Staying together even though we're Staying Apart

All online Tuesday swimming lane registrations for
both the Masters block and general members have been filled.

For this Wednesday, within the Masters block, we only have a 3 openings at 7:25 am & 8:20 am.
The JCC member registrations will open up at midnight Tuesday morning.

You must have an online account to register for a time slot. You can get this set up thru the website, or you may call the JCC main line (210-302-6825) and they can direct you to online help. You can also set up the JCC-SA phone app and make reservations on your phone.

Swimmers are allowed to make reservations in general lap lanes,
´╗┐even if you already have two slots reserved in the Masters swim lanes.

As we prepare to return to the water, we will be implementing our club training dues. For May, each swimmer will only be responsible for a partial month ($24). If you would like to defer into June, please reply here and let us know that you do not wish to have your monthly dues reinstated by May 20th. We hope that you have appreciated our constant communication with you thru out the shut down with our club newsletters sent out every couple days, dry land workout suggestions, Zoom stretch cord classes, Facebook postings, backyard pool ideas, and team challenges.

Coach Susan
JCC Masters
San Antonio, Tx 78231