Updated as of April 5, 2020


We hope you and your family are safe and healthy. 

The JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB has been busy behind the scenes working to establish new policies and practices to meet the needs of our families given the ever-changing news.

Previously we stated April fees would be used to secure a space and any additional fees paid would be used towards future services. We have decided to modify our policy on April tuition payments.

Effective immediately, 100% of payments for April invoices will be banked in the newly established program, Adventure Savings Club. Also included in the program is our Spring Break 2020 unused services. With the launch of the Adventures Savings Club, families impacted by canceled services will receive credits but not able to be cash refunded. These credits can be used towards future JEC services.

To learn more about the benefits of the program, click here  Adventures Savings Club.

We are grateful for your understanding and patience.

PLEASE NOTE: Should the quarantine be lifted before the close of the 2019/2020 school year, it will be business as usual. If the schools decide to continue online learning and we can reopen our doors, we will be fair and creative to package our wrap around care and services accordingly.


We are eager to get our doors back open! We will, however, remain committed to ensuring the safety of our families and staff and will only do so once we get the safe go ahead from our Governor.

As we wait for the decisions provided by Governor DeWine, the JEC will continue to move forward with planning for Summer Camp 2020 and the upcoming 2020/2021 school year.
This will be our first official summer at the new Clubhouse and we are ready to take on the hot summer days!

EXPLORERS will enjoy f ull-use of our 7800 square foot Clubhouse, including 30,000 square feet of backyard playground fun complete with our own splash pad. All camp options come with exciting free programs including KINDERDANCE, Cooking Club, Canvas Painting Classes, Hip-Hop Dance and MORE!

2020/2021 SCHOOL YEAR
As a current JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB member, you get first choice to save your spot for the upcoming school year. If you have not locked in your seat for 2020/2021, there are still spots available! Beginning April 20, we will be launching this to the public.

To reserve your seat, please click on your desired program below:

A program designed exclusively for families impacted by COVID19 closures. This includes all families who invested in Spring Break, After-School Care, Preschool and Kindergarten Wrap programs during Spring Break and April 2020.

The Benefits of the Adventure Savings Club program includes:
  • 100% of April 2020 invoice payments made for After-School Care (ASC), Preschool (PreK) and Kindergarten Wrap (KWrap) programs will go towards future JEC services
  • All Spring Break 2020 unused services will go towards future JEC service
  • All current 2019/2020 do not have to pay any additional fees to hold on to their school year seats
  • Credits good through May 2021
  • Credits can be used by all JEC approved family members
  • Credits can be gifted to others, at your request
  • Future JEC services include all JEC programs within, or outside of, the Clubhouse.
A look inside a small business: How the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB is handling the current crisis:
Michele Rapp, Chief Exploration Officer
From the very beginning of launching the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB, my vision was always hyper focused on the big picture of possibilities. I never stopped short by dreaming small.

What could this do for my community? For parents? For kids who need more adventures? For job creation? How can I make this affordable for families while also creating a profitable business model designed to empower employees with opportunities and not just a job. The possibilities never

I have weathered many storms as a small business owner. Celebrated every milestone, albeit briefly as I was already moving on to achieving the next one. When faced with a challenge, my focus was to find a solution, not dwell in the problem. I was determined and I was not stopping.

I embraced the obstacles and the speed of running a small business and there was no stopping me.

Until March 2020. When everything in the world came to a screeching

People stopped going shopping. Stopped going out to dinner. Stopped getting together. Stopped going to work.

It was the first time since I started this adventure that I too, was faced with a stop.

When you run a small business you are at the mercy of time. Stopping is not an option. For comparison, it's like building a house. Your business plan is your solid foundation. Every employee hired, every milestone achieved, equals a brick. Over time, you collect your stockpile of bricks, however, placing them together is always a work in progress.The JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB has a solid foundation. We have collected an impressive stockpile of bricks in a short time.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team of people to build a house. I am working behind the scenes utilizing the tools provided by the Small Business Association and Ohio Unemployment to keep our foundation strong, but I too am at the mercy of the stop.

As a small business owner, and as a parent, the temporarily absence of my compassionate, hard-working staff and loyal JEC families has been the hardest loss. Whereas these thoughts weigh heavily on my heart, they also serve as the driving force behind my determination to keep moving forward.

And as I struggle with having to temporarily close my doors during this time, I know that it won't be for long. Because from the start of my business, I never stopped short by dreaming small and I'm not about to lose focus now due to a temporary stop.
Staying Safe. Staying Healthy. Staying Ahead.
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