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Because the vision of JCFI is to raise a greater awareness of Israel in the churches of Johnson County, we want to connect you to some of our friends who work to bless Israel.


This month I have an  update  for you from 
Avi Mizrachi & 
Dugit Outreach Center !


What Happens When a Cheese Maker From Switzerland Meets an Israeli Outside a Bathroom in Galilee

(A Story of Salvation)


Last year, I took my family for a weekend Holiday in Galilee.  We enjoyed touring the Sea of Galilee, and we stopped for lunch in a local restaurant. While in the restaurant, I noticed a nice family from Europe having lunch as well.  As we finished, I got up to go to the bathroom.  There was a kind looking man already waiting for the bathroom.  So, I joined him and asked him where he was from.  He said, "Sw itzerland".  I asked him, "Are you a pastor?"  He responded, "No, I am a cheese maker."  We had a wonderful conversation about the Lord and exchanged addresses.  After we prayed together, we planned for me to visit him and his family in Switzerland as I was already scheduled to be there in April.


Upon returning home, this precious brother started a weekly prayer group in his small village to pray for Israel.  So, before I arrived in Switzerland, he organized a small meeting place and invited people to come hear about what God is doing in Israel.


About two weeks before that meeting, the Swiss Cheese Maker met an Israeli Lawyer, who was visiting Switzerland.  This man was and is a well-established lawyer from Tel Aviv.  Years ago, he married a Swiss woman and had a daughter.  After their divorce, he decided to rent an apartment in the beautiful Swiss village where my friend lives.  As often as he could, he would come to see his daughter.  His life, however, was very lonely.


One day, my precious Swiss friend met this Israeli Lawyer, and invited him to his home to meet his family and to see his cheese shop.  As this Israeli man saw the Swiss man's deep love for God and for Israel, he was touched and provoked to jealousy.  My precious Swiss friend invited this Israeli to come and hear me speak about Israel and the Bible.


The night of the meeting we expected about 20-25 people to show up, but we ended up having more than 50 attend the meeting.  The Israeli Lawyer was there, and after he heard my testimony, he was very touched by the Lord.  After the meeting was over, my Swiss friend invited him for coffee and good cheese at his home.  As we sat in his living room enjoying good Swiss cheese and tea, we shared the Gospel with this Israeli Lawyer.  After a long conversation, he asked us to pray for him.  There we sat. On one side, my Swiss friend was praying in Swiss German, and on the other side, I was praying in Hebrew.  Then I asked him, "Would you like to invite Yeshua into your life?"  He said, "Yes".  At midnight, the Israeli Lawyer prayed to accept Yeshua as his Savior and Lord!


This story is a beautiful example of what can happen when a Jewish born-again believer from Israel and a born-again Christian decide to pray and work together to see Israelis come into the Kingdom of God!  As we, the believers, cooperate together in unity, we will see the Lord bringing the One New Man together!  The Lord will fulfill His Word more and more for His Glory.


Please, continue to pray for this young Israeli believer and for the other young believers in the land of Israel.  Your prayers are so important to our mission of preaching the Good News in Tel Aviv through Dugit Outreach Center.


Blessings in Yeshua,

Avi Mizrachi


Pray for Dugit and the Salvation of Israel !




BDS Movement Gains Momentum !


The Power of Prayer

In Israel, the ancient promises of God to Abraham and his descendants are being fulfilled. Israel is perhaps the single greatest testimony of God's faithfulness, mercy and forgiveness and so not surprisingly, Israel is also on the front line of all spiritual warfare. The enemies of God continually attack this nation to undermine those same promises and prove God a liar.

In the midst of this spiritual and physical battle, God calls on those who are called by His name to "give him no rest until he makes Jerusalem the praise of the earth." It is "the fervent prayer of the righteous that avails much" and so it must be the prayers of the saints that will loose the power of God and push back the plans of the enemy.


The Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions Movement

One of the front lines in the battle against Israel today is the

international "Boycott, Disinvest and Sanctions" movement. According to the home page of the BDS movement; "In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call." Recently, the BDS movement called on the world to "make Israel accountable for its war crimes in Gaza".

