"In the same way, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven." Matthew 5:16
Some encouragement for our parents
The first couple of weeks of the 'newness' have worn off, the holiday weekend has passed, and now we are really back in the swing of things! At this time in the year our newsletter is typically overflowing with information about community events, parent volunteer reminders, and so much 'good, but busy' stuff.

This year continues to look a little different. We don't have much on our calendar, though middle school sports are starting to happen! We do have some creative options for parent volunteers (hot lunch helper and playground supervisor spots!), and of course, an invitation for every parent to be praying over the students, staff, and community at JCS. As we settle into this 'different' school year, we pray you feel equipped and encouraged to shine your light to your kids and in our community, even when things feel different!

Next week we will be welcoming our preschoolers into the building. One part of preschool at JCS has always been our preschool parents - in the building, providing that extra few minutes of support to their little one, and experiencing community together. Will you say a prayer for these preschool families? Our preschool parents may be coming to JCS for the first time and missing out on that key piece of community at JCS. Our preschool students may have some apprehension about leaving mom and dad for a while. Please join us in covering all of them in prayer next week, and throughout this year! If you know an incoming preschool family, please feel encouraged to reach out to them and be the community of JCS to them!
Sept 14 - MW(F) 3's & 4's Preschool Orientation
Sept 14 - MTWTh 4's Preschool Orientation
Sept 15 - MTWTh 4's Preschool First Day
Sept 15 - TTh(F) 3's & 4's Preschool Orientation
Sept 16 - MW(F) 3's & 4's Preschool First Day
Sept 16 - TRIP Pick up, JCS Office Parking Lot (6:30-7 PM)
Sept 17 - TTh(F) 3's & 4's Preschool First Day
Our JCS middle school fall athletic calendars are out. Please be sure to review the updated protocols for sports at JCS this Fall. Thank you, parents, for your partnership in helping sports for our middle school students to be a success!

All games and practices are listed on the school calendar, with the game schedule in list form attached below.

  • If your child will be absent from school (due to illness, dr. appt, etc.), it is very important to call the office and let Sandy know. Teachers may not have read email or seesaw before taking attendance and therefore the absence is not reported to the office. Thanks for your help!

  • Are you feeling a little 'left out' from having access to your kids' day with the changes in parent visitors? We have the PERFECT solution for you! We need recess volunteers and hot lunch helpers! There are many different options from once a week (or more!) down to once a month. This is a great way to connect with JCS kids, and say hi to your kiddo! Don't miss out on these great parent-involved opportunities. Sign up today!

  • Yearbooks are in! The yearbooks from our 2019-2020 school year are now in the office. Many students have received theirs. If you didn't get yours, check in the JCS office!

  • The Passing on the Faith drive for JCS kicked off last week. Each Fall we partner with J. Milito and Associates to call on the JCS community to ask for donations to our school's annual fund. Our goal this year is to raise $145,000 for annual needs at JCS (supplies, tuition assistance, extra-curriculars, etc). We value the continued support we receive from our families and community in meeting these special needs at JCS! Thank you so much to those who have supported this fund already in the last couple of weeks!
Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.)
Curbside TRIP was a huge success over the summer so we plan to continue it this fall. For September through December, pick up will be offered approximately twice a month. As before, all orders MUST be preordered. TRIP has dwindled down its inventory and gift cards are now being ordered on an as needed basis. Pick ups will be offered ONLY on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:00 PM as volunteers and parents are not able to be in the school building during school hours at this time. The order due and pick up dates for September through December are as follows to help you plan accordingly.

When picking up your order, please enter the parking lot down by the ball field and follow along the sidewalk towards the office. A volunteer will greet you and deliver your order to your car. TRIP monetary distribution that normally occurs the end of August will not be happening this fall due to the limited availability of being able to order TRIP this spring/summer. TRIP earnings will be credited to your accounts as usual in April. Thank you for your understanding. Please pass this information along to friends and family that don’t receive emails from JCS. As a reminder, we will NOT be able to fulfill any orders at pick up. ALL ORDERS ARE PREORDER ONLY. The first order deadline was yesterday and pick up next week Wednesday, September 16!
Students riding a bus are doing a fantastic job of washing hands, masking up, and sitting in their assigned seats! Thank you from the bus drivers! 

JCS #14 Deer and #18 Eagle bus parents, please email your driver when your student does not need morning pick-up at deer14@jenisonchristian.org & eagle18@jenisonchristian.orgBus drivers are not able to communicate during their morning bus runs from 6:50 am to 8:30 am.
2 - Liz Wiersema
3 - Mary Steenwyk
9 - Julia Doornbos
12 - Angie Huttinga
12 - Kerri DeWindt
14 - Jane DeBoer
15 - Erin Schipper
18 - Scott Schermer
18 - Calvin DeWeerd
20 - Shonna Geels
The Paper Gator is still open!
Recycle your paper products in the Paper Gator (Located in the Baldwin Street Lot in the Northeast corner - NEW location)
As you are making your purchases online, remember to make your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile for JCS
Please save your Spartan receipts for JCS! You can drop them off at the office anytime.
No need to clip box tops anymore! You can now scan your box tops for JCS!
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