In celebration of Shavuot,
services will be held on
Saturday evening,
May 19th
at 9:00 PM
(A Night of Study)
Sunday & Monday mornings,
at 9:30 am
on May 20 and 21
Yizkor will be recited on Monday, May 21.

There will be a special blessing of the children on
Sunday, May 20 at 10 AM
Children and grandchildren are all invited to participate. Special refreshments will be served.

As we get prepared for the summer season, as we celebrate the modern state of Israel’s 70th anniversary, and as we get ready to embark on the JCC’s first-ever trip to Israel this coming October, I thought it would be nice to highlight Israel in this month’s Bulletin Article. AishVideo published a video entitled: Israel: Defying the Odds . The video beautifully coalesces much of what makes modern Israel a wonder. I have transcribed it below. The parentheticals are mine):

Israel is the 100th smallest country on the globe and has about 1/1000th of the world’s population. It is only 70 years old, smaller than New Jersey and surrounded by enemies, under constant threat of survival and possesses few natural resources. And yet, Israel is the only country in history to have revived an unspoken language. Since its founding, Israel has won the second highest number of Nobel prizes per capita. Although the Jewish people comprise only .2% of the world population, Jews have received 22% of Nobel prizes; constituting an inexplicable 11,250% above the statistical probability. 

Israel is the only country which entered the 21st century with a net-gain in the number of its trees. Even more remarkable, in an area that is mainly desert, over 90% of Israeli homes use solar energy for hot water; the highest percentage of any country. Israeli companies are building the larges solar energy production facility in the world. Israel operates the world’s largest desalination plant and is the number one country providing usable water from seawater.

Israel’s scientific research institutions are ranked 3rd in the world. And are ranked 2 in space sciences.
Israel leads the world in medical patents and has revolutionized modern medicine; Oramed is changing the diabetes therapeutic paradigm by delivering insulin in a pill. ReWalk’s exoskeleton allows paraplegics to walk; Orcam allows blind people to virtually see.

Israel has more patents registered in the US than Russia, India, and China combined. These countries have 300 times Israel’s population.

Israel’s innovations have improved the way we work (with significant input into various innovations in the hi-tech sector), print, drive (with Waze, and self-driving car technology), read (Kindle), eat (some forms of the cherry tomato have Israeli origins, though this is disputed), drink (Watergen, generates water from the air),Talk (VOIP, Viber), exercise(Krav Maga and Feldenkrais), and even play (Rummikub, Mastermind, and apparently also the domesticated hamster).

Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East and its 3rd largest party is often the Arab party. Israel has provided humanitarian aid and rescue services to over 140 countries, even to some that refuse to recognize it, like Syria and Lebanon.
Israel is the 3rd most educated country in the world according to the OECD (The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Israel has the second highest number of new books per capita. Israel has the 3rd highest rate of entrepreneurship among women in the world; and in 1969 Israel elected Golda Meir, the 2nd female head of state in modern history.

In proportion to its population, Israel has the largest number of high-tech startup companies in the world. In absolute numbers Israel has more startups than any other country except the US and China.

Israel is the only country whose indigenous population returned to its native land after 2000 years of forced exile. There are 26 official Muslim states in the world and 18 official Christian states, but there is only 1 Jewish state. Israel: A small Place Making a Big Difference.

This summer, as always, we will have a plethora of Israel-centered programming. Dr. Eric Mandel will be returning to provide an update on the current state of affairs Israel and the Middles East. A representative from ZOA will give a presentation on Israel advocacy. We will have a program with JNF in which we will learn about water usage and the environment. We are also looking into having an afternoon or evening of Israeli folk dancing and will keep you updated.

Last, but not least. This trip will provide us with an all-encompassing look at our homeland. We will immerse ourselves in Israeli culture, both ancient and modern. We will intimately get to know the places that we have read about in the Torah and that we have seen in books and on television. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have a great group of folks joining us on our trip to Israel, but you can still join us! For more information look on the JCC website for the trip itinerary. In the alternative, call me at 973-865-9534 or email me at .

