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A thoughtful response lays
the groundwork for a strong recovery  
JEDC, like many of our investors, have spent the last few weeks taking a good look at the economy through two lenses, an economy of health and wealth.  
We have maintained our role as a resource to provide services and solutions to the Juneau community and Southeast Alaska as a whole, keeping an eye on the immediate needs of today with our sights on the future.
The JEDC staff is providing immediate services to the business community through a city funded emergency loan program. We have also formed a respond and recovery team, made up of community organizations who come from the education, business, native, and arts communities. This team will provide insight into what our communities will need as we prepare for and establish a strong recovery over the next 6-18 months.       
We have sent out a special edition of the JEDC with COVID-19 related information. Check it out here.
Emergency Loan Program

116 Loans Approved
Over $3 million in requests

JEDC, with the help of Hansen Gress and our board members, has swiftly deployed loans to 116 Juneau small businesses to date.  
CBJ Resolution 2888 was adopted on April 1. The Council, within 48 hours, was able to implement an application process, provide the staff to work with applicants, receive applications and complete our first loan. 
To our knowledge this is the only program of it's kind in Alaska. This loan program is helping businesses bridge the gap of time before federal or state monies are available. It is gratifying that JEDC can provide help at such an opportune moment. We look forward to seeing these businesses thrive and continue to provide goods and services to the Juneau community.  

While the application remains open, the number of requests exceed the resources available at this time. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, you can still apply but be aware that we might not be able to meet your need. 

Special Thanks to JEDC investor
Hansen Gress

Hansen Gress has been a real asset in making the CBJ Emergency Loan program a success. It was the goal of the city to provide funds quickly to the business community. This goal hinged on creating a seamless loan application process in less than 72 hours.

We extend our gratitude to Hansen Gress for  how well their team adapted their technical expertise to this project. The loan application structure they helped us develop provides a  system that is intuitive and accepts a large amount of information. Their ability to provide a smart application process made sure our staff met the CBJ goal of providing funding to the Juneau business community in a timely manner. Thank you!
StimulUS & SBA Grant Program

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Save Small Business Fund is a grant making initiative offering short-term relief for small employers in the United States and its territories.  
The grant defines eligibility through zip code, currently Juneau is not included but Douglas and Auke Bay are.   

Campaign started by
a Greenville, SC
Planning Firm.

StimulUS Campaign

Take a moment to consider how you support those who may need the federal stimulus money more than we do ourselves.

1. Donate your check
directly to a laid off friend or community member.

2. Give to a local Non-Profit.

3. Spend a little extra on your weekend take out order!

It is up to us to do what we can to maintain a great capital city. How do you think your stimulus money can help the community at large?

Community Responses to COVID-19
Juneau Business Pivots, Designing & Making PPE

"Juneau's 'canvas-whisperer' leads volunteer effort to supply PPE"

The quick response by Capital Canvas has resulted in a community effort to create PPE. Their efforts have reached first responders, from Seattle to New York City.
The combined efforts/donations of Hecla Greens Creek Mine, Healing Hand Foundation, Juneau Rotary network and Alaska Marine Lines, helped form the Southeast PPE Volunteer team.  

Link to Anchorage Daily News Article

JEDC Response & Recovery Team

We are working closely with a group of community organizations to anticipate changes in businesses and our community over the next 6, 12, 18 months and beyond.

How do we help craft a safe re-entry of business operations?

What programs can we develop now that can create a brighter future for Juneau?

Organizations include, Juneau Chamber of Commerce, Travel Juneau, Central Council, United Way, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Downtown Business Association, CBJ and other collaborators. 
Businesses Helping Business

In collaboration with the CBJ Economic Stabilization Task Force the Juneau Chamber has developed a resource to provide a centralized list of businesses who are able to help navigate through these difficult times.

Business Connections

If you would like to be added to the page please reach out to the Juneau Chamber, mmcmillan@juneauchamber.com

Link to Resource Page mmcmillan@juneauchamber.com

Choose Juneau: Remote Working

Now that more people have the ability to work remotely, do you have people in your life you hope will move to Juneau?

Fill out the Choose Juneau, two question, survey to help us start to focus on how we attract remote workers to our city!

Choose Juneau: Remote Working Survey

Alaska Angel Conference: Virtual Event
JEDC would like to welcome the public to the second annual Alaska Angel Conference!

We are excited to have you join us virtually on Thursday, May 21 at 5 PM AKDT for the final pitches and investor investment decision over a live stream. We are currently looking for sponsorship in this statewide/potentially national event.

Please email Erin Laughlin at elaughlin@jedc.org for more information.

May 6 
Due Diligence Reports 
May 13  
Final Due Diligence Reports

May 21
Final Investment Virtual Event
JCOA Senior Survey Update

JEDC continues to support the Juneau Commission on Aging (JCOA).

An important mission for the JCOA this year is to complete the decennial senior survey. This is the fourth survey in a series of surveys spaced approximately 10 years apart (1989, 1998, 2010, 2020).

The 2020 senior survey had 1,833 responses. JEDC is working on survey analysis and plans to release the survey results in late fall/early winter. The JCOA meetings have been suspended until further notice due to Resolution 2887(am), which may affect the timing of the survey data release.   

Take a Sneak Peak at the  
2020 Survey Age Data
Q1: What is your age?

Figure 1a shows the number of responses received in 2020 by age of respondents. Of the 1,833 responses received, the most, 499 or 27 percent, came from seniors ages 65-69. By age cohort, 36 percent of respondents were 55 to 64, 47 percent were ages 65-74 and 18 percent were ages 75 and up.

Figure 1b compares these results to the 2010 survey. The percent of responses from seniors age 55-64 is similar to the results from 2010, when 37 percent were in this age bracket. However, the percent of respondents ages 65-74, at 47 percent, is significantly larger than the 35 percent of respondents in this age group in 2010. In comparison, the percent of respondents ages 75 and up is 10 percent less than 2010. This difference in numbers between the two groups means that the average age of the survey population in 2020 is slightly lower than 2010, which more closely reflects our demographics. 

2020 Census Reminder

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