This movement is increasingly gaining favor as governments, universities and businesses throughout the world are aligning themselves with the lies it is proclaiming. Over the past several weeks, Partner Communications, a

huge cell phone company seemingly embraced the BDS movement and threatened to end its long time involvement with Israel. At the same time a national student university group in England voted in favor of joining the international boycott of Israel. Several months ago, the Dutch pension fund, PGGM announced that "it was divesting tens of millions of euros from five of Israel's biggest banks due to their deep involvement in Israel's crimes against Palestinians." And these are just a few of the many examples that exist today.

The BDS movement's two primary accusations that Israel is an "apartheid state" and that it is guilty of "war crimes" against the Palestinian people are based on a long list of lies.

Israel is not an apartheid state! 

Anyone who understands the meaning of apartheid and has taken a moment to examine life in Israel would reject this claim. In Israel, Palestinians, Muslims, Jews and Christians live and share in the life of this nation. Muslims vote and have the third largest party in the Israeli Knesset (Congress). Jews and Muslims shop in the same stores, eat in the same restaurants, go to the same universities, travel in the same trains and buses, receive the same health care and enjoy the same parks on holidays. This is not apartheid! 

Israel is not guilty of oppressing the Palestinian people!

During the second intifada, Israel built a physical barrier between towns in Judea and Samaria in order to prevent terrorists from entering its towns and cities and murdering innocent Israelis civilians. The wall has been instrumental in reducing the number of terror attacks.

According to the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism; 1,137 Israelis were killed in Arab terrorist attacks from September 2000 - 2005. Another 8,341 Israelis were wounded during this period. The majority of these casualties were caused by suicide bombings. The "oppression" according to the BDS movement being suffered by Palestinians is not oppression at all but it is the legitimate right of a nation to protect itself against terrorists.

The accusation of "war crimes" is also unfounded. Last summer, this nation endured hundreds of unprovoked rocket attacks from the Hamas terrorist group that rules Gaza. For over a month Israel did not respond but earnestly sought a cease fire. Finally, on July 8th after hundreds of missile attacks, Israel launched its "Operation Protective Edge" to end the conflict.

The fifty day battle that followed was a legitimate response to unprovoked aggression by Hamas and in no way constituted "war crimes". The Israeli army went above and beyond in their efforts to protect Gazan civilians.

Israel is not an apartheid nation. Israel is not guilty of oppressing the Palestinian people and Israel is not guilty of war crimes.

The BDS movement is just another tactic of Satan in his campaign against the Jewish people.  Its anti-Israel or anti-Zionist stand is just another manifestation of the same ancient demonic spirit of anti semitism. The hatred of the Jews and the delegitimization of the nation of Israel are all a part of the enemy's plan to destroy Israel and thus prevent the return of Yeshua.

Please join us in praying against the growing influence of BDS and the power of the lies that are the essence of this movement. Join us as we battle against this demonic strategy to delegitimize and ultimately destroy Israel. Pray that nations and organizations throughout the world would see the truth and stand against this total misrepresentation of reality.

Pray also that the economy of Israel would be blessed. Pray that this "Start Up Nation" would continue to manifest the miraculous grace of God as it blesses the world with its cutting edge technology and science. 

We thank you for standing with us as we align ourselves with God's promises to bless the nation of Israel. We know that as we bless Israel there is a promised blessing that will be poured out within our own lives and throughout the world.

We thank you for your willingness to take these matters to prayer. We are confident that in the end the powers of darkness will soon be overcome by the all surpassing glory of the love and truth of God.


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Bridge of Hope Update... 
We Are Growing ! 
One way JCFI raises awareness of Israel's role today is through building a Bridge of Hope (BOH).  A Bridge of Hope is a "bridge" built between a Church or organization of Johnson County and a Congregation, Home Group, Faith-Based Organization, or Individual within Israel. At JCFI we currently have 22 Congregational BOH's and 5 Organizational BOHs  that are up-and-running with MANY in the process. The BOH project is blessing people both in Israel and here in Johnson County as it provides connection through fellowship, prayer support, educational exchange, and more.  (Click  HERE  for more info)

We would love to hook you up!  I am Skyping almost weekly with those in the Land who are eager to link up in a "sister" relationship with a congregation or organization in Johnson County.  Be in prayer for us as we establish new connections with ministries in Israel that desperately need our support and prayer.   

If your church would like to know more about becoming a BOH to a congregation in Israel, click  HERE or contact me by phone at 817-556-1061 / by email at

  Let's build a Bridge together as we stand For Israel!