I am, and the JCC is, always open to your input and thoughts for programming. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss issues or programming ideas.

As we celebrate Israel’s 70th year, may this summer be full of learning, understanding and support for the home of the Jewish people.

Shalom U’Vrakha (Peace and Blessings) - Rabbi Michael S. Jay

On returning home this Spring, I found my grandmother’s snake plant had died. This plant was over 100 years old, passed down to me from my father. It was not easy to put the remnants of this part of my family history in a garbage bag. Several years ago, I thankfully gave a cutting of the plant to each of my children along with a legend telling of its story.  I will be asking my kids to give me a cutting of their plants so I can cultivate my grandmother’s (by the way, someone who passed away long before I was born) plant in my home again.

This reminds me of the instructions in the Shema, where we are commanded to “teach them diligently to your children” – to teach the generations after us to love and serve G-d with all their soul and all their might; to impart to our children and grandchildren the precepts of Judaism and beauty of observing the customs of our forefathers.  But it does not say anything about our children teaching us. 

There is much that our children and grandchildren can give back to us. Our two grandchildren, who were part of a Seder held in their church, shared with us this very special experience. Our twin college grandchildren are active members of the Jewish community and have served on their Temple Board. So, my grandmother’s plant tended by three generations much like our Jewish heritage will continue to grow in the hearts and homes of our family.

One way to teach about our faith to our children and grandchildren can be through the JCC of LBI. Bringing our children and grandchildren to services when they visit or bring them to the JCC summer bazaars is one way. Celebrating milestones in the synagogue is another. This Shavuot, on Sunday May 20 at 10:00 AM we will be blessing the children under the chuppah. Please join us then.

The synagogue gives us a place to remember our loved ones who have passed away by saying kadish at their yahrzeits and at yizkor services.  It is a place to learn torah, to discuss issues of the day, to hear the latest news about Israel. It is a place to socialize.

Some of our members have children who have joined the JCC, some members have parents and other relatives who are now a part of the JCC family. Many have talked to friends and neighbors about participating in Jewish life here in Southern Ocean County. I encourage all of you to bring these folks along when you come to a service and event. This will only help our synagogue grow.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this Spring.



Please note the format change in this issue of the Bulletin. It is geared to be read on line - on your computer, IPad or phone.

It is a change from the traditional Bulletins done before so beautifully
by Paula Hait
& Karen Schwing.

Our next issue will be the July & August publication.
I am pleased to announce that Irene Babst will be editing the issue with the help of our office staff.

Let me know how you like this format.



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SARGE is in CHARGE at the JCC

SARGE is an entertainer who has performed world wide to adoring audiences. His side-splitting comedy, touching vocals and stunning display of dexterity as a pianist have wowed crowds for decades. LBI is so fortunate to have him performing at the JCC of LBI on Sunday evening, July 15 at the building, 2411 Long Beach Boulevard, Spray Beach, NJ.
But SARGE’s road to success has not been smoothly paved.
Born in Miami Beach, Florida, during the Civil Rights Movement to a Jewish mother and a black father who gave him up for adoption to a Jewish couple from Great Neck, Long Island, SARGE was raised in a middle class, Jewish household, attending the best prep schools in the region. All the while, he lived with some sense of confusion because his adopted parents didn’t give him much exposure to his black heritage. This led to some internal conflict as a child and young adult—feelings he tried to numb with alcohol, drugs and gambling.
He spent part of his young adult life as a homeless man, severely addicted to several vices and copping drugs at his hangout under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. With a wealth of unrealized talent, on December 26, 1990, SARGE had an epiphany that would change his life forever. On that day, as strange as it may seem, he made a commitment to himself to pursue sobriety—cold turkey—and never looked back.
Clean and sober since then, he has dedicated himself to assisting others who face the same battle.
SARGE’s artistic talents surfaced as early as age 6 when he returned from seeing “The Sound of Music” on Broadway with his parents and sat down at the family piano and began playing songs from the show entirely by ear. He had never played the piano before this! At age 7, he would entertain in between hands of his grandpa Herman’s card games by doing impressions and jokes on cue.
When his grandfather took him to shows in the Catskill Mountains, he became captivated by Don Rickles’ comedic barbs and scathing monologues. Then and there, SARGE decided that one day HE would become a professional comedian. As been proven hundreds of times, SARGE has the rare ability to create an uproarious and moving 90-minute comedic performance on the spot by just walking into a room!
Originally SARGE studied to become a talent representative, but very soon it became obvious that he was the talent. And now, that very large talent is coming to LBI and SARGE WANTS YOU—to come and enjoy a visit with him at the JCC of LBI.

