pool and exit the water on the building (near) side of the pool. If you are just arriving, please do not place your gear at near side of the pool. Enter the pool on the far side, with all your gear, and then walk (in the water) down to the near side.
A coach will be on deck during the Masters swim block of time. (Mon-Fri 5:30 am-9:15 am). We will provide a written workout that will be posted at the end of each lane. The coach will remain on the side (vs. ends) of the pool to avoid the position of leaning over the swimmers in order to deliver the workout. We are there to assist swimmers, help with technique, as well as ensure swimmers to stay compliant with JCC guidelines as to safety protocol.  

The JCC will not be supplying any equipment for use, such as buoys or kick boards, this also includes towels. Refrain from sharing goggles, caps, water bottles, etc. with other swimmers. 

Air hugs are welcome.

Watch the clock and please exit timely so the next swimmer can then prepare for their workout. Gather your personal items and exit the pool area and please wear a mask while returning back into the building.

Happy Laps! Looking forward to your return to the water!

Coach Susan
JCC Swim Club
San Antonio, Tx 78231