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JEDC Staff Recognition

After School Champion Award
Join us in congratulating our very own Rebecca Soza, Talent Development Program Manager, for her recognition as the 2019 After School Champion! She is the lead for JEDC's Alaska FIRST Robotics program where she has built the statewide program to include over
200 teams and 400 volunteers.
are so fortunate to have Rebecca on our team and look forward to continued success!

February 26 and 27, 2020
Call for 2020 Innovation Shorts

The Innovation Summit is just three months away! JEDC is seeking
topics for this year's Innovation Shorts.
"Innovation Short" Details
The Juneau Economic  Development Council will be seeking 30 presenters to showcase their original ideas through  10-minute "Innovation Shorts" presentations at the 2020
Innovation  Summit.

The "Innovation Shorts" offer conference attendees a glimpse into a host of topics that  surround the larger conference themes: Participatory Creativity; Business in a Changing Climate ; and Alaskans investing in Alaskans.
Each short is just enough time to
peak the attention of the
audience. Presenters gain experience speaking publicly on their chosen topic while growing their network and creating buzz.  
Learn more at Innovation Summit website, where you can find the simple application.  

Grow Your Network 
& Create a Buzz!
  30 Total Presenters   
10 Minutes, 1 Original Idea 

Sponsorship is Open for the 2020 Innovation Summit.

The Summit is Alaska's largest innovation conference that gathers business owners, non-profits, government employees, and industry leaders.  More than 300 attendees and 40 presenters participate in this energetic two-day summit. Share in the benefits of the Innovation Summits promotion and coverage: before, during, and after the event.

JEDC Investor's can add to their annual recognition level (below).

Sponsorship Information .

Volunteer Opportunities with Juneau's Youth

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Volunteer for Junior Achievement 

Junior Achievement is a partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers - all working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential.  

Volunteer for FIRST in Alaska

Volunteers are the heart and soul of
FIRST.  Join the team of and inspire the
next generation of Alaskan leaders.

December is a busy time for the FIRST team. Contact Rebecca for details on special
volunteer times coming up in December.

Learn About the Different Volunteer Roles

Child Care Loan Program  
The purpose of the loan program is to create more childcare capacity in Juneau by assisting new or existing childcare providers to access, improve or expand the physical infrastructure needed to deliver more quality childcare programs to more families. Childcare providers must be licensed by the State of Alaska and offer full-time care (at least 30 hours per week).

Loan proceeds can be used to purchase FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), classroom supplies and materials, pay for modifications, major renovations, and expansions. Equipment purchases or upgrades that enhance the quality of services delivered are also eligible. Priority will be given to start-up childcare programs and existing programs that demonstrate increased capacity through the loan.
 Learn More    
Southeast Alaska Revolving  
Loan Fund
JEDC seeks to work with companies that have excellent potential for growth, will provide increased employment in Southeast Alaska, and will help diversify our economy. The primary criteria we consider are the following:
  • Dedicated and experienced management
  • Past performance
  • Market strengths, such as providing a new service or import substitution in Southeast Alaska
  • The current economic viability of the business
  • High potential for profitability
  • High potential for growth
  • Sufficient collateral and cash flow to service and secure the loan
  • Inability to obtain conventional financing at terms that make the project viable. 

Learn More    
2020 Senior Survey

The Juneau Commission on Aging (JCOA), in conjunction with the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), is surveying area residents to help local officials and care providers gain a better sense of what is needed for Juneau's population to age in place.
If you are 55 or older, now is your opportunity to influence what services could be available to you when you need them.  
Some of these questions are the same as in previous surveys, for comparison purposes. Some questions are new to reflect changes in CBJ demographics and services. Your participation now will help make a positive difference in our future. 
Thank you in advance for taking the 10 - 15 minutes to complete our survey.

  Free workshops available for those interested in angel investing
December 4 
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Angel Investor Panel Discussion

Join in to listen to a diverse panel of experienced and relatively new investors. The panel has something to offer everyone, whether you are an interested investor or an entrepreneur.
December 11
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Pitch Deconstruction
In this interactive workshop, entrepreneurs will pitch a panel of straight-shooting investors. We will walk through a process to help entrepreneurs experience the differences between what they say and what investors hear.  

Learn More About Becoming  
an Angel Investor through the 2020 Alaska Angel Conference

New and experienced investors work together to learn best practices and
make an angel investment.

Each investor purchases a unit in the LLC, and the funds are pooled to create an investment of approximately $100,000 or more.

Indicator of the Month
Diversified Fisheries in Southeast Alaska Contribute to
State Leadership in Seafood Harvesting Employment

Peak Employment 
Southeast's peak employment in fish harvesting
is the month of August, with  an estimated 4,278 jobs.  

Diverse Harvest 
The Southeast salmon harvest accounts for almost 65 percent of that month's total.
However, Southeast is fortunate  to have additional species, such as  halibut and sablefish, that extend the fishing season on either side of the  peak summer months, providing
employment through more months of 
the year than the salmon harvest alone.
Change in Employment
The diversity of species buffers Southeast somewhat from the employment decline that dependence on salmon alone would create. While the state saw average monthly seafood harvesting employment drop by 4.9 percent from the prior year, Southeast saw employment drop by a lower 3.5 percent as a result of increased employment in sablefish, shellfish, and crab fisheries.

Harvesting Jobs 
In 2018, based on average monthly employment, Southeast had the most seafood harvesting jobs in the state, at 29 percent of statewide harvesting employment.

Learn more about our investor program, please visit
or send an email to Robyn 

Become a 2020 JEDC Investor 

We invite you to invest in Juneau by becoming
a JEDC Investor. Show your support of the
work done to advance Juneau and Southeast Alaska's economy.
Supporting JEDC affects the long-term economic success of Alaska's Capital City while creating a business climate that bolsters your business or organization.  

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