We invite you to join Sarge for food and conversation before the show at 5:30 pm at the home of
Janet & Howard Cohen
Ticket price includes up close seating at the show for $125

Comedy Show- 7:30 pm- Only for Sanctuary seating $50
Comedy Show- 7:30 pm- Only for Auditorium seating $35

Tickets may be purchased at the JCC of LBI during business hours or on line at . For more information call 609-492-4090.

Singer and songwriter
Michael D’Amore

Evening, August 12th at 7pm

An Evening of Music & Dancing 
Mah jongg

The Jewish Community Center of Long Beach Island's
Mah Jongg Tournament

will be held Thursday, July 5, 2018

An invitation will be sent out in a few weeks


Karen Schwing and Stacey Vreeland
JCC of LBI Mah Jongg Tournament Chairpeople

mazel tov
Kim & Josh Braun
Rene & Rob Van Naarden
on the bat mitzah
of Sophie Braun
daughter & granddaughter

Carole Nunberg
on the marriage of her son
Michael Britchkow
to Rachel Suna

Judith & Don Pripstein
on the marriage of their
Lindsay Thomas
Chris Manchin

Ali Friedman
on her new home

Karen & David Shatz
on the birth of their
new grandson
Aidan Micah Shatz
on receiving the
Distinguished Service Award by the
Westchester Jewish Council

Marsha & Mark Chazin
on the birth of their
new grandson
Jack Chazin Halperin

on the mend

Marvin Fitts

Rudy Valentine

Millie Wolpert

Jerry Jay

Phil Lombardi

Debbie Schweighardt

After a long,cold winter,it seems like we’ve finally turned the corner.
There are tulips blooming in front of the JCC!
We had a wonderful community seder, with 90 people, inclusive of the Rabbi’s relatives from Israel. It was really perfect with all the aspects of what a holiday should be; friends, family and delicious food and song.

First book group, will meet on Monday, June 11th at 10:30am with the book, Inside,Outside  by
Herman Wouk.

We can’t wait to talk about the new season at our opening meeting on Wednesday, June 13th at 10am. Don’t worry Mahjong players, we will finish in time for your 12 o’clock games.

On Sunday, June 24th at 10am , we invite back the entire congregation to the annual  Welcome Back Brunch with more great food and the musical talents of Matt Fischer ! We look forward to seeing everyone at this fabulous event. Reservations are a must , Please call the office to make yours today!
Be sure to SAVE

9-4PM f or the 
MahJong Tournament , chaired by Karen Schwing and Stacey Vreeland. An invitation will be sent out in a few weeks.
We are accepting donations for the prize table. If you happened to get a gift that you would like to regift, please consider this and
contact Jody Brusilow Thank you!

Details about our other events are still falling into place, so
we’ll have to clue you in on those at the opening meeting.
Safe travels back from your winter getaways.
We look forward to
seeing you all!
Best, Carole, Jody & Lexa

First Meeting is
Monday, June 11th, at 10:30am
JCC of LBI Library
Book: Inside, Outside by Herman Wouk

Future meeting dates are July 9th, August 13th, and September 17th
(These books will be determined by the group.)

