Juneau Economic Development Council NEWS  |  March 2020
CBJ Assembly met on Sunday morning to discuss additional social distancing measures. 

Social Distancing :  Staying just a few feet away from other people can prevent the coronavirus from spreading. 

CBJ Assembly considers imposing self-quarantine requirement on travelers to Juneau.

CBJ Assembly considers Hunker Down resolution

  "Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially...."  Read this article from the Washington Post to see projections of the spread of the virus to understand the implications of more or less stringent measures to take prevent ative actions.
Source:  Washington Post
"How to talk to Teens and Young Adults about Social Distancing." Read this article in Psychology Today to better understand how to converse with younger people about social distancing. 

SBA Disaster Loans Available
and other resources for businesses

We are working with our community and online resources to make sure
the business community understands the virus and continues to
move forward with the right tools to make the right decisions at the right time.

Here are some of the online resources that we have been referencing and we are currently working on a business best practices with a focus group here in Juneau.


Advice and direction on
how leaders can gracefully lead and create a plan of action in a time of crisis.  


Alaska small businesses are now eligible to apply for Disaster Assistance Loans through the SBA.

Thanks to the Dunleavy Administration for immediately applying for access to these resources. 

Regularly updated world 
map of COVID-19 cases 
down to the state level.



JEDC collaborated with Spruce Root's creation of a business needs survey. The purpose of the survey is to better identify what financial resources Southeast Alaskan businesses need. We hope to use this information to better understand the financial impacts on our business community and make sure programs are tailored to the needs of affected businesses and their workers. JEDC is working with multiple economic development organizations, non-profit organizations, technical assistance providers, lenders and government agencies on the response effort to flatten not just the health curve of the crisis, but the economic one too.

Contribute to the Economic Vitality of Juneau

There are so many creative ways to support your local businesses!
CBJ is compiling information about how local businesses are responding to COVID19.

The negative economic impact of COVID-19 to our community is going to be significant. Our actions as citizens can help mitigate some of that negative impact.  
Community health is the first priority, including maintaining social distancing and washing hands! 
Here are a few ways you can help the local economy: 
2. Shop normally at grocery stores (our grocers tell us to please stop panic shopping!). 

3. Hire a contractor to paint your house (or some other project).  
4. Enjoy a beverage from a local brewery or distillery.

7. Donate to your favorite non-profit organization(s). 

9. Get your vehicle serviced.   
10. Brighten up your space with a bouquet of flowers!

Thank you for another successful summit!
Summit Stats

220+ Attendees

43% from the Private Sector

30+ Presenters

6 Keynote

 Interactive Sessions
Great Feedback on Content
It is a welcomed challenge each year to create relevant topics while curating the right experts to deliver engaging and high-quality content.

We consistently received feedback on how our choice to create a conversation around Business in a Changing Climate helped everyone in the room to better understand how to adapt their business to our climate changing reality.  The collaboration with expertise from the University of Alaska allowed for well-informed discussions, based on the most current scientific understanding of climate impacts on Alaska and Alaskans. By pairing the climate topic with the inspiration of Participatory Creativity and the practical guidance of Alaskans Investing in Alaskans our attendees received an incredibly robust summit. Thanks to the many attendees, collaborators and sponsors. 
Looking Forward to 10 Years
We want to hear from you! In 2021, we will celebrate our 10th Innovation Summit. What would you like to see at the next Innovation Summit?  Send us your ideas.

FIRST Lego League
Global Innovation Award Ceremony
held at the Innovation Summit 
This award recognizes teams for their
problem-solving, creativity, and inventiveness giving them an opportunity to further pursue their Innovation Project idea.  

The students identified a need to screen visitors on school grounds. This need developed from an experience fellow students had with an intoxicated community member ruining the graduation ceremony for one of the participating graduates last year.

They say this is not an isolated incident or single offender, and they're working on a solution to keep their school physically off-limits to those under the influence of drugs and alcohol with their "Drunk Cam." The group is still in the design phase of their idea, but they have expressed thanks to the multiple community experts that met with them during their visit. 

In addition to their presentation during the Summit's Pitch Contest, the team was able to practice their public speaking by testifying in front of the Alaska State House of Legislators Education Committee.

Alaska Angel Conference: What's Next?
Keep in touch as the Alaska Angel Conference will be a nnouncing the entrepreneurs who have made it to the next round. Next, is making the due diligence teams.
Pitch Presentations
Are Complete

Over the past couple of weeks, a group of twelve entrepreneurs presented three-minute and ten-minute pitches to a group of investors with the goal of qualifying for the next round of the Alaska Angel Conference.  
After watching the pitches, the investors held meetings with entrepreneurs to ask additional questions. 

  Due Diligence Teams

The Alaska Angel Conference will soon announce the entrepreneurs who have made it the next round of investment consideration. 
Due diligence teams are comprised of investors, both experienced investors and investors new to angel investing. Teams will spend the next couple of weeks reviewing the business plans and projections of entrepreneurs in greater detail. 
  Timeline Going Forward
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consistent with recommendations of local, state and federal officials, the Alaska Angel Conference will not host an in-person event in Juneau on April 23.  
A date and format (potentially virtual) of the final event will be communicated in early April. 
For more information on the Alaska Angel Conference visit the Facebook page or the website at  akangelconference.com, or email Erin Laughlin at elaughlin@jedc.org


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