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Cluster Working Group Meeting Updates 
BYD Electric Bus in Juneau for ATIA Conference
The Renewable Energy Cluster Working Group, facilitated by the JEDC, met in early October in the JEDC conference room. The meeting focused on the status of electric vehicles/cars/buses/boats in Juneau, as well as a presentation on the Sitka EV Incentive Program, an update on Biomass, and more. The Renewable Energy Cluster Working Group meets on a regular basis to encourage greater use of renewable energy in our economy and to advance initiatives that support the growth of this sector.

The Visitors Product Cluster Working Group meeting will be held at the JEDC conference room on October 20th at 10AM. 

For more information on the JEDC Cluster Initiative, please click here .
Keynote Speaker Announced for Innovation Summit 2016! 

The JEDC is happy to announce Michael Shuman as one of the keynote speakers for the 2016 Innovation Summit

Michael Shuman  is an economist, attorney, author, and entrepreneur, and a globally recognized expert on community economics. He is one of the architects of the crowdfunding reforms that was part of the "JOBS Act," signed into law by President Obama in April 2012. 

He will be coming to the Innovation Summit in Juneau on February 8-9 to share his views and help Alaskan's to see alternatives to traditional approaches to economic development.
Current JEDC Board of Directors Openings 

The JEDC annually has openings on its Board of Directors. JEDC Board members are recommended to the CBJ Assembly by the current JEDC Board and then appointed by the CBJ Assembly based upon their experience and expertise in fields relating to economic development, including but not limited to large and small business, entrepreneurship, mining, oceans products, tourism, research, arts & culture, banking and finance, engineering and construction, and government. 

There are three seats available for an appointment of three years starting on/about November 2015.  

Interested persons should send a letter of interest to JEDC Executive Director, Brian Holst, at  bholst@jedc.orgApplicants will need to complete an application form with a brief letter of qualifications. Applications can be sent to the City Clerk or to JEDC

Deadline for applying is Tuesday, November 3. Interested candidates should plan on participating in interviews with current members of the JEDC Board on Tuesday, November 10, at noon (meeting ends by 2PM). You can call Brian for more information at 523-2333.
JEDC Investor, University of Alaska Southeast, Adds 3 New Degrees

JEDC is proud to announce that one of its investors, UAS, has added two degree programs that will advance the Southeast Alaska economy: BA/BS in Marine Biology and Fisheries as well as an Associate Degree in Marine Technology.

For more information on these degrees please visit the UAS site here

JEDC Attended the Annual IEDC Conference in Anchorage, Alaska
Thousands of economic developers were present at the keynote luncheon, where Brandon Pedersen, Alaska Airlines CFO and EVP, spoke.
JEDC joined over a thousand economic development professionals in Anchorage for the annual IEDC conference. Some of the most important issues in economic development were discussed, including: infrastructure development and public financing, encouraging a robust private sector, and relationships and communication, to highlight just a couple topics covered.

For more information on IEDC, please click here
Next year's IEDC conference will be in Cleveland, Ohio.    
2015-2016 FIRST Season Kick Off A Success!
JEDC helped organize a successful   FIRST LEGO League  Season Kick Off at DHMS this month!

About 150 elementary and middle school aged students came out and enjoyed an evening of FIRST LEGO League workshops. Jim Penor, the coordinator for CBJ Solid Waste, gave a talk and there was a project panel discussion with Jason Donig from AK Reuse.

FIRST LEGO League teams around the state (150+ and growing...) will be going on a   Trash Trek! From collection, to sorting, to smart production and reuse -- FIRST LEGO League teams all over the state will be doing their best to solve problems created by trash in our communities.

To learn more or get involved as a coach/mentor or volunteer at the Southeast Regional Tournament on December 12, visit or contact Courtney at
Call for Southeast Alaska Innovators for SCoR's "Innovators Hall of Fame"


The Juneau Economic Development Council wants to help SCoR identify qualified "Innovators" from Southeast Alaska for its "Innovators Hall of Fame." 

The Hall of Fame honors Alaska innovators and their inventions or research contributions.
We are looking for candidates from the Southeast Alaska region that are great inventors, builders, creators, etc.

To apply please email a brief paragraph on why you or someone you know is a Southeast Alaska Innovator to JEDC Communications Specialist, Dana Herndon at You may also contact JEDC Executive Director, Brian Holst at
Featured Economic Indicator:  Juneau Gender Compensation

Women working in Juneau, on average, earn more than their counterparts in Alaska and the U.S. However, the five year average (2009-2013) wage for Juneau men of $62,363, exceeds the average of $45,795 for women by 36 percent, while nationally men out-earned women by a smaller 27 percent on average. A large factor in the inequality seen in both national and Juneau's statistics is due to the difference in the type of jobs that women hold compared to men, rather than to pay inequality for equal work. For example, in 2014, close to 77 percent of bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and office clerks, and office and administrative support workers in Juneau were women, while over 90 percent of higher paid carpenters, extraction workers, operating engineers, construction equipment operators and construction laborers were men, and over 80 percent of highly paid computer programmers were men.

The five year average wage for Juneau men exceeds the U.S. average by 27 percent, while Juneau women exceed the national average by only 19 percent. If one assumes that the type of jobs held by men and women in Juneau mirrors the distribution of jobs in the nation, this would indicate that Juneau women are compensated with a smaller premium for working in Alaska than the men receive. This difference is also evident state-wide, where men earn 17 percent more than their national counterparts, while women earn only a 12 percent pay premium.
JEDC Investor Spotlight: Alaska Airlines 

JEDC wants to thank Alaska Airlines for its ongoing support.

"Given our state's dependence on air travel, Alaska Airlines plays a critical role in Alaska's economy, providing connectivity to stimulate, grow, and promote economic development and diversity. In Southeast Alaska, Juneau is an important hub for Alaska Airlines, connecting not only the capital city with Anchorage and Seattle, but a number of communities in Southeast Alaska.
For over 40 years, Alaska Airlines has been serving Juneau and Southeast Alaska with daily, year-round service. As a primary means of transportation to and from the Lower 48, and within Alaska, our number one priority is to provide safe and reliable travel for the communities we serve. We are proud to partner with the Juneau Economic Development Council, creating and promoting a strong economic climate for businesses, communities, and the residents of Southeast Alaska."

  -- Marilyn Romano, Regional Vice President - Alaska
Since 1932, Alaska Airlines has been connecting Alaska's communities with safe and reliable transportation. Over 1800 Alaska Airline employees, in 19 different communities, call Alaska home. Providing support to over 300 agencies and organizations in Alaska, we are committed to supporting the communities where we operate and where our employees live and work. We are proud to be serving Juneau and Southeast Alaska with daily, year-round service, keeping Alaska business, communities, and families connected.
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