For more information, please contact
Paula Hait at

Stanley & Rochelle Bayer
669 Beverly Road
Holland, PA 18966
cell: 215-630-4140
cell: 215-630-1637


Maj jongg begins at the JCC
May 9 at 12:30 - 4

Zumba begins at the JCC
Monday, June 25
9 - 10 AM

Annual Interfaith Shabbat
Friday Evening, June 1
7:30 PM
Island Singers will perform

Shabbat on the Beach
Friday, June 22
in Loveladies
6:00 PM

Welcome Back Brunch
June 24th

Rabbi to read on
Friday May 4 th


20   Rena Entin
20   David Slott*
21   Cory Alpert*
21   Robert Gottlin
21   Dora Koyner*
22   Emanuel Diamond
22   Shelly Keller
22   Evelyn Rubinfeld
22   Walter Steigerwald
23   Mollie Bass*
23   Samuel Buznitsky
23   George Fuhrmann
23   Sylvia Greenspan
23   Clara Hoffman
23   Harvey Levin
23   Bernard Ostroff
23   Abraham Rosenfeld
23   Howard Sherry*
24   Samuel Rosenweig
25   Elaine Berkowitz
25   Milton Britz*
25   Jerome Molbert
25   Scott L. Paley
25   Esther Rosenfeld
25   Joseph Tomar
26   Josephine Cramer
26   Dr. Harry Herman*
26   David Kaplan
26   Elizabeth Piwosky
26   Isidor Rothstein
26   Bernice Szanger*

Rabbi to read on
Friday, May 11 th

27   Abraham Joseph Kates*
27   Jerome Stanley Katz*
27   Herbert Kramer
28   Kate Alexander
28   Richard Gardner, MD
28   Vera Lipman
28   Harry Solomon*
28  Judith Weinstein
29   Leona Adelman
29   Louis Gilman
29   Lilian Herman
29   Betty Lander


1    Esther Epstein*
1    Gussie Meyerson*
2    Blanche Lambert*
3    Sophia Dobrow
3    Ruth Friedman*
3    Adele Graboyes
3    Wilma Lang*
3    Michael Weinman
4    Shirley Guttman Frankfurt*
4    Abraham Fruchtman*
4    Leah Jacobs*
4    Harry J. Luterman
4    Hyman Rubin
4    Bob Shrank
4    Mini Starr*
4    Leo Wasserman

Rabbi to read on
Friday, May 18 th

5    Fay Baker*
6    Abe Bernstein
6    Ruth Brill*
6    Esther Myers
6    Shirley Rosner*
7    Ethel Lenkowsky
7    Albert Rosenfeld*
7    Ike Schwaff*
8    Irene Epstein
8    Harry Kotler
9    Isaac Freedman
9    Jacob Shaer
9    Rose Shaer
10   Sidney Denbo
10   Harry Sobelsky
11   Bertram Stern Lowe
11   Gertrude Miller
11   Eve Robinson
11   Terry Shapiro
11   Lena Sobelsky

Rabbi to read on
Friday, May 25 th

12   Anna Gubar*
12   Edward Oertell
12   Jeanne Paris
12   Jennie Schlanger*
13   Leo Baron
13   Morris Brounstein
13   Sadie Chalek
13   Bernard Diamond
13   Jenny Kessler
13   Diane Korn
13   Ida Schreiber
13   Avram Shatz
14   David Cohen
14   William Feather*
14   George Sesso
15   Jessica Fields
15   Celie Nelson
15   Samuel Starr*
16   Grace Berman
16  Dr. Raul Fleischmajer
16  Hilde Hess Lewisohn
16  Sylvia Marcus
16  Gene Mendlow*
16  Ida Opatosky
16  Leonard Ostreicher
17  Barbara Cohen
17  Martin Garb
17  Joseph Herman
18  Hilda Baron
18  Gertrude Polinsky