 Food for Thought from Una

(Leonardo & Una Bella lead the Israel Prayer Mission (IPM), a combined effort of prayer and evangelism to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people. IPM is a BOH partner with the Carpenter's Church of Joshua.)


 "Just a few minutes ago, God hit me with a question that burns in my heart: 'Why are we silent about our faith?'


If we believe that:

1. God, who created the universe, the One who spoke all to existence, the One who is our father, loves us individually beyond words...

2. Through Yeshua we have an everlasting relationship with God; a two-way communication where He hears us and we hear Him...

3. We are a born again creation with Him in us, powered and activated by the Ruach Hakodesh ( Holy Spirit ), and able to move mountains by prayers of faith...

4. We are never going to die but have eternal life through Yeshua.

5. The Peace that passes all understanding through God's grace is a promise God gives us...

6. We know what comes next once this body of ours stops functioning. Heaven is for real. The New Jerusalem is our destiny. It is going to be more real than real life...

9. We are healed by his stripes...

10. When God is with us who is against us...

11. God is our provider. He knows our needs. He is never late but seldom early and every good gift comes from Him. He is for us, and has us fully covered...

12. Fill in your thoughts....


THEN, why are we silent? 

Let's preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary USE WORDS!  


Until we are all ONE! (Eph.2:15) !

Survey Ranks Israel As One of World's Top Five Happiest Countries


Israel is one of the top five happiest countries in the world, according to a new Better Life Index report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


"Israelis are more satisfied with their lives than the OECD average. When asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from 0 to 10, Israelis gave it a 7.4 grade, higher than the OECD average of 6.6," reads the report.


Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland took the top four spots in global happiness. The United States did not crack the top 10 for the fifth consecutive year.


The OECD survey rates the 34 OECD member nations, as well as Brazil and the Russian Federation, on 22 variables-including income, education, housing, health, life expectancy, community, and life satisfaction.



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This month JCFI encourages you to get a copy of:

 by Sandra Teplinksy

by Spangler & Tverberg

Hebrew Helps
As we work to build a greater awareness of Israel in Johnson County and continue to connect to Believers and Jews in the Land, we are often ask, "What does that word mean?".  So, each month at JCFI we will ad to a glossary of terms to help broaden our Hebrew vocabulary. Please, enjoy this Hebrew Help and contact us with any definitions you think we should ad.

This month's Hebrew Help definition is:


Shaalu (shaw-al-loo)

Hebrew word for "pray"; to ask, inquire, to request, to find out


Previous Month's Definition

Bracha or Berakhah (be-ra-KHAH) 

In Judaism, a bracha (a "benediction," a "blessing," a "drawing down [of spiritual energy]") is a formula of blessing or thanksgiving, recited in public or private, usually before the performance of a commandment, or the enjoyment of food or fragrance, and in praise on various occasions. The function of a berakhah is to acknowledge God as the source of all blessing.



Click  HERE  t o see the entire Hebrew Help Glossary!


Since the Banquet, many have ask me, "What can I do for Israel?"  While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, here are a few suggestions I hope you find useful:

1. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psa.122:6)
    "For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent" by Rebecca Brimmer is an excellent guide on
    prayer for Israel. Click HERE for more info.

2. Learn more about Israel-related ministries
    There are wonderful Israel-related ministries doing a great work to support Israel. Click HERE to learn more about a few of them.

3. Learn more about the Hebraic Roots to Christianity
    The Bible often takes on deeper meaning in the context of its Hebraic Roots. The
     Ancient Hebrew Scroll project at the CHF is a testimony to this fact. There are
     numerous writings about Hebraic Roots. A good place to start is the book by
     D. Thomas Lancaster entitled Grafted In.  

4. Take a trip to Israel     I've been blessed to travel to Israel many times.  It has
    changed my life. I baptized my daughter, Lauren, in the Sea of Galilee during my trip
    there in 2011. She had accepted Jesus as her Savior 3 days before we left. This
    should be at the top of any bucket list!

5. Be an Israel contact person for your church
    The vision at JCFI is to increase the awareness of Israel within the churches of
    Johnson County. Maybe you could support your pastor by volunteering to be the
    church's Israel contact person for JCFI. 

6. Build a Bridge of Hope
    Speak with your Pastor / Church Leaders about building a BOH.  Feel free to
    contact me for more info by phone at 817-556-1061 or by email  at                       

Kevin Bentley, JCFI Director
2 North Caddo Street, Cleburne, Tx 76031