Condolences to

Phil Belena on the loss of his grandmother
Margaret Mary Malone Gilbert

Shirley Sharf
Stephen Scharf
Carol Hartman
on the loss of
Benjamin Scharf
husband & father

Terri & David Robinovitz
on the loss of their
Allysa Miriam Alhadeff

Herbert Shapiro
Susan & Mark Shapiro
on the loss of their
wife and mother
Selma Shapiro

Norma Hochman
on the loss of her sister
Phyllis Schwartz

Rabbi to read on
Friday, June 1 st

19  Mitchell Konner
19  Joan Podos
19  Sidney Tannenbaum
20  Bernard Gross
20  Michael Salonsky
20  Freda Schlanger*
21  Sophie Hellman
22  Fay Neustadt*
22  William Schlanger*
22  Sallie Wichman
23  Benjamin August
23  Sherwood Babst
24  Martin Berger*
24  Minnie Lisagor*
24  Sigmund Moskowitz*
24  Eugene Steinberg*
25  Howard Breslow
Rabbi to read on
Friday, June 8 th

26  Anne Copeland
26  Eldon Dondershine*
26  Bennie Reiff*
26  Edward Weiss
27  Joseph Jagust
27  Rose Rudnick*
27  Mollie Soto
27  Mollie Steinberg
28  Meyer Dobrow
28  Patricia Husak
28  Charlotte Rosenberg
28  George Wolpert
29  Chester Goldberg
29  Minnie Lipsitz
30  Betty Sampson
30  Malcom Zlotkin*


1   Albert Alexander*
1   Benjamin Einhorn*
1   Dr. H. Robert Freed*
1   Joseph Goldstein
1   Lillain Goodman
1   Lori-Ann Keating
1   Milka Meshulam
2   George Cofsky

Rabbi to read on
Friday, June 15 th

3   William Ginsburg
3   Jesse Halpern
3   Elayne Leventhal
3   Mary Levin
4   Solkin Copeland
4   Joseph Dicicco Sr.
4   Albert Jaffe*
4   Isadore Shrensel*
5   Edward Mashberg
5   Jacob Plon*
5   David Scheer
5   Betty Sher*
5   Rebecca Weiner
6   Paul Schwartz
6   Morris Turek
7   Minnie Abromowitz
7   Harry Feldgus
7   David H. Klaiman
7   Bradford Saivetz*
8   Melvin Mauskopf
8   Max Strassman*
9   Meyer Chazin*
9   Leon Flumenbaum
9   Judith Ann Kessler*
9   Harry Miller
9   Irving Robinson
9   Evelyn Nelson Schwartz

Rabbi to read on
Friday, June 22 nd

10   Harry Gottlin
10   Mitchell Silverman
11   Florrie Levison
11   Zolman Okner
11   George Starr*
12   Howard Seidler
13   Mary Cohen
13   Larry Gordon
13   Anna Koller
14   Mark Richard Becker
14   Alan Diamond
14   Dov Koller
14   Spencer Levin
15   Pauline Hurwitz
15   Harry Koss
16   Albert Luterman

Rabbi to read on
Friday, June 29 th

17   Jon Elayne Churgin
17   Sanford Cohen*
17   Herman Kaufman
17   David Resnek
17   Lillian Zalkind*
18   Beatrice Bader
18   Isaac Cohen
18   Reuben Gerber*
18   Dorothy Gordon
18   Marlene Kaufman*
20   Betty Goldstein
20   Gertrude Gondelman
20   Irving Hirschfeld
20   Harry Jacobson*
20   David Srager
20   Jacob Weiner
20   Henry Zlotkin*
21   Tracy Gardner
21   Ada Weiner Lepene*
21   Esther London
21   Joseph Notterman
22   Tillie Balbresky
22   Theodore Freedland
22   Simon Greenberg
22   Dorothy Petchenik
22   Milton Weinstein*
23   Charlotte Falkowsky
23   Dr. Mark Farin*
23   John Gottlieb*
23   Sidney Holtzman*
23   Alan Rubinfeld*
23   Max Silverman
23   Harry Weiner*


Individual plaques may be purchased in memory of a loved one. The price of a plaque is $250. Additional plaques ordered at the same time are $225 each. A reserved plaque can be purchased for $75. This plaque will be installed now and reserves that spot for future use. Call the Office to get the proper forms -- 609-492-4090

In Memory of:
Anna Weill by Bentley Gubar
Mark Fisch by Ellen Weinberg
Estelle Gottesman by Brian Gottesman
Louise Paul by Virginia D. Josephson
Daniel Glassman by Iris Glassman
Sam Fine by Millie Wolpert
Helen Tebeleff by Steven Tebeleff
Hyman Goldstein by Phyllis Sisenwine
Anna Herman by Megan Herman
Barbara Black by Barry Black
Esther Tannenbaum by Sheila Weisel
Harold Koyner by Alison Friedman
Zena Jay by Lenore & David Forsted, Janet & Howard Cohen, Joyce & Paul Levine, Diane & Barnett Hoffman
Tee Gottlieb by Diane Tucker
Solomon Schall by Janet Cohen
Helen Applebaum by Janet Cohen
Shirley Racusin by Mr. & Mrs. Warren Racusin
Esther Hirsch by Myron Hirsch
Harry Dudkin by Gail Merson
Hannah Dudkin by Gail Merson
Dave Oxfeld by Sanford Oxfeld
Florence Marmon by Beverly Deangelo
Al Black by Barry Black
Ernest H. Morgenstern by Mr. & Mrs. Gary Morgenstern
Joseph Dicicco, Jr. by Virginia D. Josephson
James Norberg, Sr. by Virginia D. Josephson
Marvin Alexander by Ilene Estes
Selma Shapiro by Carole Nunberg, Judith & Donald Pripstein,
Susan & Tom Meier, Debby & Peter Goldman, Sherry & Howard Fruchterman, Anita Borrus, Eileen & Steven Powitz, Monica & Patrick Moeller
Hannah Beck by Shelly Weisfeld
Richard Snyder by Dr. Robert Snyder
Morris Miller by Ilene Miller & Phyllis Busch
Bella Karp by George Karp
Robert Jonas by Andy Jonas
Mae Lazar by Eileen Buznitsky
Theodore J. Brod by Diane & Barnett Hoffman
Belle Saferstein by Roberta Kaplan
Herbert Buchalter by Jeffrey Buchalter
Steven Wolk by Cheryl & Louis Celebre
Henrietta Nagel by Helene Scharf
Rose Gerstenblatt by Bernard Gerstenblatt
Ida Plotkin by Elyse Pepose
Lottie Levy by Phil Levy
Frederick Beekman by Susan Love Beekman
Alyssa Miriam Alhadeff by Carole Nunberg, Dr. Charles & Martha Schleifer, Irene & Michael Babst
Adam Benjamin Lewisohn by Luci & Barry Lewisohn
Frank John Lamagna by Luci Lewisphn
Esther Renzin by Wynne Davis
Betty Schleifer by Dr. Charles Schleifer
Amy Babst by Michael Babst
Arlene Babst by Michael Babst
Lillian Salander by Judy Nelson
Max Gottlieb by Diane Tucker
Lisa Ellen Kaufman by Diane Tucker
Emily Spiegle by Toby Schwait
Morris Herman by Megan Herman
Rhoda Herman by Megan Herman
Bernard Herman by Megan Herman
Edward Gold by Kenneth Gold
Steven Fisch by Ellen Weinberg
Phyllis Fisch by Ellen Weinberg
Samuel Weinberg by Martin Weinberg
Sidney Schlanger by Arleen Moffitt
Bessie Swaff by Arleen Moffitt
Milton Pollack by Dana Meyers
Jacob Axilbund by Patricia A. Mayro
Sidney Kronenberg by Lynn Berman
Henry Nagel by Helene Scharf
Albert Kessler by Henry Kessler
Eleanor Satir by Annette Kaplan
Hannah S. Cohen by Dr. Mark Cohen
Muriel Heilberg by Wendy Sackowitz
Debra & Alan Traster by Elaine Frand
Meadow, niece of Risa & Paul Maisner
William Berger by Sherry Fruchterman
Benjamin Epstein by Renee Goldman
Manuel Sidel by Barbara Hurwitz
Jeanette Rosen by Beth Seavey
Richard Pacharz by Rose Valentine
Irving List by Lorraine Barron
Michael Beck by Shelly Weisfeld
Murray Elefant by Cheryl & Louis Celebre
Hershel Alan Denker by Clifford Denker
In Memory of:
Solomen Chalek by Joy Kern
Esther Litvin by Joanne Babbitt
Irvin Babbitt by Howard Babbitt
Rose Dondershine by Debra Schweighardt
Judi Weisberg by Ellen & Sandy Oxfeld
Gloria Reason by Elaine Rudolph
Netti Turek by Nathan Fink
Stanley Karp by George Karp
Joseph Nakkab by Dr. Sylvain Nakkab
Damary Hernandez by Dr. Myrna Hernandez
Laura Kaplan by Annette Kaplan
Ed Davis by Michael Davis
Samuel Pepose by Stuart Pepose
Allan Mayro by Patricia A. Mayro
Joseph Schlanger by Arleen Moffitt
T. Daniel Lang by Elsa Dreyfus
Morris Ross by Dr. Steven Ross
Helen Klein by Helene Kogos
Cora Korb by Helene Kogos
Donald Bosswick by Rhonda Lang
Sylvia Frankiel by Ellen Oxfeld
Harry Kaplan by Mickie Kaplan
Benard Gubar by Bentley Gubar
George Gubar by Bentley Gubar
Robert Jack Bzezensky by Josepha Bzezensky
Anna Schwartz by Irene Babst
Vera Sidel by Barbara Hurwitz
Fanny Dickman by Judith Papier
Raleigh Liebenberg by JoAnne L. Levine
Louis Cohen by Harold Farin
Kurt Albu by Barbara Albu Lehman
Matilda Tubis by Nona Levin Abrams
Phil Pepperman by Lewis Pepperman
Elissa Biester by Patricia A. Mayro
Harold Kugel by Barbara Epstein
Marvin Einhorn by Harold & Judith Einhorn
Shirley Feather by Phyllis Feather
Batia Shatz by David Shatz
Tessie Weisel by Harris Weisel
Alfred Baker by Iris Glassman
Fred Gottesman by Dr. Brian Gottesman
Ruth Goldman by Barry Goldman
Edward Albert by Polly Fischer
Pearl Elefant by Cheryl & Louis Celebre
Harriet Rothman by Bernard Rothman
Morris Rebo by Rita Fleischmajer
Harry Papier by Charles Papier
Deborah Gottlieb by Megan Herman
William Frank by Dr. Howard Frank
Evelyn Miller by Ilene Miller & Phyllis Busch
Samuel Troum by Dr. Lawrence Troum
Abraham Mizrahi by Dr. Phyllis Cohen

Get Well:

Mickey Gilbert by Cheryl & Louis Celebre
Judy Mitterman by Cheryl & Louis Celebre
Elyse Pepose by Carole Nunberg
Elyse Pepose by Sisterhood JCC of LBI

In Honor:
In Honor of Herbert Shapiro’s Birthday by Shirley & Bob Siff
Congratulations to David Shatz on his recent honor by Sherry & Howard Fructherman
Mazel Tov to Karen & David Shatz on the birth of their grandson, Aidan, by Sherry & Howard Fruchterman

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund:
In gratitude to Rabbi Jay for his personal touch, support & wisdom by Herbert Shapiro & Family
Nancy & Eric Frankel

Endowment Funds:
Morris L. Shapiro Endowment Fund:
In memory of Selma Shapiro by
Marilyn S. Alexander
In memory of Selma Shapiro by Shirley & Bob Siff

Prayer Books:
High Holiday Prayer Book in memory of Selma Shapiro by Sisterhood JCC of LBI
High Holiday Prayer Book in memory of Allysa Miriam Alhadeff by Sisterhood JCC of LBI

Religious School Fund
In memory of Zena Jay by Susan & John Beekman

General Fund:
Renie & Paul Carniol
Sybil & Mel Kleinfeld
Sherry & Steven Tammara

Our beautiful tribute card, created using this beautiful watercolor artwork by JCC of LBI member Pat Morgan, is available in the JCC office to be sent in honor or in memory of someone.

The original art, a Hanukkah menorah, was a gift from the artist and is framed and now hangs on the wall outside the Library. We thank Pat for her generous contribution!

Prayerbooks, Pavers, and Tree of Life Leaves

These may be donated in honor of events, family, or friends, or in memory of loved ones.

High Holiday prayerbook $72
Eitz Chayim Chumash $120

1st plaque $250. Additional plaques purchased at the same time $225. Reserved $75

TREE of LIFE: Bronze Leaf $90, Silver Leaf $126, Gold Leaf $180

PAVERS: 4” X 8” brick $150, 12” X 12” brick $500

2411 Long Beach Boulevard Spray Beach, NJ 08008
Phone: 609-492-4090 Fax: 609-492-7550

Office Hours:
Mon.: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm Wed.: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm
Fri.: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Rabbi……..…Michael Jay President..Rose Valentine

Harold Farin
Sherry Fruchterman
Richard Morgan
Jon Lombardi
Jennifer Millner
Charles Moss
Carole Nunberg
Stuart Pepose
JoAnn Ramer
Phil Rosenzweig
David Shatz
Kem Spencer
Sisterhood Representative: Jody Rifkin-Brusilow

Office Manager
Leslie Dinkfelt
Computer Administrators
Marcie Deutsch
Marybeth Krieger

Office Closed
Monday, May 21

Summer Office Hours
Begin June 4
Mon - Fri
9:00 AM- 1:30 PM

Shabbat Services
Friday Evening
8:00 PM
Saturday Morning
10:00 AM
preceded by
Torah Study at
9:00 AM


Attendance: Present: M. Babst, L. Berkowitz, J. Brusilow, S. Fruchterman, A. Galer, P. Hait, Rabbi Jay, R. Morgan, C. Moss, P. Rosenzweig, R. Valentine. D. Shatz,; On Phone: H. Farin, B. Goldman, J. Lombardi, J. Millner, C. Nunberg, S. Pepose, D. Pripstein, K. Spencer

Paid up membership thru Feb. 2018 continues to be less than last year.

Brief status reports were given on Beautification, Kol Hakavod, Constitution, Endowment, and Special Summer Programs. These programs include Sarge on July 15, and Michael D’Amore on August 12.

  It was reported that the Advertisement program for Sarge is ready to go, and that a Pre-Concert Buffet will be held at the home of Janet and Howard Cohen.\

Ritual Committee reported that, while not great, a Friday eve start at 7pm rather than 6 pm has helped attendance.

A lengthy discussion held on policy for contributions by JCC in memory of death of a member or family of member. Executive Committee will discuss and bring a recommendation to next Board mtg.

 Lengthy discussion also held on staffing of the Office for both season and off-season months.

Committee report and discussion on our handling of the donated statue. A plan of action was proposed.

Discussion held on our investment policy for both the Endowment Portfolio and a portion of our reserve funds.